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Special Report on

Investing in Bulgaria

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Our beautiful country Bulgaria is really good inside and bad outside. In Africa there are dozens of countries for which millions think they are just beaches and palm trees, but if they go there they will see how hard people live. In Bulgaria it is the opposite. From outside, if someone read what it is wrote about Bulgaria he would not want to come here, but once you come you will see immediately what a wonderful country it is.  The problem really is not from yesterday.  During those too long 20 years of transition Bulgaria managed to change completely, to introduce true market mechanisms, to change ...
in the south represent Bulgaria's lowest and most fertile regions. The 378-kilometer Black Sea coastline covers the entire eastern bound of the country. Bulgaria's capital city and largest settlement is Sofia , with a permanent population of 1,405,000 people. 2 The emergence of a unified Bulgarian national identity and state dates back to the 7th century AD. All Bulgarian political entities that subsequently emerged preserved the traditions (in ethnic name, language and alphabet) of the First Bulgarian Empire (6811018), which at times covered most of the Balkans and eventually became a cultural hub for the Slavs in the
Bulgaria Jobs - What Opportunities Are There for Expatriates?
Now that Bulgaria has joined the European Union much is being written about the expected outward flow of migrant Bulgarian workers, who some believe may well choose to relocate within the European Union and seek better paying employment opportunities.  But what about the local Bulgarian jobs market - has the employment landscape changed with EU accession and in terms of Bulgaria jobs, what opportunities are there for expatriates moving to live and work in Bulgaria? Well, it seems that the prospects are improving almost daily with professional openings being advertised with the likes of IBM and Mediacorp Limited for example ... market research, surveys and trends
investing in bulgaria? buyer beware!
WWF Protected Areas Officer, Katarina Rakovska, is part of a campaign that is urging government authorities to improve the legislative, administrative and judicial conditions needed to stop the destruction of Bulgaria's natural heritage. © Tsveta Hristova View of the Bansko ski area in the core zone of Pirin National Park in Bulgaria. © Ogilvy & Mather Sofia Advertisement for WWF Protected Areas campaign in Bulgaria. For Sale sign in Strandzha Nature Park, on the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria, where holiday homes are being constructed illegally. By Andreas Beckmann and Konstantin Ivanov* A holiday home on Bulgaria’s ... market research, surveys and trends


Sources of Financing -- U.S. Commercial Service Bulgaria
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is the largest single investor in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union and mobilizes significant foreign direct investment beyond its own financing. The largest shareholder of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is the U.S. Government. EBRD’s programs are open to U.S. investors. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development provides loan and equity finance, guarantees, leasing facilities, and trade finance. Overall, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed 63 investments in Bulgaria over the 1991- June 2003 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
USA-Bulgaria Industrial Supply & Trade - Manufacturers, Exporters ...
Bulgaria is situated on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. Under the Communist system, it had a centrally planned economy. During the early years of industrialization, the system had worked much for the benefit of the nation. However, after some time Bulgarians felt that it is not adequate enough to sustain a more complicated economy. When the dictatorship fell in 1989, Bulgaria started to accept free trade in its markets. Right then and there, small and independent enterprises were legalized and given the opportunity to grow in the country. Fifty percent (50%) of Bulgaria's land area are fertile enough to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What To Consider When Investing In Bulgaria
With Bulgaria joining the EU many investors and private parties were excited to buy property in the country. Part of the EU very cheap (compared to the European standards), beautiful never ending nature, it seemed like heaven. I guess the good part ends here. Many people got burnt when investing in property due to the large amount of scam schemes going on. The first rule for anyone willing to invest in Bulgaria is to have a trusted local representative. By trusted I do not mean a person who persuades you to trust them because 'they are so good at what they do', but a person that you actually do know and have some kind ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Berlin Mayor to Meet Bulgarian President, PM
The two mayors discussed spurring greater German investment in Sofia, and transferring knowledge to the Bulgarian capital about how to help the city attract more tourists. “Sofia has seen a lot of foreign investments but generally the German investors are not in the leading spots so we would like to attract more of them, and we have invited investors from Berlin to visit Sofia in the fall. We would also like to present the tourism opportunities that Sofia offers,” explained Fandakova referring to the apartment buildings constructed during the communist period in Bulgaria and in East Germany using the same technology. market trends, news research and surveys resources


Challenges to Investing in Bulgaria's Market
are the problems foreign investors encounter when investing in Bulgaria? ... investing in Bulgaria and Bulgarian companies with international experi- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Evaluation of Mass Privatization in Bulgaria - THE WILLIAM ...
Mar 31, 2006 ... Petranov, 2000) Foreign firms that were interested in investing in Bulgaria also had other options later as the State sold many of larger ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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WikiAnswers - Is land in bulgaria a good investment
Some people believe that agricultural land is more worth of value than any property in Bulgaria. The reason is that you may change its use after you purchase it and thus make it more attractive for investment. The latest trend is construction of wind and solar power generators. However, you cannot do this on agricultural plot of land and you need to follow awkward administrative procedure in order to obtain all needed documents. The best thing to do, would be to hire a company specializing in proving such services. You may try with this one I found on web I would appreciate more comments on this issue. ...
Vacation Homes: Investing In Europe, independent properties ...
Hello, my husband and I would like to purchase an investment property in Europe. At this time, we are narrowing our choice down to France and Spain.  We would like to rent this property out. We looked into the Leaseback schemes in both of these countries, and at first it looked like a good idea. However, the concern is the re-sale at the end of the lease period. We feel that they would be hard to sell, given the saturation in the market. If we were to buy an independent property, what would our options be in terms of property management? We live and work in Canada, so the opportunity of flying there would be relatively ...