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Investing in Gold, precious metals

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It’s no great surprise that investors in the energy market are getting rich. But there are many contrarian ways to play this boom. Chris Mayer at DailyWealth says pipeline construction is a hot topic at the moment… Tags: , Alerian MLP Index , BP , Brian Hunt , Chris Mayer , COP , Crude Oil Prices , Natural Gas Stocks , Oil Service Stocks , WMB Posted in Oil Investment & Alternative Energy | 1 Comment » Jul 11th, 2008 | By Brian Hunt | Category: Stock Market Investing Biotech, one of the most speculative sectors is “acting well” right now, says Brian Hunt. The Powershares Biotech ETF ( PBE ...
Investing in Gold and Silver Bullion | ALBERTAM
Precious metals in general and gold in particular have always been sought after both at a national level and an individual one for several reasons. First of all, throughout history, precious metals have always been associated with wealth and power. Secondly, they have always been a nearly indestructible medium of exchange and international currency, one that is seldom affected by political, social or economic crises. The global economy and financial system are affected by monetary or macroeconomic risks. But this is by no means something new. Essentially, these problems have occurred throughout the centuries. What may differ is ... market research, surveys and trends
Precious Metals Prices | financebis
Precious metals prices vary from one company to another. United Gold Direct has very competitive precious metal prices. With the stock market so volatile, many investors are turning to a tangible investment: precious metals. Precious metal prices are determined by many factors which include type of metal, supply and demand and intrinsic value. Precious metal prices are quoted in Troy Ounces and Grams. Unlike shares of government bonds or shares of a company, gold will always retain value. Gold is a store of value virtually independent of economic conditions. Gold can protect against both deflation and inflation. ... market research, surveys and trends


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Ciovacco Capital Management, LLC is an independent money management firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. CCM helps individual investors, large & small; achieve improved investment results via research and globally diversified investment portfolios. Since we are a fee-based firm, our only objective is to help you protect and grow your assets. Our long-term, theme-oriented, buy-and-hold approach allows for portfolio rebalancing from time to time to adjust to new opportunities or changing market conditions. Stocks Commodities China U.S. Dollar Real Estate Financial Plans Independent Advice Asset Management IA Resource FA Notes ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
NY Gov. David Paterson warned legislative leaders on Wednesday that if the government should shut down because of discord over an emergency spending bill, �it would create unimaginable chaos around the state.� Some of the services that would be temporarily discontinued include closing the Courts and DMV and suspension of social service payments for children and family such as welfare. �That�s fine, keep people in jail a little longer. I also hope to never step foot in a DMV again. But this is just crazy,� said Sean { Article }. The EPA power grab and the White House's attempt to impose intrusive energy regulations on you ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Should I buy gold or bullion directly or use a mutual fund?
Gold and other precious metals tend to move independently of other markets. You cannot rely on what you know about of stocks or bonds to be a successful investor in gold. Depending on how you choose to invest, understanding the metal markets may require extra attention or experienced advice. Bullion requires special care and unless you invest through a dealer that holds your bullion for you, storage and shipping will require special attention to prevent theft or loss. Keep your precious metals in a bank's safe deposit box or a safe in your home. Make sure you investigate your dealer thoroughly to be sure you are working ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Mutual Funds: Top 5 Precious Metals Funds
Mutual funds investing in precious metals can be a source of comfort to investors when markets are heading south and the economy is passing through choppy weather. This is also a period when they generate higher returns on a consistent basis, even outperforming stocks. A portfolio with the presence of even a small amount of precious metals securities can provide sufficient diversification as well as protection against inflation. Precious metals funds are the brightest choice for investing in this sector since they possess the advantages of professional management and a wide portfolio. Below we will share with you 5 top rated ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Investing in Precious Metals
look at precious metals gold and silver...and what to expect from investing in them in. 2006. Gold – Increasing Demand Pushing Up Price ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The American Eagles Program of the United States Mint
Authorized by the Bullion Coin Act of 1985, American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins quickly became one of the world's leading gold bullion investment coins.  Produced from gold mined in the United States, American Eagles are imprinted with their gold content and legal tender "face" value.  An American Eagle's value is based on the market price of its metal content, plus a small premium to cover coinage and distribution. American Eagles use the durable 22 karat standard established for gold circulating coinage over 350 years ago.  They contain their stated amount of pure gold, plus small amounts ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fool's Gold:
owning gold is probably familiar to you. Gold, we are told, is the ultimate store of value. Gold provides protection against the collapse of paper currency. Gold is portable and universally accepted as a medium of exchange. Gold is the only hedge that protects against feckless governments and the collapse of debauched economies. In its most sophisticated form the argument for owning gold rests on the merits of diversification as a means of protecting against risk. Specifically: just as a cash position provides a cushion against losses in the bond or stock markets, so also having 5% to 10% of your portfolio in gold is ...
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Hi, what's the best way to invest in gold and other precious metals online? In other words, I think the price of gold is going to go up but I don't want to buy gold bullion, I want to invest in a vehicle that moves the same way gold moves. Maybe there's a gold index or something like that I can invest in through E*Trade--I just don't know where to look. If there is such a vehicle for gold, are there similar things for platinum, silver, etc? I'd prefer something that acts just the way gold does, so if gold goes up 5% for the day, I'd like this vehicle to go up about that ...
How can I use my 401k to invest in those precious metals? Like ...
I'm 25, and I opened a 401k in NC at 20, so I have an NC401k. I don't know how to use it as far as investing goes. However, I have been hearing good things about investing in gold and silver. So can I use my NC401k to invest in gold? How do I do that? Member since: April 22, 2006 Total points: 639 (Level 2) Most 401K plans have investment alternatives that are selected by the sponsor. In this case, you have no alternatives. If you can select a stock in your 401K, then you could invest in GLD or SLV to directly track the price of these metals. Otherwise, when you change jobs or retire, you can roll the 401K into ...