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Investing in Indian PIPEs

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Public investment in private equity (PIPE) is a financing form growing in popularity in the U.S., recently surpassing seasoned equity offerings in number and value. Research to date is highly focused on the U.S., with little attention paid to international markets. We use newly available data to examine PIPE deals in Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and the U.K. We document similarities and differences relative to the U.S. market. PIPE firms tend to be small, high-growth firms with poor accounting and stock performance prior to PIPE issuance. However, these stylized facts do not hold uniformly across the exchanges we study. We also ...
A man of rare talent and conviction, Seth Walchand Hirachand believed that India could be a world power one day. He dedicated his life to make India self- reliant and utilized his unrelented enthusiasm to empower people and establish new realities to show India’s prowess to the world. Seth Walchand Hirachand’s life is a living example of ‘management thoughts’ in practice. It was a life guided by a powerful vision, through which he generated some out-of-the-box strategies, chartering a road ahead with impeccable planning, unparalleled human resource empowerment and rigorous project management.
Market Nigeria and Global market: Confronting China on Nigerian ...
The world Crude oil market is estimated in excess of 40 trillion dollars, and Shell and company can claim to have made only 1 dollar from Nigerian oil, that they have invested all that they have ever earned from Nigeria in Nigeria. Nigerian was however the highest earner for Shell and many years. In common business market, these Oil companies like Shell or BP is estimated to generate at 2 billion dollars in sales every day in US alone. Once you understand the recent money function between Euro and the dollars, you can be certain that we are honking on at least 5billion in total sales a day. Chinese at not that far behind in ... market research, surveys and trends
Knowledge and wisdom through logic and reason for equality and ...
Babies who are born today will be 80 years old in the year 2090, and they will then be sharing the Planet with 24 billion people (the population doubles on Earth every forty years, and so we were 3 billion in 1960, we are 6 billion today, in 2050 we will be 12 billion, to reach 24 billion in 2090). These already-condemned sad-and-pathetic kids, just like their obtuse-parents, will bear silly-tattoos covering-up the thin-scars of their devastated-bodies and the deep-scars of their tormented-minds, struggling in an over-crowded world filled with hatred-and-despair. And indeed even your superstitious “prayers” are not going to ... market research, surveys and trends


The PIPE paradox
million). The firm followed it up with an investment of INR1.2 billion in Shriram City ... from 15.6 percent in 2008 to about 23 percent in the first six months ... towards investing in listed equities, have produced returns that ... their thesis that PIPEs were the way to the best returns in the Indian market. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Angel Investor Magazine | Private Equity in India
There has been an explosion in private equity investment in India with equity fund investment more than trebling in the last 12 months. Rohit Chawdhry investigates. The Indian economy has grown at an average of 8.5 percent over the last four years. This represents the highest four-year average growth in India's economic history. Even more critically, this growth has been led by the rise in investment rates (investment to GDP ratio). While data for Indian investment rates isn't available beyond 2005, related indicators on non-farm credit and corporate capital expenditure point to exceptionally high growth in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Blackhawk Blogger Summer Roundtable/Wet T-Shirt Contest
Blogging Community - a community which desperately needs a soup kitchen and a rehab facility, mind you. So with that, we offer up the thoughts of HockeeNight's Forklift , the eminently handsome John of The Fifth Feather , Jeff Bartl from Blackhawk Up , the unironically mulleted Chris Block from The Third Man In , and our very own Matthew Killion. Strap in motherfuckers, because there's a lot to cover after the jump.     Let's Go Voltron Force! 1) Now that we're in the immediate aftermath of the Capocalypseageddon, based on the moves we've seen so far, how would you grade Stan Bowman in this ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
NEW CARTOON: Square pegs, round holes
But, but, the tech jobs are going overseas, too. The US is even helping fund the development of a tech industry in Sri Lanka, overseen by an Indian company which already fills some of those outsourced US tech jobs. The only new jobs here will be as the additional gardener for the top 2%ers. Posted by Solitare at 8/6/2010 12:30 a.m. You would think that with all the decaying infrastructure they keep on telling about in the U.S. there would be plenty of blue-collar jobs available to repair, replace and upgrade things like bridges due to collapse, sewers and pipes ready to burst and electrical systems using tech from the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Is the Venture Capital Market in India Getting Overheated?
investments (primarily by VCs) and late-stage investments and PIPEs (primarily by ... have also been investing in the Indian market for the last six years. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investing in ND - Senator Kent Conrad | North Dakota
Below is a summary of the fiscal year 2011 requests I have made to the Committee on Appropriations. Each of these projects and programs for which federal funds are being requested were submitted by universities, local governments, state agencies and other entities from across North Dakota. As I continue to review other projects that have been submitted for funding consideration, information on any additional requests will be posted here. Water Resources Development Act Requests Project Summary: This project continues research and development into methods to refurbish and increase the longevity of mechanical parts via 'cold ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Providence Equity's Gaurav Sharma: 'Private Equity Is Now a More ...
In the world of private equity, Providence Equity Partners is a specialist. The firm, whose headquarters are in Providence, R.I., specializes in deals involving media, entertainment, information and communications companies. In 2007, Providence Equity opened its New Delhi office, headed by Biswajit (Bis) Subramanian, who had earlier been a managing director in the firm's London office. By mid 2008, Providence Equity had invested more than US$1 billion in Idea Cellular, which, according to media reports, was among the largest private equity investments in India's telecom sector. What is Providence Equity Partners' ...
Careers: Business: MS-46: MANAGEMENT OF FINANCIAL SERVICES, social ...
Q1.   Discuss the sources of risk which apply to different type of financial   services firms and also the strategies that are available to manage these risks. Q2.   Which government securities are issued by RBI on behalf of central government  as well as State governments to finance deficit budgets, social expenditures and economic activities in the public sector. Describe each of these securities in detail. Q3.   Consult any mutual fund or agents of mutual funds and discuss in detail about the various products offered by mutual fund company to the investors. Q4.   What is ...
What does the the word PIPE mean to you? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
Private Investment in Public Equities. This is when a Private equity house invests in a public company often in times of distress although not only. Often these rights issues happen at below the current market price. posted February 26, 2007 Believe me, you don't want to know what it means in French... posted February 26, 2007 Mind Belief for Business & Personal Support -"holding the vision of success" -Toplinked see all my answers Hi Marty, Normally when I think of Pipe, It reminds me of my Father - in Law relaxing with his pipe tabacoo and that strange smell wafting by. posted February 26, 2007 The geek in me says:- d) ...