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Investing at SmartMoney

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to open an account with a discount broker last year, he thought he’d be getting a good deal. After all, the firm was advertising commissions of just $2.50 a trade. But it wasn’t until Northrop started poking around that the 56-year-old discovered other charges he could have easily incurred—like $3 for every paper-based trade confirmation, $5 for a monthly statement in the mail and a $50 fee to transfer his account to his wife in the event of his death. In the end, Northrop was able to dodge these fees by changing his account’s settings, though he first had to contact customer service in order to know ...
as well as spot gold and spot silver trading. The company also has a financial community, ZeccoShare, where investors can share investing ideas and view others' verified trades and performance taken directly from the brokerage. Zecco Trading was among the first online brokerages to provide customers with commission free stock trades. Currently, Zecco Trading provides customers with ten free stock trades each month when they maintain a minimum balance of $25,000. If that balance is not met, or the 10 trades are exceeded, the price is $4.50.
SmartMoney's 2010 Best Online Discount Brokers
opens with a reminder: read the fine print. With competition among discount brokers steadily growing, the price wars get fiercer and fiercer. Some brokers advertise dirt-cheap trades of under $3, but make sure you read the fine print for hidden fees. Companies that just a year ago charged almost $20 per trade now charge less than $8. As much as 22 percent of discount traders are considering moving their funds to another broker, simply because they can obtain cheaper trades.  It’s evident that with a down economy, saving a few bucks here and there is as important as ever. Smart Money offers the best and worst brokers in the ... market research, surveys and trends
The Psychological Side Of Investing
Having a win in the stock market sounds almost like a near impossible , distant goal to achieve, how about we take a different approach to assess the odds of winning. There’s basically no point trying to start investing like Warren Buffett , George Soros or Peter Lynch, because these investors, even though they have a deep expertise, they use stock market investing methods that require a large amounts of capital , most of the time it would be impossible for people like you and me to follow in their footsteps. If Albert Einsten was around, and he wanted to invest in the stock market and constantly win, he ... market research, surveys and trends


A Globe-Trotter's Guide to Investing - Investing - Mutual Funds ...
is upbeat about the likelihood of a global economic recovery and a rebound in stocks after the meltdowns of the past year. Risks remain, but with equities trading near record-low valuations, now is a good time to buy, he says. Motyl joined Templeton in 1981, as the third investment professional hired by the firm's fabled founder, the late Sir John Templeton. Today he manages several mutual funds and separate-account portfolios for institutional investors, in addition to serving as CIO. Barron's recently talked with him about the outlook for global equity markets. To learn why he is optimistic, read on. Barron's: ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Freestyles of A Rebel: November 2009
A bugged-out exterminator went berserk on the D train early Saturday, fatally plunging a knife into a fellow straphanger's neck after they argued over a seat. Cops rushed to the train and nabbed the alleged killer thanks to a quick-thinking train conductor, who locked the doors and kept him inside the blood-spattered car. "He stabs him right in the neck, possibly the jugular," a cop source told the Daily News. "Blood everywhere. Complete mayhem." Bronx resident Jerry Sanchez , 37, got on the northbound train at Rockefeller Center about 2 a.m. He confronted Dwight Johnson , demanding he move a bag from ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Gold Investing Really Does Belong to the Stone Age
about my position. I’ve known Don for years and have even broken bread with him (or steaks, since he didn’t eat carbs at the time). So I’m more than happy to educate my colleague. Don asked how I chose the dates I used to measure gold’s performance. The specific dates don’t really matter to me. From 1800 to 1970, gold had a negative return adjusted for inflation. Then we got off the gold standard, and it rocketed up to its all-time high over the next decade. Since then, inflation-adjusted, it’s been downhill. It would have to double from here in order to gain parity with where it was 30 years ago. market trends, news research and surveys resources
10 Funds Ahead of the SEC's Proposed Rules
debate the merits of proposed changes to the rules governing mutual fund fees, some fee-free funds are generating head-turning returns – and they won’t have to make big changes to comply. The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed a new set of rules to limit the onerous and sometimes vague fees that have raised the ire of many investors. The so-called 12b-1 fee is traditionally described as a marketing and distribution fee, although a large portion goes to financial intermediaries (like brokers, financial planners and advisors), who recommend and sell the funds. The fee is named for Rule 12b-1, which was ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Using the Keystroke-Level Model to Estimate Execution Times
Using the Keystroke-Level Model to Estimate Execution Times. David Kieras. University of Michigan. © David Kieras, 2001. Introduction ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Summer 2006 - Untitled
Start Smart: Money Management for Teens. How to save, spend and protect your .... Are You Ready to Start Investing? Understand the Risks and the Rewards ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investing in India: Where Is the Smart Money Going Now? - India ...
It seems as though everyone is investing in India. During the past few years, every type of investment in the country -- including private equity and venture capital -- has exploded. Last year, net foreign institutional investment inflows topped $17 billion. In contrast, just four years ago, in 2004-05, total FDI (foreign direct investment) in India stood at $3.75 billion. At first, investment tended to focus on the technology sector; today's investments are in everything from real estate to infrastructure. In a keynote speech at this year's Wharton India Economic Forum , Vinod Dham, managing director of the NEA-IndoUS ...
Good book on stock market/401k type info? - Yahoo! Answers
So I don't really know much at all about the stock market, or how my 401k works, or much about investing at all. I've been working out of college now for two years, and I really want to learn what's going on with my 401k. And also learn about the stock market and investing, and things like that, so I can start investing. Are there any really good books that can help me learn about all this type of stuff? Thanks! Member since: May 07, 2010 Total points: 4438 (Level 4) Badge Image: I don't know about books, but you could start at with their "Retirement Guide for 20- and ...
Beginner Investing: stocks & Bonds, dividend reinvestment plan ...
I want to know how do you exactly go about buying stocks and bonds and where do you go for advice on buying ( what are some good stocks to buy )   Answer Ashley, Hopefully, I answered your question.  If you want more information please let me know. Regards, Hans This is my follow on to your question.    First, there are two ways to buy stocks or bonds.  The most common method is to use a stock broker, such as full service firm that offer advice on what to buy at high commissions, and discount brokers that offer less personal service but are much less expensive.  Brokers at ful service firms make ...