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Finance and Investment

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Following Financial Times establishing a Middle East edition and improved coverage by journalists, I will only be posting through this aggregated blog. Unless otherwise stated, I receive no remuneration from any organisation featured in this blog. Several Gulf banks teetered during the financial crisis but few have suffered as much as Gulf Bank, one of Kuwait’s largest and most established lenders. After a client was unable to settle a substantial derivatives trade that went awry in October 2008, rumours of severe losses spread and the lender suffered a bank run – practically unheard of in the region. As a result of ...
buys the loan (debt) from a bank or directly from a corporation. Bonds are debt instruments sold to investors for organizations such as companies, governments or charities. The investor can then hold the debt and collect the interest or sell the debt on a secondary market . Banks are the main facilitators of funding through the provision of credit , although private equity , mutual funds , hedge funds , and other organizations have become important as they invest in various forms of debt. Financial assets , known as investments, are financially managed with careful attention to financial risk management to control financial risk .
Info On Corporate Finance And Investment And investment Banking ...
The field of corporate finance deals with the decisions of finance taken by corporations along with the analysis and the tools required for taking such decisions. The principle aim of corporate finance is enhancing the corporate value and at the same time reducing the financial risks of the company. In addition to ... market research, surveys and trends
Investment planning services - My Serious Tips Of Financial ...
Hi, let me go on with my telling you about major principles of financial planning. I’m going down to details right now. From my point of view your selection of investment funds should be based on your willingness to risk your money and bear an expected duration of investments. For a cautious investor or a novice public funds can appear to be rather an affordable variant. The main advantage of this variant is that the investor can have an excellent opportunity to buy a part or all the investment certificates. But the yield might be slightly lower than in closed-end funds as you understand. For people with a prospect of ... market research, surveys and trends


Societe Generale to pay traders 250 million euros
Societe Generale, hit by a major trading fraud scandal two years ago, on Thursday defended the payment of at least 250 million euros (340 million dollars) in bonuses to traders this year as it reported a two thirds cut in profits. The bank announced 2009 net earnings of 678 million euros (920 million dollars), a third of the previous year, but Societe Generale chairman Frederic Oudea rejected criticism of bonuses. "Societe Generale has paid for the crisis and its past errors and we have learned our lessons," Oudea said on BFM radio. Shares in Societe Generale had fallen 4.4 percent to 40.26 euros in early trade on a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
American Chronicle | Foreign Direct Investment in Africa: Trends ...
Foreign direct investment (FDI) refers to investment in domestic structures, equipment and organization by foreign private sector or government. FDI does not include foreign portfolio investment in a domestic economy. The latter refers to investment in equity of domestic companies by foreign economic agents. FDI inflows contribute to the economic performance of a host country in a number of ways: First, the FDI inflows represent additional resources which can be used to build additional physical capital and create more employment. Second, by increasing the size of capital stock, FDI increases country�s output and productivity ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Nuggets of investment wisdom
Investors, especially personal investors, often ignore large parts of the big economic picture, rues Robert Cole in ‘The Unwritten Laws of Finance & Investment’ ( He notes that many investors prefer to focus attention on specific issues that seem likely to affect individual shares, or on narrow comparisons such as the difference between the interest rates payable on deposits at rival banks. “It is as if investors assume they can do nothing to take account of the big picture and are somehow obliged to assume – or hope that the general environment will be benign.” PV of the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Yahoo's Latest iPad Usage Report: More Women Are Tapping
iPad usage closely. And the company's blog became one of the better sources of iPad usage and demographics analysis after it released a detailed note about iPad usage on Yahoo properties shortly after the popular Apple tablet was released in May. Now, two months after the first release comes Yahoo's second installment of what will probably be an ongoing detailed breakdown of analytics. This data, compiled by Yahoo's tracking of iPad users on its properties, is showing some significant changes. Going Gender-Neutral The biggest one? Women are quickly cottoning on to the iPad. The user base remains 60% male, but the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Rural Finance and Investment
R. Rural Finance and Investment. InvestIng In agrIculture for poverty reductIon. Increases in commodity food prices have not only raised awareness of the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
finance and investment. As recently as 1978, Moore and Fenwick clearly recognized the deficiency, writing: A theory of "cooperative finance" does not exist. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Finance and Investment Research - Knowledge@Wharton
Financial institutions add to their woes during an economic downturn, experts say, by refusing to provide capital to worthy businesses because they fear other lenders will also cut back. In the end, banks create a credit shortage that does even more to extend the crisis and delay recovery. In a new paper, Wharton professor Itay Goldstein examines different approaches to halt an over-reaching credit crunch and concludes that the private and public sectors should work together to direct money toward viable businesses. From: July 07, 2010 China's Renminbi Revaluation: Small Step, Big Impact? China's announcement in June ...
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Which books and/or blogs on personal finance have you found most ...
In addition to the Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily, I have found the following list of the books I have found helpful to me as a financial planner. Many are histories and case studies on what went wrong in the past, so I can better recognize trouble spots to avoid in the future. “The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas Stanley and William Danko. This book does an excellent job explaining the difference between income and wealth. I cannot possibly recommend it more highly. “Tools & Techniques of Financial Planning” by Stephen Leimberg, et al. This is a very good broad introduction ...
Financial Stocks: new start, dictionary of finance and investment ...
i had just got a new job in the investment field as an assistant - although my major is IT - i just need to build up my knowledge in that field.. i'm so willing to learn alot i just need a guide lines to where should i start and what should i cover and what's the priority of the steps of learning.. i'd so much apprecite it if u could help be to point out those things.. then i could either get books or search online.. i know it might be a silly question but i'm really intersted in the feild and need help to get my foot on the right track kind regards Answer Sara,    Thank you for your question, ...