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Investing in Forestry

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Investing in a forest may seem a rather exotic choice for your portfolio,but there are substantial profits to be made. Jenny Lowe reports. The past 12 months has been a tumultuous year for the global economy, with major price corrections for many asset classes. Historically, forestry has offered low volatility and minimal correlation with equities, and investors are increasingly seeing trees and land as a safe haven. In 2008, the average total return on investments in forestry was 7 per cent. This was somewhat lower than the previous high of around 20 per cent seen in 2006, but still outperformed both equities and commercial ...
which encompass 193 million acres. Major divisions of the agency include the National Forest System, State and Private Forestry, and the Research and Development branch.
Dan Mangan Throws Support Behind Coldsnap
has thrown his support behind the Coldsnap music festival, asking the “decision makers” of the city to invest in the festival’s future. Not only is he an unparalleled singer-songwriter, he has a pretty good grasp on the economics of the arts, as well, writing: “ A more tangible and graspable fact is that the money spent on these events comes back to the community exponentially, and in a long term picture, culture is always a sound investment (mind the pun). According to the government’s own studies, every dollar spent on arts funding brings back more than a dollar in tax revenue. Investing in arts ... market research, surveys and trends
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Governments and corporations are buying up farmland in other countries to grow their own food – or simply to make money Financial Times | 2 May 2010 By Steve Johnson Even before the onset of the global financial crisis, German politicians saw fit to dismiss hedge funds and private equity groups as asset-stripping “locusts”. Against such a backdrop it is perhaps unsurprising that Europe’s largest economy is not perceived to be at the cutting edge of alternative investment. But if there is one exception to this rule, the Hamburg-based Aquila Group may well be it. Aquila Capital, its asset management arm, runs closed-end ... market research, surveys and trends


Green jobs
Green jobs are receiving unprecedented attention as signs of a more sustainable economy and a society that conserves the environment for present and future generations (ILO, 2008). The current economic crisis presents unique opportunities for moving towards a greener future by giving a major thrust to the forest sector that will generate employment, create real and durable assets and help rebuild rural India. Unemployment has been a serious problem in India since well before the current crisis, and it is a major cause of political and social unrest. Creating employment could also help resolve societal conflicts. India is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Myth: Waxman-Markey gives away 85 percent of allowances to ...
nears a make-or-break vote in the House, those who work to improve it need more than ever to understand it first. Smart strategy is based on sound information. On that note: one of the central critiques of the bill is a red herring at best and at worst simply false. Here's the critique, which should sound familiar from endless media repetition: Waxman-Markey gives away 85% of emission allowances to polluters , instead of auctioning them like Obama wanted. This, it is said, will enrich dirty-energy shareholders at the expense of consumers. It is evidence of the bill's corruption by special interests; evidence that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The pros and cons of forestry investing
Is forestry the ultimate 'green' investment, or simply a tax-efficient bolt-hole for the wealthy, asks Peter Temple. The UK has good climatic conditions for growing trees, and forestry has grown up as an investment medium over the last few decades as a result of favourable tax breaks, chief among which are tax reliefs that mean that, if the investment is structured in the right way, a forest property represents a good shelter against the depredations of inheritance tax while also producing periodic tax-free income as mature trees are felled and the timber sold.  None of these tax breaks are guaranteed to remain in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Investors hone in on soft commodities
When Eclectica launched its agriculture fund in June 2007 it was the first of its kind. Now it seems you can't move for fund managers promoting agriculture and timber as the next must-have. This week hedge fund manager Anthony Ward spent £658m on 241,000 tonnes of cocoa beans – the equivalent of the entire supply of the commodity in Europe. The beans are said to be enough to make 5.3bn chocolate bars, but Mr Ward is hungry for something other than Dairy Milk. In 2002, he made £40m in just two months from a similar deal, buying 204,000 tones of cocoa at £1,400 a ton and selling at ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Strategic Factors Driving Timberland Ownership Changes in the US South
Forestry consultants did not spend time thinking about or investing in forestry research. It “does not make sense” to invest in research or coops when ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Some Aspects of a Strong Municipal Forestry Program. Consider investing in the environmental, economic, and social future of your community by ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Financial Analysis - Investing in Forestry - Financial ...
The "time value of money" is simply an account for the notion that a dollar today is worth more than the same dollar 10 years from now.  When you get a dollar today, you can spend it immediately if you wish.  If you get a "promise" for a dollar instead of the dollar itself, you must wait. Due to the uncertainty involved in the wait (i.e., the loaner changes his or her mind, dies, or inflation continues at its current rate) the dollar received is worth more than the promised dollar.  This brings us to the concept of interest rates . Measuring the value of money or capital involves 2 important factors:  The cost of keeping ...
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Trees: Horses and Oak Trees, soil compaction, soil density
QUESTION: I have a dead oak tree in my yard.  We rented some land to a man who needed to keep two horses there.  They stayed about 3 months.  (The oaks where at least 50 years old)  The neighbors are telling me that the horses killed one of my oaks and the other one is dying.  Now with what I have read, my question is did the horses standing and walking under and on the roots kill the tree? ANSWER: If the ground under the trees is bare and harder than the other areas I would say the horses standing and walking under the trees for shade caused compaction of the soil. Compaction destroys soil structure, ...
Microeconomics undrstand of a computer replacement schedule? | Ask ...
I work in IT in an industry that is currently suffering (forestry in Canada), because of that, the current computer replacement schedule (of approx 2500 computers) has moved from a 3 or 4 year schedule to 5-7 years. I am also *just* starting a course in microeconomics. I'd like to learn, and at the same time create a graph and information to understand and be able to explain the opportunity cost of this move. As well, I'd like (if what I learn proves it) provide convincing evidence of the worthwhileness of keeping closer to the original replacement schedule. And, I admit, I want to make myself look good :) Where do I ...