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Special Report on

Foreign Portfolio Investment

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Capital inflows into the Nigerian econo my principally from portfolio investments, increased fiscal injection as a result of implementation of the budget 2008, statutory allocation and excess crude oil disbursement to the three tiers of government are the principal sources of increase liquidity in the financial market that we envisage in the second half of the year. However, the CBN intends to manage the liquidity in the system by increasing the issuance of government securities. Considering the impact of these factors and the high prices of oil, structural weakness in production in the country leading to demand and supply ...
Opinion: Kiwi will fly again as NZ first to exit recession in 2009 ...
The expectation prior to Christmas last year was that the NZD/USD exchange rate would be less volatile and trade within narrower ranges in early 2009. How wrong that view has been! The Kiwi had a brief flurry above 0.6000 early in the New Year, but has since been sold heavily in the market to a low of 0.5280 last week. The wild swings have been partly due to AUD/international currency movements, but very weak economic reports here in New Zealand have added a large dose of local negative factors onto the currency as well. From highs of 0.5900 at the start of last week, the Kiwi was dumped 6 cents in five trading days last week ... market research, surveys and trends
The Daily, Friday, June 18, 2010. Canada's international ...
Non-residents resumed their substantial acquisitions of Canadian securities in April, adding $12.4 billion to their holdings, mainly in the form of government bonds. Meanwhile, Canadian acquisitions of foreign securities slowed to $1.4 billion, focused on equities. Foreign acquisitions of Canadian bonds rebounded in April to $10.0 billion, following a large reduction in purchases of these instruments in March. Investment activity in April focused on federal and provincial government bonds, as non-residents acquired an unprecedented $6.2 billion of Canadian dollar-denominated federal bonds ... market research, surveys and trends


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Forms of foreign portfolio investment in the United States, as of ...... In total, $773 billion, or approximately 53 percent, of foreign holdings of U.S. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
American Chronicle | Foreign Direct Investment in Africa: Trends ...
Foreign direct investment (FDI) refers to investment in domestic structures, equipment and organization by foreign private sector or government. FDI does not include foreign portfolio investment in a domestic economy. The latter refers to investment in equity of domestic companies by foreign economic agents. FDI inflows contribute to the economic performance of a host country in a number of ways: First, the FDI inflows represent additional resources which can be used to build additional physical capital and create more employment. Second, by increasing the size of capital stock, FDI increases country�s output and productivity ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
COMMENT: Pakistan's new investment incentives —Muhammad Aftab
Given the challenging circumstances in which the economy had to operate during FY-2010, it is not surprising that the private investment response has remained subdued Several new incentives will be enjoyed by foreign, non-resident and domestic investors during fiscal 2011, which starts July 1, as the economy is beginning to look up. The incentives will spur the overall economic and financial situation, as the domestic investment has begun to look up, after a rather poor FY-2009, and not-so good FY-2010 that ends Wednesday. Everyone feels that the business should do more. And some indicators are that they already are doing so. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Country's market capitalisation to GDP ratio remains low
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan�s market capitalisation to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is currently under 20 percent, which is lower when compared with many countries in Pakistan�s peer reference group. Whereas, overall condition of financial institutions in the country remains unsatisfactory during fiscal year (FY) 2009-10. Economic Survey 2009-10 revealed that FY 2009-10 started off with the hope of recovery from the global financial crisis. The recovery after the financial crisis was fragile at its onset with signs that the world�s markets would recoup, but these were weak and vulnerable. Central banks reacted quickly with exceptionally ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


explanation of the growth of foreign portfolio investment are the abolition of ... foreign portfolio investment, an adequate measure of investment ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Foreign ''Direct'' and ''Portfolio'' Investment in Real Estate: An ...
and foreign portfolio investment (FPI) are traditionally ... a given investment should be classified as FDI or foreign portfolio investment (FPI). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Describe the difference between foreign direct investment and ...
who is more likely to engage in foreign direct investment- a corporation or an individual investor? who is more likely to engage in foreign portfolio investment? 2 months ago (Tiebreaker) Answerer 1 Foreign direct investment can be described by directly investing into another country. For example, Ford has discovered they can increase their profits by building a car plant in Mexico. This is considered foreign direct investment because Ford is directly using Mexican workers as their means of production directly. Foreign portfolio investment can be explained through the example of an American business man investing in stocks in ...
Why is foreign direct investment why is foreign direct investment ...
Foreign Direct Investment or FDI is the investment by foreign companies/ promoters/ individuals directly in Indian companies so that their investment money can be used by the company for setting up plants/ projects/ factories etc. Let us say when for example Bill Gates or Microsoft brings in dollars to set up a software development company in India, it is foreign direct investment. or, if General Motors set us a car manufacturing factory in India on their own or in collaboration with an Indian party, it is foreign investment. The dollars generally create new assets and the investment is mostly in equity stake (although they may ...