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Foreclosure Investing Real Estate

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S.E.G - The #1 Real Estate Invesment firm within Southern California for, Forclosure Investing, Real Estate Investments, REO Investing and more By Dan Levy Dec. 11 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. foreclosure filings climbed 28 percent in November from a year earlier and a brewing “storm” of new defaults and job losses may force 1 million homeowners from their properties next year, RealtyTrac Inc. said. A total of 259,085 properties got a default notice, were warned of a pending auction or were foreclosed on last month, the seller of default data said in a report today. That’s the fewest since June. Filings fell 7 percent ...
as it is known elsewhere) and attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy. In the United States, the relationship was originally established by reference to the English common law of agency with the broker having a fiduciary relationship with his clients. Estate agent is the term used in the United Kingdom to describe a person or organization whose business is to market real estate on behalf of clients, but there are significant differences between the actions and liabilities of brokers and estate agents in each country. Beyond the United States, other countries take markedly different approaches to the ...
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Savvy investors are always the first to jump in a potentially profitable housing market and a new survey indicates things are heating up. More than 12 percent of homebuyers today plan to purchase a home as an investment, compared to less than half, only 5.6 percent, just seven months ago, according to a recent Homeownership Survey. Foreclosure buyers account for 25.3 percent of consumers interested in purchasing a home and 42 percent of potential foreclosure buyers regard their purchases as investments, while 57.6 percent plan to live in the foreclosed home themselves. “This latest Homeownership Survey ... market research, surveys and trends
Foreclosure, Bankruptcy or short sale?
I owe 250,000 for my mortgage, 10,000 for a second and 40,000 in cc debt. and I have no assets except for a home which is worth between 200,000 and 250,000 in this market. I lost my renter and my job . A bankruptcy lawyer says if I give him 00 he may wipe some dept away. A friend says he may buy my home through a short sale for 200,000 and keep me from foreclosure or bankruptcy. This helps my credit , but I am still concerned how I may pay the 40,000. This is money I remodeled the house with and I always thought I would get it back. A debt consolidation company said they could get t down to 20,000. I found 1 described with the ... market research, surveys and trends


Unprecedented Crash: Commerical Real Estate. | Strategic Real ...
be the next shoe to drop in the ongoing U.S. financial crisis?  While most eyes are on the continuing residential real estate disaster, the reality is that the state of the commercial real estate market in America could soon be even worse.  Very few financial pundits are talking about this looming disaster but they should be.  The truth is that U.S. commercial property values are down approximately 40 percent since the peak in 2007 and currently approximately 18 percent of all office space in the United States is now sitting vacant.  That qualifies as a complete and total mess, but the reality is that the commercial ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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A casualty loss may occur as a result of a flood, hurricane, tornado, mudslide or other natural disaster. The intuitive thought pattern is: My apartment complex worth $5,000,000 suffered major damage totaling $1,500,000 for repairs and rent loss. Fortunately, I was completely covered for both physical damage and rent loss, other than a small deductible. There is clearly no casualty loss I can claim as a tax deduction, right? Tax deductions are the basis for tax reduction. Tax ... Tags: Real estate appraisal , commercial appraisals , residential ap By: Rick Freeman | - Real estate is "local" and every market is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Houston's $300 million skyscraper: The for-sale Heritage Plaza could reach ...
The sale is going to be a huge deal, one of the biggest in years. And this transaction comes with this lasting message: Houston is no longer the redlined pariah of real estate investing. Heritage Plaza’s Mayan temple resemblance is no coincidence. The downtown building, designed by M. Nasr & Partners, was actually conceived after the architect visited the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula. The unique tower is constantly showcased in "B-roll” footage in broadcasts of the Super Bowl and during time-outs of other Houston sporting events, in addition to frequent exposure in skyline photos for the Greater Houston Partnership market trends, news research and surveys resources
Foreclosure Listings: - Unique opportunity to have a property
Many people are not familiar with the term foreclosure listing’. They do not have much knowledge and information about it. So, it becomes the necessity that one should be fully aware before using it. Today, foreclosures have become a serious problem in United Kingdom. Basically, the foreclosure option covers all kinds of sale announcements such as foreclosed homes, foreclosure auctions, bank owned homes and more. These kinds of properties provide a unique opportunity to the home buyers or investors. Like this, they can purchase properties from the auctions and they have to pay lesser amount from their market value. In the UK, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Real Estate Investment
Investing Without Losing: The Complete Guide to Real. Estate Tax Liens and Foreclosure Deeds. Don Sausa. 332.6324 SA7N 2006. Make Money in Real Estate Tax ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What You Should Know Before Investing in Mortgage Paper Securities
A mortgage paper security is an investment in part of a loan that is secured by real estate. Mortgage paper securities are often referred to as loan participations. Companies that sell mortgage paper securities often offer to receive the monthly payments from borrowers and distribute these payments to the investors who purchased the loan for a servicing fee. YES! Mortgage paper securities are not insured or guaranteed against loss. If the borrower on the loan does not make payments, you will not receive monthly payments. Foreclosure proceedings must be commenced in order to recover your investment in the loan when a borrower ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
As foreclosures increase, more investors seek gains
In Cook County there are currently 133,476 pre-foreclosures, or foreclosures in process, 31,904 auctions and 38,793 foreclosed properties held by lenders, making it ripe for foreclosure investing, according to, a national foreclosure investing Web site owned by Fair Oaks, Calif.-based Tahoe Wheaton Inc. Nationwide, there are 2,116,648 pre-foreclosures, 1,245,927 auctions and 1,605,916 real-estate-owned properties. “If you’re an investor, this is the best real estate foreclosure market in 13 years,” said Christian Chase, president of Naperville-based Chase Real Estate. “If you’re a homeowner, it’s the worst ...
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Is now a good time to flip houses, considering it's such a buyers market? Obviously the longer you sit on the house, the more money it's costing you. What are some other good opportunities in real estate? I've heard getting a small apartment complex with 8 or so units can be quite profitable. How hard would it be to get a loan to purchase one? I have excellent credit. Another idea I had was buying an office complex with several units to rent out. Again, would I most likely be able to get a loan to cover the cost of this? What other ideas to profit in real estate are there? Show all details , Hide all details ...
What is the best source for Foreclosure Listing ? | LinkedIn ...
1. The public records for the county where the property is located. Usually the clerk of court has those filings updated regularly. 2. An agent is always a good way to go as long as you find one who understands what you're looking a matter of fact, if you're a serious buyer sometimes it doesn't hurt to have more than one agent. Hope this helps, Good luck. posted 1 month ago is a good source for searching foreclosures and homes with lis pendens filings. posted 1 month ago Marketing & Business Development Strategist | Speaker | Author | Open Networker see all my answers Assuming you are ...