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Special Report on

Green Homes Vista

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(formally called Clinical Advisors).  While official details of the deal were not disclosed, industry insiders suggest the firm was sold for between $10 million and $13 million – considerably less than the purported $40 million that S&P bought the business for in 2005. Apparently, a number of suitors have looked at Vista Research in the past twelve months, including a number of Wall Street investment banks, brokerage firms, other expert network providers, research firms, and even some industry outsiders.  However, most parties were scared away, either by the asking price, the market environment, or the firm’s deteriorating ...
This button is used to either launch Media Center from Windows or to return to the Start Menu from within the application. Media Center plays the computer user's pictures , videos , and music from local hard drives , optical drives , and network locations. It then categorizes them by name, date, tags , and other file attributes. Media managed through Media Center can also be relayed via a home network to standard TV sets via the specially designed Windows Media Center Extender or the Xbox 360 .
Sustainable Gardening Focus of Annual Conference in Payson on Aug ...
Annual Arizona Highlands Garden Conference, August 27-28, at the Mazatzal Casino in Payson.  The conference entitled “Sustainable Gardening for Homes and Communities” will feature outstanding speakers, tours, and workshops. Four Sustainability Demonstration Tours begin at 9:30 a.m., Friday, August 27.  Conducted simultaneously, the tours are mostly in residential areas and participants are urged to car-pool and rotate on schedule to avoid congestion.  Directions will be given to those who register.  The four tours are: “Xeric Plants for the Rim Country;”  “Square-Foot Gardening;”  “Rainwater Harvesting;” and “Firewise Landscaping.” market research, surveys and trends
25 Features that Make a Home More Energy Efficient | Green Homes
Green has been “in” for a bit and the movement towards conservation and more responsible living is here to stay. If you’re like me, saving energy and water makes you feel good, and saving money on your monthly utility bill is an added bonus. Below is a list of high performance features that you might find missing from an older home. If you’re committed to living green, you might find that buying a new home is the best option for you. Energy efficient microwave Energy efficient refrigerator Energy efficient dishwasher Energy efficient washer Energy efficient dishwasher Low flow faucets Low flow showerheads High-efficiency ... market research, surveys and trends


Contact: Kate Allen, 503.351.8618 Clara Vista Townhomes consists of 44 green affordable homes for families with limited incomes. ... Every townhome will serve households that earn less than 60 percent of the area ... communities at a rate of close to $1 billion a year. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Greening the Bottom Line - Environment California
Pioneering businesses across the Golden State are beginning to do their share to cut global warming pollution by being smarter about how they use energy and switching to clean, renewable energy sources. At the same time, they are finding that these strategies improve their competitiveness and help the bottom line—cutting energy costs, reducing exposure to volatile fossil fuel and electricity prices, and attracting environmentally aware customers. This report highlights 12 such businesses or institutions and demonstrates the kinds of gains that can be had across California from an organized, statewide effort to reduce the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New bamboo store prefers brick and mortar
Visionary Artisan, a bamboo flooring, fencing and wall-coverings shop in San Clemente, focuses on its walk-in store over the Web in selling its products imported from China. As more merchants have shucked storefronts to become online retailers, two San Clemente residents are making an about-face. Andrew Hager and Adam Bernstein recently opened Visionary Artisan , a bamboo flooring and fencing shop at 202 S. Ola Vista, because they saw that the Web is full of places to buy bamboo but there are few walk-in shops focused solely on selling the eco-friendly home-decor alternative. Adam Bernstein, left, and Andrew Hager, owners of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
ANALYSIS - Energy efficiency is new green for US homebuilders
(Reuters) - U.S. homebuilders used to brandish their environmentalist bona fides to lure customers. Now they are focusing less on green and more on greenbacks, introducing energy efficient features they say will convince customers to buy a new rather than a used home by saving them money. When homebuilders first clambered onto the bandwagon, they waved the green flag like everyone else. In 2007, KB Home announced its "My Home. My Earth." program, which aimed to make it a "leading environmentally friendly company." But now, "energy efficiency" is the catchphrase of choice for its purported appeal to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Moving Towards Zero Energy Homes: Vista Montana, Watsonville ...
commitment to build attractive, afford- able, green homes using energy-efficient designs and renewable energy systems. The Vista Montaña houses have been ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Vista Montana, Watsonville - Moving Towards Zero Energy Homes ...
commitment to build attractive, afford- able, green homes using energy-efficient designs and renewable energy systems. The Vista Montaña houses have been ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Green Vista Water Gardens
Written comments prepared by: Lynette Overholser. Additional comments at the end of this document prepared by Robert Thurman. The organization that was visited that I found to be the most interesting was Green Vista Water Gardens. It is an aquatic plant nursery, open to the public, that was located in Enon, Ohio. They provide plants for the backyard waterscape to the public as well as the materials to maintain those plants and ponds. Green Vista also does some installation of small ponds for the public and even some companies. They also subcontract to other landscape companies when those companies have clients that want a pond ...
New house smells like...bread?! And what to do about it! | Ask ...
So, you all have been following my travails in Seattle living for a while now. In Craigslist, I thought I found the perfect room - furnished, nice roommate (who is also the landlord), clean, in a new house, and in a good location. But, the whole house smells like sweet, yeasty wheat bread, and my asthma is not amused. The roommate also owns two cats. When I went to look at the place, I asked about the smell, and she said was the two catboxes that she had. But, it smelled too heavy and 'nice' to be the catboxes, especially since she said she cleaned them that day. The litter she uses is Feline Pine, which I have used in ...
What is the best contact management program for the real estate ...
We use Console Gateway - it manages our sale & property management Trust Account functions as well as all our contact management & CRM. (Current, Past & Future Clients) posted 8 months ago This is a great question - look into It's a web-based contact management system that's only $50 per year (you can try it for a month for free). It's very basic and really easy to use - I can make updates via my home or work computers (well, any computer really since it's web-based) and from my BlackBerry. When I enter in a Task, it sends me an email reminder on the due date. Right now, it doesn't connect ...