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Special Report on

Investing in Kenya-East Africa

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Small and micro-enterprises (SMEs) in any country do contribute to economic growth. However, there are challenges and opportunities that they face. This article presents the main opportunities: linkage with multinational companies, networks, diversification, enabling environment and franchising opportunities Kenya has a developing economy, agriculture being the chief economic activity. Most of people in Kenya work in agricultural sector. Some practice subsistence farming while a very small number practice large-scale farming. Some people work as wage laborers in coffee farms or tea plantations. They depend on the small wages and ...
In common usage, this often includes Indian-born individuals (and also people of other nations with Indian ancestry) who have taken the citizenship of other countries. In North America , the terms East Indian and Asian Indian are often used to distinguish people who have originated from India (including people from nations of the Indian subcontinent ), from the indigenous people, the American Indians . A Person of Indian Origin ( PIO ) is usually a person of Indian origin who is not a citizen of India. For the purposes of issuing a PIO Card , the Indian government considers anyone of Indian origin up to four generations removed ...
Africa's Unsung Progress in Scientific Innovation | Global Poverty ...
Numerous fawning media profiles have made it clear that the World Cup —  the world’s biggest sporting event — is also Africa’s coming out party. And maybe I’m cynical, but the tone I’ve picked up is definitely along the lines of: “Wow, there’s actually more going on here than failed states and safaris.” Yes, as a recent article on Africa's scientific innovation highlights, there most certainly is. At the moment, the growth in science and technology investment is one of the unsung stories of the African continent. The story in Nature starts out in the usual way: There are actually world-class research laboratories scattered ... market research, surveys and trends
Guest Blog by Hital Muraj: Investing in Our Future Generation of ...
 June, 2010, a group of ITE students from the Cisco Seed academy held a picnic at the Nairobi Arboretum. The picnic was sponsored by Ayelet Baron, Cisco Director Emerging markets. In attendance were 14 students (12 girls and two boys) from the Seed academy, two instructors from the academy and a Canadian social worker who works in the  community where the academy is situated. Apparently, house girls are often looked down upon in our society and many of them have resigned to hopelessness and feel alienated and deprived of a chance to fulfill their dreams.  The students got a chance to interact and learn a lot ... market research, surveys and trends


Foreign Direct Investment - FDI |
Foreign Direct Investment or FDI literally means one country investing in other country. FDIs enable growth the international business and multinational businesses. Find out how your country and the other countries have benefited through such investments, the role play in economic slowdown and their future. Profit Repatriation: The Foreign Direct Investment Incentive Profit repatriation is an important factor that determines whether 'foreign direct investment' in another country is actually profitable for the parent firm. Even if huge profits are reaped by a foreign subsidiary, they are of no use to the parent firm if ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Foreign Direct Investment in Central and East Europe
Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Lithuania is projected to have grown by at least 15 percent this year. Its FDI stock - accumulated in its decade of independence - reached c. $4 billion, or c. $1000 per capita. Pace has picked up dramatically in the past four years in many second-tier investment destinations in central and east Europe, including Slovakia, and formerly war-torn Macedonia and Armenia. Of the latter's $600 million in post-communist foreign inflows - two thirds have been placed since 1999. Prime investment locales, like the Czech Republic, or Hungary, are still attracting enthusiastic fund managers, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Investors eye Kenya referendum, hope for easy vote
NAIROBI, Kenya (MarketWatch) -- Young volunteers handed copies of Kenya's draft constitution to jostling crowds in Nairobi's Uhuru Park while men dressed as colonial masters with oversized bellies and bottoms entertained onlookers. But even at this festive launch of a civic education campaign last month, the political tensions poisoning preparations for an Aug. 4 referendum on the constitution were evident. "The constitutional review process attracts enemies ... and they will do whatever is in their means to persuade Kenyans to undermine this process," Nzamba Kitonga , chairman of the Committee of Experts ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Kenyans, regional citizens urged to think EA
ARUSHA, Tanzania, Jun 28 - The East African region will in the next two days become a single market but the biggest challenge to the effective implementation of the Common Market Protocol is a change in people’s mindset. EAC Director General for Customs and Trade Peter Kiguta said as the region inches closer towards deeper cooperation and integration, East Africans need to start having a regional outlook as opposed to being country-centric. “We are dismantling the borders between the partner states and therefore unless people change their mindset to start thinking East African, then the work we are doing would be ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Heading for tomorrow. Investing in Sub-Saharan Africa.
And it is also investing more and more in cross-border investments that provide sustainable ... East Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Biden Says Kenyan Reforms Will Attract American Investment
Vice President Biden praised Prime Minister Odinga (left) and President Kibaki (right) for their “mutual commitment to reform.” By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer Washington — Through a new constitution and strengthened democratic institutions, Kenya will attract greater American investment, which in turn will generate additional investment from other areas of the world, Vice President Biden told reporters in Kenya. In remarks with President Mwai Kibaki in Nairobi June 8, Biden said he is “truly impressed” by the cooperation between Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga and by their “mutual commitment to reform.” Kenyans are ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Asset Building and Investment in Kenya: Small Pilot Project and ...
Nairobi, Kenya. The program is operated through. Ecosandals Investment Limited ( EIL). EIL is a joint ... public offering of Eveready East Africa Limited ...
WiMAX in Africa - What are the key challenges that apply in this ...
By way of introduction, I am currently producing the WiMAX Forum Africa Congress, which will take place 21st-22nd September in Narobi, Kenya. This builds upon the hugely successful launch of the WiMAX Forum event series in 2008, which has attracted over 10,000 visitors to date. I am keen to ensure that the event is as valuable as possible for the ecosystem, and this is your opportunity to influence what topics are featured at the event this year. I would be really interested to understand what you see as being the key commercial and technical challenges with WiMAX for operators in your region and what issues need to be resolved ...
How much does it cost for living expenses in Nairobi Kenya ...
7.Cost of Mobile phone depends with the type and make of mobile phone.Call charges.i)Safaricom varies from Kshs 0.80 cents to Ksh 8 per minute within safaricome network depending with your location,While to other networks its a flat rate of kshs.16.ii) Zain varies from kshs 3-Kshs 8 per minute within network while to other netowrks its kshs.16.iii)Telkom Kshs1 per minute within network and Kshs 8 to other networks.iv)Yu.kshs 0.75 cents per minute to all networks 8.Other living expenses normaly depend with the level of income and how active/outgoing a person is but you hav eto budget for monthly water bill,electricity,service ...