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Special Report on

Investing in Efficiency

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You may or may not be aware of the huge ongoing fight in Virginia over the proposed Dominion coal-fired power plant in Wise County. Suffice to say, it's huge. And ongoing. Into the fight drops a new report by ABT Associates, an independent research firm, which finds that -- surprise surprise -- efficiency is a far smarter investment : The report compares the economic effects of building Dominion Power's Wise County coal plant with investing in energy efficiency measures that would meet the same electricity demand. The study finds that avoiding construction of the coal plant by investing in efficiency would save the ...
allows a building to use less heating and cooling energy to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature. Another example would be installing fluorescent lights and/or skylights instead of incandescent lights to attain the same level of illumination. Compact fluorescent lights use two-thirds less energy and may last 6 to 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs . Efficient energy use is achieved primarily by means of a more efficient technology or processes rather than by changes in individual behaviour. Energy efficient buildings , industrial processes and transportation could reduce the world's energy needs in 2050 ...
Calitics:: Debunking Prop 23 Myths
Yesterday the San Diego Union Tribune ran two dueling columns on Prop 23, which would destroy California's green jobs economy and efforts to address global warming. The anti-Prop 23 article , by John Reaves of Citizens Climate Lobby, was a good articulation of the reasons why Prop 23 would be so damaging. The pro-Prop 23 article , by Bryan Bloom, made a number of deeply flawed statements that need a strong rebuttal. So that's what I'm going to do here, to start off the week. Much of his argument is of the typical "government taxes and regulates too much," but Bloom adds some other pieces that should be ... market research, surveys and trends
Economic Recovery Through Efficiency Retrofits | EE Global 2010 Blog
Since buildings consume about 40 percent of the energy expended in the country, existing buildings with older systems present great challenges to energy efficiency.  Moderated by Robert Wilkins, president, North America Danfoss, the afternoon’s executive dialogue session “Buildings: Breaking New Ground: Economic Recovery Through Efficiency Retrofits” focused on the use of economic stimulus funds to undertake energy efficiency upgrades in existing buildings. Efficiency = Jobs Congressman Peter Welch (D-Vt.) was first up, on the heels of the House of Representatives’ successful bipartisan passage of the Homestar Energy Efficiency ... market research, surveys and trends


California Energy Commissioner Recommends Investing in Efficiency ...
California is a model for the rest of the United States in promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy. Energy Commissioner Arthur Rosenfeld shared some of the state's experiences with an audience of investors at the Clean Tech Investor Summit. "This is a strange state. We have a Republican governor who is a tree-hugging environmentalist," quipped Arthur Rosenfeld, Commissioner, California Energy Commission. California Energy Commissioner Arthur Rosenfeld said energy efficiency is a good investment that continues to pay off in many ways. California is the poster child of energy efficiency in the United ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
PPI: Energy Efficiency as Economic Stimulus by Daniel Sosland ...
With the U.S. economy officially in recession, Americans are anxiously awaiting your plan to stimulate a robust recovery. The key is to identify federal initiatives that deliver economic benefits quickly, reliably, and at substantial scale. Energy efficiency -- a huge economic category that includes the design and installation of "green" insulation, lighting, building materials, appliances, vehicles, heating-and-cooling systems, and countless other technologies -- fits your economic-stimulus needs ideally, with important additional benefits for the health of our environment and the security of our nation. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
NB has a plan for energy
The global energy landscape is dynamic, changing on an almost daily basis. If New Brunswick is to build on its successes and benefit from opportunities in this sector, then government must be able to respond quickly. A traditional, static plan won't work. What government does need - and has - is a policy framework with a solid foundation and key principles that reflect an energy sector that works in the best interests of all New Brunswickers. In New Brunswick, we have such a policy framework. The principles of competitive, reliable and environmentally sustainable energy for all New Brunswickers guide energy policy in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Factor five- your beach read?
Current economic difficulties are not the fault of single decisions or decision-makers; it’s energy, stupid! » In 1997, ‘Factor Four: Doubling Wealth, Halving Resource Use’ by Ernst von Weizsäcker, Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins, agued that technical innovation could cut resource use in half while doubling wealth. A new book, upgraded to ‘Factor Five’, builds on this idea- looking at how and where factor four gains have been made in the intervening period, and at how we might achieve greater factor five or 80%+ improvements in resource and energy productivity in future, in line with IPCCs ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Energy Efficiency's Role in Climate Change Policy The Need for CO2 ...
investing in efficiency would reduce average consumer bills by 3 to 12 times as much as simply rebating allowance auction proceeds. (Prindle 2006). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Investment Risk in Whole Building Energy-Efficiency Upgrade ...
building energy-efficiency upgrade investment risk due to variability in ... low -risk investment opportunities available in energy-efficiency upgrades. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Efficiency of Investment in the Presence of Aggregate Demand ...
of nature is not, therefore, the only source of investment inefficiency in the model since the equally well-informed planner would have more firms investing ...
  1. profile image Itsmakingmemad Many of the best minds agree that the a very good way to get the economy moving is by investing in our infrastructure. Creating efficiency.
How does saving electricity help the environment? - Yahoo! Answers
It's not like the electric companies are going to burn less coal and oil if we reduce our electricity use in our homes. The same amount of pollution is still going into the air whether we turn our lights off or not. Or am I missing something? Exactly the opposite: electric companies won't produce as much electricity when demand decreases. If they don't produce as much, they don't burn as much fossil fuels. It's simple supply and demand economics, just like any other sector of the economy. This really wouldn't be an issue if power companies switched over to clean fuels, but it ...
Pimp my house: Let's renovate my house to Awesomenessosity! | Ask ...
We bought a house, but we're not moving into it for another month. It's currently empty. What cool projects should I undertake before we move in? Right, so I'm going to be retopping the driveway, fixing the garage floor, shampooing all the carpets, tearing down some wallpaper, and remodeling one bedroom. These are all necessary, but dull things to do. What sort of things would you do to your house if it were empty? All suggestions open from practical ("Installing that shower head that pours water straight down") to wildly impractical ("recessed disco-balls in every room!") wanted. House is in Minnesota, so some ...