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Special Report on

Green and ethical banking

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Now current accounts at ethical banks and credit unions are also getting a welcome boost, perhaps as consumers turn away from high street banks over the past 18 months. The Cooperative Bank is probably the best known option in this sector. In last week's banking special at Ethical Consumer Magazine , the bank was one of our "Best Buys" for current accounts, scoring 6/20 on our rating system Ethiscore , which ranks companies on 22 criteria including climate change performance, worker rights and environmental reporting. Consumers have been flocking to ethical alternatives in the banking sector in recent months, ...
is a bank concerned with the social and environmental impacts of its investments and loans. Ethical banks are part of a larger societal movement toward more social and environmental responsibility in the financial sector. This movement includes: ethical investment , socially responsible investment, corporate social responsibility , and is also related to such movements as the fair trade movement, ethical consumerism , boycotting , etc. Ethical banking is a juvenile sector within this movement. Other areas, such as fair trade, have comprehensive codes and regulations that all industries that wish to be certified as fair trade ...
kwen: Fashion An Organic Future
Sometimes, it seems harder than ever to be green. The decision to buy organic food, ethical clothing and environmentally friendly products may seem clear, yet the industry has received so many knocks recently, it's hard to choose the right path. The leak of emails from East Anglia University seemed to pour doubt on the extent of global warming; research has shown that conventionally farmed food has as many nutrients as organic; Government advertisements about climate change have been criticised for seeming too partisan. With these issues proclaimed loudly in the media, we could be excused for giving up the struggle to ... market research, surveys and trends
Eyes on green banking
A green bank is a bank that promotes environmental and social responsibility but operates as a traditional community bank and provides excellent services to investors and clients. Its progressive approach to the community and the earth sets it apart from other banks. It is more about focusing on ‘mother planet and its sustainability’, shifting from a traditional approach on ‘profit’ or even ‘people’. Green banking is not just another corporate social responsibility  (CSR) activity. As more consumers look at whether their lifestyle is sustainable, different areas of their lives come under ... market research, surveys and trends


2009 World's Most Ethical Companies | Ethisphere™ Institute
Making it onto the World’s Most Ethical Companies list proves to be more and more difficult every year. This year Ethisphere received a record number of nominations from companies in over 100 countries and 35 industries. This year, 99 companies made the cut. Twenty companies dropped off the list from last year, and 25 companies were newcomers. A remarkable 44 companies are “three-peats,” making the list for the past three years. Below you’ll find the methodology used to determine winners, as well as a few callouts from companies that made the list, and how they encourage ethics throughout their company on a day-by-day basis. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Green Outsourcing Survey
contributions to the financial and ethical bottom line. ..... Green Initiatives are Top 5 Priority. May 2009. CHANGE. Banking .... million in revenue (42 percent), $101 - $999 million (39 percent), and $1 billion or ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Letter box
I am writing this in response to the traffic lights on Main Street. It seems there is quite the dilemma on what to do with Brattleboro’s downtown lights. I believe I might have the solution. The problem is not with the lights; it is with the present timing of the lights. Problem 1: If you are heading north on Main Street, and you are sitting in your car at Main/Flat streets, you will notice that the signal to turn left on Flat Street comes on. But it does not turn on for Elliot Street nor High Street. Problem 2: When the light turns green to go north from Main/Flat Street intersection, the lights stay red on Main/Elliot ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Ethical Consumption: Is Demand for Organic Cotton Contributing to Malaria in ...
In the US, we all believe that we are making the socially responsible choice by purchasing organic cotton. However, how often do we think about the negative consequences that our green lifestyles could potentially cause? In Africa, malaria is affecting millions, and the western hunger for organic cotton may be the cause. Malaria is an infectious disease that is mosquito-borne and more common in subtropical conditions. In 2008, it killed 863,000 individuals with 88% of the casualties being children under five, and infected 243 million more. Although it affects half of the world's countries, Africa accounts for more than two ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Business ethics in banking
Business Ethics in Banking. C. E Green. ABSTRACT. Companies do have ethical responsibility and are not protected by limited liability from the consequences ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility by Banks, Financial ...
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Polish banking ... framework for Corporate Social Responsibility, Green Paper, COM(2001) 366 ..... we may conclude that the banks have not developed principles for ethical and social activity ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Flipside of banking | OurWorld 2.0
Be it from a small savings account or a large long-term investment, banks invest your money throughout a multi-layered, intricate web of financial and tangible assets. But where is your money really going and how can you ensure your investments take into account the “triple bottom line” — that is the consideration of economic, environmental and social factors? Ethical banking is the answer. Ethical banking considers the impacts of banking operations and is not just about delivering attractive profit margins. For the past fourteen consecutive months, money has continued to flow into ethical investment funds in the UK, according ...
What is Islamic Banking.........? - Yahoo! Answers
Is there a Concept of Bank in Islam, Can i Invest in the Bank titled as " Islamic Bank" and its Every Service is said RIBA FREE( Intrest Free) Can a Bank work without intrest.? The Concept Islamic banking is an ethical and equitable mode of financial services that derives its principles from the Shariah (Islamic law). The Shariah is based on the Quran and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and it governs all aspects of personal and collective life. Find us where you are.Malaysia Saudi Arabia UAE UK The most distinctive element of Islamic banking is the prohibition of interest, whether "nominal" or "excessive," simple or ...
Does Investment Banking create net value for society and if so how ...
As per derivatives, given the troubles I think we can live without them. At a minimum we need a lot of regulation here. Let's see Glass-Steagall reinstated and no more off balance sheet financing. posted 3 months ago Senior software developer see all my answers Best Answers in: Software Development (16), Ethics (13), Computers and Software (10), Business Dining and Entertainment (4), Government Policy (4), Education and Schools (3), Staffing and Recruiting (3), Work-life Balance (3), Organizational Development (2), Air Travel (1), Car and Train Travel (1), Hotels (1), Travel Tools (1), Job Search (1), Mentoring (1), Event ...