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Special Report on

Industry Superannuation Fund

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Our Fund was established by an employer organisation to provide a tailor made trucking industry super fund.  We offer a range of benefits to our employers including: Our 1800 777 060 number, connects you straight to staff who can answer any enquiry you have, Simple for the employer to administer, Paperwork needed to operate the Fund is kept to an absolute minimum, The option to utilise automatic banking facilities to pay their members contributions, The option to utilise email and fax facilities to advise us of contribution details for each member. The opportunity to offer a group life plan to reward longstanding and all ...
Sherry was sworn in as the Assistant Treasurer on 9 June 2009, after serving as the first Australian Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law. Sherry is the first Assistant Treasurer from Tasmania
Super for beginners, part 13: Why pick one industry super fund ...
Q: I know that industry super funds generally have a good performance – particularly because of low fees, but I wondered, what is the benefit of picking one for your particular industry? I understand how people in some industries may have similar needs but is that really true these days in terms of the distinct benefits that an industry fund offers? For instance if I work in media, why would Media Super be better for me than say Legal Super. And are there restrictions on which ones you can join? Can I pick an industry fund that I don’t work in if it has a better performance? Before I answer your question, I just want ... market research, surveys and trends
Sunsuper Chooses Thunderhead for Multi-Channel Communications
Thunderhead, recognized innovators in document automation and multi-channel communications solutions, today announced that Sunsuper has selected the Thunderhead NOW platform to replace outsourced document composition services and outgoing multi-channel communications. One of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing superannuation funds, Sunsuper has chosen Thunderhead NOW to reduce dependence on IT by returning control to business users, simultaneously ramping up automation and driving down costs. The company will be able to control the average dollar cost per member — giving Sunsuper a valuable edge in this ... market research, surveys and trends


PRESS DIGEST-Australian Business News - July 14 | Reuters
Federal Government moves to deregulate the pathology collection centres industry have been criticised by the managing director of Sonic Healthcare ( SHL.AX ), Colin Goldschmidt. Deregulation of the sector came into effect at the start of this month, and has already prompted a 20 percent increase in the number of collection centres. Dr Goldschmidt yesterday said the new regime was likely to increase the demand for pathology, placing further pressure on the Government's pathology reimbursement budget. Page 47. -- Handling and storage services provider Brambles ( BXB.AX ) yesterday saw its share price fall a further 1.3 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Trans-Tasman support to commercialise research | Scoop News
New firms based on innovative research at The University of Auckland will get a kick start from a new AUD$30 million fund - the first trans-Tasman commercialisation fund , announced Economic Development Minister Pete Hodgson today. Speaking at the New Zealand launch of the fund, Pete Hodgson said, “The fund will help The University of Auckland, to bridge what it calls ‘the valley of death’ between intellectual property discovery and its ability to attract investors. The initiative and drive that’s demonstrated here in the development of this fund is an example of innovation and lateral thinking. It ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Steer your own super
A STEADY rise in the number of self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) is a good indication that there is a growing number of people who want to take control of their retirement savings. At least 2000 SMSFs are being set up each month, figures from the Australian Taxation Office show. Generally, the people involved want greater influence over how their money is invested and greater flexibility in the assets they hold. There is no rule about how much money you need to run your own fund but many advisers believe a minimum of $250,000 is a good start to make it worthwhile. Important considerations when running your own fund are ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Super funds need to rebuild the faith
The broader superannuation industry has not come to grips with a fundamental breach of trust that has occurred in its relationship with many investors. This proposition idly crossed my mind when sitting at a briefing last week that assembled journalists over a fancy lunch to listen to the spiel from a group of fund managers. These kinds of briefings go like this: the journalists nod seriously and scribble down the occasional quote while people in better clothes than the journalists extol the virtues of the various funds they manage. On this particular occasion we were being told infrastructure was a fantastic asset class and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Your Guide to the All Industry Super Fund
Jan 1, 2004 ... AIS is a public offer industry superannuation fund that is open to employees of .... The All Industry Superannuation Fund (AIS) is a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
International Update, May 2010: Recent Developments in Foreign ...
On April 7, the Estonian parliament passed a law that will gradually increase the retirement age for men and women beginning in 2017 until it reaches age 65 in 2026. Currently, men can retire at age 63 with at least 15 years of employment and women at age 60 and 6 months with at least 15 years of employment. (The retirement age for women is gradually increasing by 6 months each year until it is equalized with that of men at age 63 in 2016). The law also requires the government to conduct a study in 2019 to determine whether additional measures, such as a further increase in the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MBS: Let people choose: Scrap compulsory super and subsidies
FOUR months before the All Ordinaries commenced its 51 per cent slide, I advocated scrapping compulsory superannuation and super subsidies (Not so super, The Australian, 3/7/07). Tumbling asset prices and pushes to further constrain citizens' super choices make the pro-abolition case even stronger today. Unfortunately, our neo-paternalist government won't do it. My 2007 case was based on the premise that most citizens can choose how much to save for retirement and how to invest it better than government or super funds. Unsurprisingly, vested interests use opposing premises to push their interests. But facts - and even ...
  1. profile image gordonwatson ISPT to create A$200m residential fund by end of 2010: Global PensionsAUSTRALIA - Industry Superannuation Property...
BUPA | Ask MetaFilter
Not a public company, no shareholders, who is skimming off the top? I would like names and contacts but will settle for just names as i suspect some of them begin with HRH... and what does BUPA stand for anyway? I've seen the website, does the hivemind have any insight? Have you read the Wikipedia article ? It may go some way to dispel some of the tin-foil hat-edness implied in your question. Especially words like "Not for profit". It's a pretty reputable organisation in the UK. They are a company incorporated in Engalnd and Wales and as such have to file audited accounts with the Registrar of Companies, as well as ...
Anyone know the definition of a regional stock fund? - Yahoo! Answers
A regional stock fund is a fund that invests in stocks in a specific/limited region (i.e., Europe, Asia, Middle-East). An industry fund is one that invests in companies in specific industries (technology, airlines, etc.) There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: February 23, 2006 Total points: 1820 (Level 3) Regional Fund mutual fund that confines itself to investments in securities from a specified geographical area, such as Latin America, Europe or Asia. A regional mutual fund will generally look to own a diversified portfolio of ...