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Special Report on

Investing in Distressed Securities

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Distressed securities may be an attractive investment option for sophisticated investors who are looking for a bargain and are willing to accept some risk. Distressed securities are securities; most often corporate bonds, bank debt and trade claims, but occasionally common and preferred stock as well, of companies that are in some sort of distress. Typically, that means heading toward or in bankruptcy. When a company is unable to meet its financial obligations, its debt securities may be substantially reduced in value. When does “reduced in value” become “distressed”? Typically, a ...
There is a wide array of types and styles of private equity and the term private equity has different connotations in different countries. Among the most common investment strategies in private equity include leveraged buyouts , venture capital , growth capital , distressed investments and mezzanine capital . In a typical leveraged buyout transaction, the private equity firm buys majority control of an existing or mature firm. This is distinct from a venture capital or growth capital investment, in which the private equity firm typically invests in young or emerging companies, and rarely obtain majority control.
Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy: Predict and Avoid ...
Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy: Predict and Avoid Bankruptcy, Analyze and Invest in Distressed Debt Description: A comprehensive look at the enormous growth and evolution of distressed debt, corporate bankruptcy, and credit risk default This Third Edition of the most authoritative finance book on the topic updates and expands its discussion of corporate distress and bankruptcy, as well as the related markets dealing with high-yield and distressed debt, and offers state-of-the-art analysis and research on the costs of bankruptcy, credit default prediction, the post-emergence period performance of bankrupt firms, and ... market research, surveys and trends
Distressed Debt Opening Doors for Top Talent - A.E. Feldman
and so-called “vulture investors” are currently looking for opportunities in troubled situations.  In the wake of the subprime meltdown, a number of investors turned to distressed investing - a cyclical strategy that tends to do well when times are tough for everyone else.  They are seeking out cheap or distressed debt, undertaking turnaround situations or rescuing companies from liquidation. Investing in distressed securities is likely to be a top-performing strategy in 2008, according to a recent study conducted by Hedge Fund Research (HFR), reports Reuters .  According to industry experts, there is no doubt that ... market research, surveys and trends


Distressed and Defaulted Debt Securities
For this segment, I have chosen a premium of a minimum of 10 percent ... values of $16.5 billion and $13.3 billion respectively (Exhibit 1). ..... Altman, E.I. (1992): "The Altman/Foothill Report on Investing in Distressed Securities: ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
240 Million Is Offered for Leslie Fay Unit -
A new suitor has surfaced for Sassco, the most profitable division of the Leslie Fay Companies, the women's apparel manufacturer that has languished in bankruptcy protection for almost three years. On Jan. 22, an investor group headed by Three Cities Research Inc., a fund that makes investments on behalf of wealthy families and other private investors, sent a letter to members of Leslie Fay's creditors committee, outlining a proposal to buy Sassco for roughly $240 million in cash and stock. So far, however, the committee, whose members represent Leslie Fay's creditors, has not acted on the offer, the first fully ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cerberus' Adventures in the Gun Trade
Randy Luth was surprised to learn in 2006 that Cerberus Capital Management wanted to buy his St. Cloud (Minn.) business. What would Manhattan financiers known for investing in distressed debt and troubled companies want with DPMS Firearms, a manufacturer of semiautomatic rifles? Cerberus had more than DPMS in its sights. From April 2006 to January 2008 it bought three other firearms companies: Bushmaster, Remington, and Marlin. And it kept adding to its collection. Cerberus now controls 13 brands in a holding company it created, Madison (N.C.)-based Freedom Group. With sales of $848.7 million in 2009, Freedom Group is the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Jonathan Kanterman, Stillwater Capital Partners, to Speak at Golden ...
Jonathan Kanterman, Managing Director, Stillwater Capital Partners, Participating at Golden Networking's Distressed Investing Experts Forum 2010, "Analyzing and Valuing Distressed Companies, Securities and Real Estate" (, September 21, New York FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / PRURGENT Jonathan Kanterman, Managing Director of Stillwater Capital Partners, will participate at Golden Networking's Distressed Investing Experts Forum 2010, "Analyzing and Valuing Distressed Companies, Securities and Real Estate" (, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Topics in Investments: Investing in Distressed Securities
Topics in Investments: Investing in Distressed Securities. Spring 2006. Tuesdays 6:00 – 9:00 pm (February 7 – March 21; no class on March 14) ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Distressed Securities Held by Corporate Credit Unions Summary of ...
Apr 10, 2009 ... primarily to a decline in the size of the investment portfolio, ... 3 Selling securities in the distressed market would have forced ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
  1. profile image briefingwire Arik Kislin explains distressed debt securities investing: Government entities or companies that are in worse than...
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What's a good place to start investing in stocks with limited ...
First of all, you shouldn't be risking any money you can't afford to lose. It's almost like planning a trip to a casino. Figure out ahead of time how much money you can piss away, and not be negatively effected. Also look at ways you can save money on what you're doing every day anyway. If you can save money, you won;t have to rely on investments. Most people repeat cliches like. "A home is the biggest investment you'll ever make." or "An automobile is the second-largest investment you make." The fact is that neither of them is an INVESTMENT unless it RETURNS MORE THAN IT COST. Obviously, there are many ...
Why did Pimco withdraw the PPIP application in Early June?
The Treasury today picked nine money managers to launch its program to buy rotting mortgage-backed securities from banks. One big surprise: Newport Beach-based bond giant Pimco isn’t on the list. The firm said it withdrew its application last month, after initially cheering the program. The nine firms are: AllianceBernstein (and partners Greenfield Partners and Rialto Capital Management); Angelo Gordon & Co. (and partner GE Capital Real Estate); BlackRock Inc.; Invesco Ltd.; Marathon Asset Management; Oaktree Capital Management; RLJ Western Asset Management; TCW Group; and Wellington Management Co. Oaktree is an L.A.-based firm ...