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Finance and Investing News

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Dorianne ("Dori") has been driven to understand the mysteries of personal finance and investing since she lost $.13 in her first checking account. But seriously, Dori, who reported fulltime for Jane Bryant Quinn's Washington Post column (1998-2001), has been published in Newsweek, The NY Daily News, The New York Times, and Since the financial crisis began in 2007, she has written, edited, or contributed to several investing and general finance books. In 2008, she worked with the creative team that produced I.O.U.S.A.; One Nation, Under Stress, In Debt, the companion book to the Sundance documentary film. She ...
In addition to publishing scholarly articles on finance and investing, Dr. Watkins has made regular appearances in various national media outlets, including CNN , Good Morning America , MSNBC , Fox News , BET , NPR , Essence Magazine , USA Today , The Today Show , ESPN , The Tom Joyner Morning Show and CBS Sports . He is also the favored financial expert and social commentator for the radio show The Wendy Williams Experience ; host Wendy Williams has called him "one of the most eligible bachelors in America and the most significant voice of our generation." Dr. Watkins is also a faculty affiliate with the College ...
American Petro-Hunter – Oklahoma Oil | Oil Investing News
American Petro-Hunter primary focus is developing oil and gas exploration projects in the United States. Their principal project is a new interest in North Oklahoma, a region known for prolific oil production.  The Company has completed the drilling of one well on the property, in what is projected to be a 15 well program. American Petro-Hunter also has three oil interests in Kansas, and a 25% working interest in a gas project in California. American Petro-Hunter’s experienced management team, underdeveloped and unexploited reserves, cutting edge well technology, knowledgeable and capable engineers provide them with a ... market research, surveys and trends
Apple Keeps Rising Despite iPhone, iPad Missteps: Should Investors ...
has become many things in the last decade: a standard bearer for innovation, a cultural phenomenon and -- as of this month -- the biggest tech company in terms of market value. But success is making Apple something else: a paradox. Maybe even a conundrum. Because the company seems to be succeeding even as it faces an unprecedented series of missteps, snafus, setbacks and just plain bad luck. Take the iPhone 4 launch: The new smartphone is enough of an improvement over the previous model to keep Apple at the leading edge of the mobile phone industry. But the launch itself was a messy affair, starting with the leak of a prototype ... market research, surveys and trends


The Best of Bernie Madoff - The Wallet - WSJ
You’ll read lots more about him in coming days, but we thought we’d take a trip in the journalistic past and highlight some nuggets about Madoff that seem sad, funny and fascinating as we deconstruct all that went wrong. We put our favorite sentences in bold . Send us your favorite Madoff Moments . From Financial World, 7/22/86 …Madoff’s sole proprietorship, founded 26 years ago, is involved in brokerage, venture capital and arbitrage. Obscure outside investment banking circles, the 48-year-old Madoff doesn’t seek much publicity. He did, however, found North Shore Hospital of Manhasset, Long Island, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Chapter 3 E-Learning Concepts and Techniques
3.1 Ann Kieser, Kathy Kollar and Julie Schmidt discuss various types of e-learners as well as characteristics that draw people to e-learning. 3.2 Julie Schmidt relates ways to be a successful as an e-learner or e-instructor. 3.3 Brian Heisman explains some potential dangers e-learners may not be aware of when networking and sharing information on the Web. Ann Kieser, Kathy Kollar and Julie Schmidt According to Iowa State University (2001) , e-learning can be defined as web-delivered and/or web-supported teaching and learning using computer, multimedia, and internet technologies. Therefore, e-learners are those students that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
This Week in Credit Card News
Mortgage borrowers are often cautioned against charging up credit cards or changing jobs before the closing date on a home loan. Consumers should pay attention to that advice. On June 1, Fannie Mae started requiring lenders to double-check a borrower's finances shortly before closing the loan. If the lender finds significant changes, the loan could be delayed or even denied. According to lending executives, the change should not have a large effect on borrowing. Even so, don't run up credit card debt or finance new furniture before you close on your mortgage. [ New York Times ] Recent Graduates Need Financial Advice ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Shaw Announces Third Quarter Financial and Operating Results
announced results for the third quarter ended May 31, 2010. Consolidated service revenue for the quarter and year-to-date periods of $944 million and $2.78 billion, respectively, was up 10% over each of the comparable periods last year. Total service operating income before amortization(1) of $436 million and $1.34 billion, respectively, improved 10% and 17% over the same periods. Excluding a one-time CRTC Part II fee recovery the year-to-date increase in service operating income before amortization was 10%. Funds flow from operations(2) was $351 million and $1.05 billion for the three and nine month periods, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


BASICS of INVESTING – Personal Finance
Researching a news article or facts on money & investing, we will use the discussion board to write down the basic information that was researched, and have ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Baucus, Grassley Introduce Bill to Cut Taxes for - The United ...
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) introduced legislation today to lower taxes for small businesses by allowing businesses to write off more of the cost of purchases, such as equipment and machinery, more quickly than they would otherwise be able to under current law.  The legislation will speed up the tax deductions businesses can take for buying new equipment, which will stimulate investment in small businesses and help create jobs.  “Small business owners in Montana and across the nation have made clear that bonus depreciation has been extremely ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Embellishing stories about one's accomplishments or qualifications, whether by exaggeration or misstatement, is part of human nature, experts say, and almost everyone is guilty of it at one time or another. Left unchecked, however, exaggerations that seemed innocuous at first can result in serious, potentially career-ending consequences. Thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever to get caught in an exaggeration, Wharton experts and others note. But the temptation to embellish has also never been greater, as recession-weary workers feel pressured to justify their worth and a 24-hour news cycle demands that leaders ...
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Book Excerpt: The Lazy Person's Guide to Investing
If you invest like an institution, you're doomed to perform like one, which in most cases isn't very well. If you're a surfer, a truck driver, a high school dropout, or an eccentric retiree, then you've got an edge already. -Peter Lynch, One Up on Wall Street SCOTT BURNS IS A SYNDICATED FINANCIAL COLUMNIST WITH THE Dallas Morning News. His lighthearted, impish sense of humor makes him a big favorite among Texans, not to mention a growing audience throughout the country. And it's easy to understand why he's so popular once you read any of Scott's columns or visit his Web site. His ...
Fast Answers: Investing, More on Investing, Strategies and ...
If you use a passive investment strategy, you focus on a mix of broad asset classes, such as domestic growth stocks, bonds, foreign stocks and cash -- not on individual stocks. You mostly trade to rebalance your allocation, not to buy and sell within an asset class. If you subscribe to an active investment strategy, you focus on stock picking and market timing. You’re more interested in trading than a buying and holding. Both strategies have advantages. You’ll pay a lot less in transaction costs with the passive strategy, and you can put off paying capital gains tax until you sell. For the active strategy to be ...