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Gambling vs Investing

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In that story, a little boy amuses himself by tricking others into falsely believing a wolf is attacking his flock of sheep. After running to the boy’s rescue multiple times, the villagers became desensitized to the boy’s cries for help. The boy’s pleas ultimately get completely ignored by the villagers despite an eventual real wolf attack that kills the boy’s flock of sheep. Maulding: The Man Who Cries Bear John Mauldin, former print shop professional and current perma-bear investment strategist, unfortunately seems to have taken a page from Aesop’s book by consistently crying for a market collapse. After spending many years ...
Gambling Vs Investing in the Stock Market
After the Global Financial Crisis many people would now consider the stock market a high risk activity and as such liken it to gambling.  This fear is linked to your knowledge and understanding of the stock market. The truth is that most people do not understand the basics. When it comes to investing in the stock market they rely on information obtained through the media, friends, family or their own limited experience. The majority of investors in the stock market have an experience like this, you get a hot tip from a friend on a stock, you invest a couple of grand looking  for a gold lotto outcome, the stock goes ... market research, surveys and trends
Gambling Vs. Investing: A Comparison | Stock Market News & Stocks ...
We have tried to draw a clear distinction between investing and gambling.  We believe that the analysis of gambling situations frequently provides more data, allowing a long-run analysis.  The techniques used are the same that investors should use in evaluating stocks and sectors. The Danger Those buying stocks, whether their time frame is short-term or long-term, frequently focus on the return rather than the risk.  This can take two distinct forms: 1. Believing in the apparent consistency of returns.  This has been costly for investors in mortgage securities, either directly or through hedge funds that leveraged these instruments. market research, surveys and trends


August 2007 - Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed
Economist Robert Shiller presented a paper today on human behavior in real estate bubbles at the KC Fed conference in Jackson Hole. Economist James Hamilton was there, and he filed this skeptical report:One thing I have never understood is the... The Times has an incisive and nicely conversational summary of what has happened this summer on global financial markets while many participants were away in Nepal and the like.I’ve been away for six weeks. Much been happening? You could say... Ben Bernanke is apparently a Blackberry junkie. Bloomberg just showed shaky zoom footage of the Fed chair Blackberry-ing away among a group of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
MGM Mirage Boosts Convertible Debt Sale to $1 Billion (Update2 ...
April 16 (Bloomberg) -- MGM Mirage, the biggest casino owner on the Las Vegas Strip, increased its convertible debt sale to $1 billion after investors sought more than the planned $750 million. Initial buyers of the 4.25 percent convertible senior notes due in 2015 have the option to purchase $150 million more to cover overallotments, the Las Vegas-based company said yesterday in a statement. The owner of 10 Strip resorts said it will use the funds to refinance part of its senior credit facility. Casino companies are taking advantage of renewed investor demand for debt as Las Vegas emerges from the biggest slump on record. This ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
John Prestbo's Indexed Investor
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- When the market executes an about-face, almost every niche and nook is affected. Sometimes, like this year, it can be a painful experience. The U.S. stock market rose fairly steadily this year until April 23, at which point it went all wobbly. The Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index's total return sagged 5.6% in the six months ended June 30. That was the result of an 11.3% advance from the end of 2009 through April 23, followed by a 15.2% drop from that date through June. With global markets reeling, financial adviser Harvey Rowen of Starmont Asset Management is embracing specialized mutual ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Skim to Win: Day Four
Day four of the £100,000 trading challenge and the Flying Scotsman has a lot of ground to make up after some of his earlier trades on BP and oil turned sour. He closes the day with losses of £33,000 on the week so far. You can email tips and comments to 16:45 - That was a bit more exciting.  "Sad" figures from the Philadelphia Fed Factory Survey saw all major markets come off sharply. I used the movement to lock in some profits, whilst narrowing down positions in Oil and Wall Street. I also think that markets will open weaker so have shorted the FTSE 100, selling 100 at 5202 (closed 5218).   market trends, news research and surveys resources


Gambling vs. Investing, » Scholastic, XXV (January 19, 1935), pp. 15-16f. « Lost : $287000000000, »Scholastic, XXVI (February 16, 1935), pp. 15-16. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investor Tips: Trading in Fast-Moving Markets
The price of some stocks, especially recent "hot" IPOs and high tech stocks, can soar and drop suddenly. In these fast markets when many investors want to trade at the same time and prices change quickly, delays can develop across the board. Executions and confirmations slow down, while reports of prices lag behind actual prices. In these markets, investors can suffer unexpected losses very quickly. Investors trading over the Internet or online, who are used to instant access to their accounts and near instantaneous executions of their trades, especially need to understand how they can protect themselves in fast-moving markets. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Sep 22, 2009 ... utilize either the Betting or Investment Model. ... gambling despite a Fifth Circuit ruling to the contrary.69. The matter ...
How is the stock market different from gambling? - Yahoo! Answers
My friends say that it’s not the same, but I don’t understand how that’s true. When you look at companies like GM, enron, Bernie Madof and so on, I don’t see how it’s not gambling. After all, they looked like solid investments with good track records and people who ‘invested’ heavily lost everything. How is this different then just going to a casino and ‘dropping money’ on a card game? When it comes to the stock market, I have neither luck or skill, so I need to find other ways to invest. I’m averse to any kind of risk. Someone explain to me why this makes sense. I don’t get it. (other then the fact that the bank pays next to ...
Google Answers: Gambling successfully
Has anyone ever invented a system for gambling that has been 100% successful? If so did the gambler continue to win long term or did the industry change their rules and / or ban them? Hello Womblecasserole, There are two basic methods described that can be effective at casino games. Both of these methods depend upon playing "live" - an online casino is usually set up to be immune from these methods. Most other methods have a variety of problems - the Martingale system for example runs into problems with the casino's minimum and maximum bet limits. I assume you ...