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Special Report on

Hedge Fund Investment Returns

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In 2001 and 2002, hedge fund managers had to make $30 million to gain entry to the annual survey of the best paid in hedge funds. In 2004, the threshold had soared to $100 million. James Simons, 68, of Renaissance Technologies, made $1.5 billion in 2005. Simons's $5.3 billion flagship Medallion fund returned 29.5 percent, net of fees. No. 2 on Alpha's list is oilman T. Boone Pickens Jr., 78, earned $1.4 billion in 2005, largely from returns on his two energy-focused hedge funds: 650 percent on the BP Capital Commodity Fund and 89 percent on the BP Capital Energy Equity Fund. Last year, managers had to take home $130 ...
open to a limited range of investors that undertakes a wider range of investment and trading activities than traditional long -only investment funds, and that, in general, pays a performance fee to its investment manager . Every hedge fund has its own investment strategy that determines the type of investments and the methods of investment it undertakes. Hedge funds, as a class, invest in a broad range of investments including shares , debt and commodities . Some people consider the fund created in 1949 by Alfred Winslow Jones to be the first hedge fund. As the name implies, hedge funds often seek to hedge some of the risks ...
Pension Plan Health
Hedge funds and buyout funds owe much of their recent success to their limited partners’ deep pockets. Corporate and public pensions are the typical LP that allocate anywhere from 5%, 10%, or more of their portfolio to private equity and hedge funds. It has been well documented in the media that pensions are facing tough liabilities and are increasingly looking to the alternative asset class to plug potential shortfalls. Last month the State Street Corporation published a study that found about 80% of pension governing boards spent more than 10% of their time discussing alternative investments, which was a "substantial" increase ... market research, surveys and trends
A hedge fund that hedges, with a low minimum investment | Canada ...
To defend against inflation we have to invest. We have to invest to save money for retirement, to buy a new car, a home, education, renovation, vacation. We show you how to invest effectively and profitably, how to decrease a financial risk. Your invesments are good provided that they are diversify and the rate of return after taxes outperforms the rate of inflation. Recommended Articles: Changes in some Fidelity Portfolio Managers , UK Investment Funds Specialists for direct investors Canadian Investment Category Russian Version Investment August 8, 2010 For my clients only As part of the effort to put together a complete ... market research, surveys and trends


Wall Street Folly: Alpha Magazine: Highest paid hedge fund managers
We all love finding out what the other guys are earning, especially when it comes to the super fabulously well paid.  Institutional Investor's Alpha Magazine came out with their list of the 25 highest paid hedge fund managers.  Renaissance Technologies' James Simons (pictured), paid $1.5 billion in 2005 and T. Boone Pickens of BP Capital Management, paid $1.4 billion, ranked #1 and #2 respectively.  George Soros is #3 with $840 million, SAC Capital's Steve Cohen is #4 with $550 million, and Paul Tudor Jones #5 with $500 million. This year's list actually contains 26, because there's a tie ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Heebner Hedge Fund Targets $5 Billion With Lure of Top Returns ...
Heebner, who has worked in the mutual-fund business almost four decades, formed a private investment partnership in June called Wayfarer Capital LP, according to Aug. 14 regulatory filings. The size of the fund, which had raised $73 million from wealthy investors and institutions, may vary from the target, Wayfarer Capital said in the filings. A private fund would free Heebner from most regulatory oversight and allow him to buy or sell any assets, unlike mutual funds, which are more tightly controlled. Hedge funds also charge higher fees, including a cut of investment profits. ``He has wanted to do this for a long ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Analysis: Investors, hedge funds get real about returns
(Reuters) - Hedge fund investors scarred by global credit crisis losses are setting their expectations lower and beginning to content themselves with smaller gains they would have balked at two years ago. Widespread expectations before the credit crisis, fostered both by over-optimistic hedge funds and wide-eyed investors, that funds could make money in all markets were confounded by 19 percent losses in 2008 and followed up by smaller losses in the first half of this year. Before the crisis set in, investors' expectations were also fueled by the high fees that hedge funds charge -- often 2 percent a year on assets and 20 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Volcker impact sends shivers through banks
(Reuters) - Speculation continues to grow as to which Wall Street bank will be looking to get out of proprietary trading or the private equity business in order to comply with new financial regulatory reform legislation. But despite recent moves by Bank of America ( BAC.N ), Morgan Stanley ( MS.N ) and Goldman Sachs ( GS.N ) on that front, most banks will be able to pare back investments in risky ventures without making dramatic changes to their structure. The new Volcker rule, named for former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker, restricts banks from proprietary trading and sets new limits on the size of private equity or ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


White Paper -
are exciting times for hedge fund investment returns which have coincided with the changing composition of the investor pool. This is having a direct impact ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Hedging Your Bets: A Heads Up on Hedge Funds and Funds of Hedge Funds
hedge funds pool investors' money and invest those funds in financial instruments in an effort to make a positive return. Many hedge funds seek to profit in all kinds of markets by pursuing leveraging and other speculative investment practices that may increase the risk of investment loss. Unlike mutual funds, however, hedge funds are not required to register with the SEC. Hedge funds typically issue securities in �private offerings� that are not registered with the SEC under the Securities Act of 1933. In addition, hedge funds are not required to make periodic reports under the Securities Exchange Act of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Hedge Fund Paper
Financial consultants characteristically calculate the past investment returns for different hedge fund managers in the belief that past investment success ...
When investigating a hedge fund for fraud, what is excessive ...
I am doing research on Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme as viewed through the publicly released monthly returns of Fairfield Sentry fund. I found out that the serial correlation of monthly returns for the S&P 500 and for GATEX (a fund using a similar strategy as Madoff) were both close to zero. For Fairfield Sentry, the serial correlation was a negative -0.22. This in itself does not seem like much of a red flag. What do you think? So far none of the answers actually answer the question of serial correlation thresholds. Please focus on this specific question. posted 1 month ago in Auditing , Hedge Funds | Closed Share This ...
The difference between mutual fund, investment banking and hedge ...
Will someone please differentiate between the three for me? What do they do? How are they different? Who makes the most money? Mutual funds in general provide investment programs for investors. In general they buy multiple stocks to reduce risk providing diversification and hopefully high returns or income to their investors. Investment banks in general are Wall Street Banks which create underwriting of stocks, Mergers and Acquisitions, bonds, money markets, mutual funds, pensions, muni's, and loans. The investment banks provide more services especially to government, companies, utilities to set up the business ...