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Investing in silver bullion

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Silver is known as a precious metal and because it is so common, not many people are aware that it can be used as an investment and as a safe hedge. For over four thousand years, silver has been used as a form of money and store of value. For the typical investor, silver bullion can be an effective means of diversifying investment assets and protecting money against the inflation. Silver is relatively cheap compared to gold which has risen to more than a $1000 per ounce. The purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has steadily declined over the years. By increasing the number of dollars in circulation the U.S. government also reduce ...
Investing in Collectible Silver Coins and Bars Bullion – Buy 5 ...
Silver has captivated people like myself for over 6,000 years. Around 700 BC, Mesopotamia’s used precious metals like silver and gold as a medium of exchange. Many other civilizations also recognized the natural value of this silver as a trading metal. In ancient Rome, the Demetrius was minted, which contained 1/7 oz of silver; and in Greece, the drachma was the coin of the realm, weighing 1/8 oz. The English “Sterling” was originally a certain weight of silver, and even in our time, denotes excellence. Many human civilizations through history have valued silver, whether as household goods like candle sticks, ... market research, surveys and trends
Preferred Member Committee: The LAST Bubble | Martin D. Weiss' Blog
As an experienced investor and a part of my Preferred Member Committee, you know we are living in a world of speculative bubbles. First, we had the tech stock bubble. Then the housing bubble. And bubbles being what they are, each one burst in due course. Next, came the government debt bubble — as $2 trillion in government spending and bailouts temporarily buoyed stocks. And now, with cracks appearing in stocks, the only remaining bubble that has not yet popped is the global bond market. Just this week, for instance, the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury fell below 3% for the first time in recent memory. The Fed has ... market research, surveys and trends


The Man Who Stashed $200 Million In Silver Dollars
Upon the death of 77-year-old Lavere Redfield in 1974, the IRS seized his  estate.  During their search a false wall was discovered  and knocked down, revealing a cache of over four hundred 1,000 coin bags, or 400,000 silver dollars - which weighed a staggering 11 tons ! (A regular bank vault couldn’t hold them all.) The estate was valued around $200 million, and to this day remains one of  the largest private silver dollar collections ever found, known as the “Redfield Hoard”.    Because of the vast number of coins, the exact inventory of the Redfield Hoard of silver dollars was unknown.  Amazingly, over 350,000 of the silver ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Printable - Silver Bullion Bars - 5 Reasons to Buy Now
Silver bar bullion investment is smart because silver has a surprising variety of uses that make it extremely valuable. It has unique properties, is amazingly versatile and in great demand. Some silver uses include: in industry with the highest electrical conductivity of any element, silver is used in electrical contacts especially in internet technology, and it has the highest thermal conductivity of any metal, even over copper; as a precious metal to make ornaments, jewelry, high-value tableware, cutlery, and currency coins; its compounds are used in photographic film, disinfectants and microbiocides; in dentistry, silver can ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Silver Price and a Silver Wheaton (SLW) Unknown Holding
by purchasing silver stocks such as Silver Wheaton (SLW), buying physical silver, or investing in silver bullion ETFs. However, one of the world’s largest undeveloped silver projects is controlled by an unknown, small silver company listed on the AMEX named Mines Management (MGN), which is 10.8%-owned by one of the largest silver royalty companies in the world, Silver Wheaton. While companies such as Silver Wheaton and other large silver miners offer exposure to the silver price, Mines Management could offer significantly greater silver price leverage if it can continue to advance its world-class silver project toward ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Silver may be a volatile metal, but consistent gains are worth it
At silver's current prices, many investors are investing in the precious metal due to the silver market’s extraordinarily bullish fundamentals. Image Credit: Bloomberg You try convincing my cousin to buy some silver and I am pretty much sure you will never succeed. Babi Roychoudhury, 45, a teacher in Ras Al Khaimah, is hooked on to gold and gold only. No amount of statistics or macroeconomic and investment arguments in favour of silver will force her to change her mind. That is most likely to be the case with the majority of Indians here. Or, for that matter, with many Emiratis and other UAE expat communities. The number ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Trust is advised that U.S. Investors investing in Silver Bullion Trust Units for taxable accounts should acquaint themselves ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins Brochure
only official investment-grade silver bullion coins. ... When you invest in silver, choose the bullion coins that feature the very symbol of our ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
In 1933, the U.S. government perpetrated what liberty-minded scholars consider to be the most draconian economic act in its history by confiscating its citizens’ gold. Though it is a subject of much debate, many goldbugs insist the laws allowing the government to do this again are still on the books. Is there anything a precious-metal investor can do to put his or her gold out of the government’s reach? Caring for Rare Silver Coins -- If you ever decide to become a serious rare coin collector or investor proper handling and storage of your collection becomes essential. Fortunately, once you know the rules, proper storage and ...
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Buying Silver: Is This A Good Idea? - Yahoo! Answers
I recently decided to start purchasing one or more .999 one troy ounce silver bullion bars per month as an investment toward the future that would not take a big chunk out of my wallet. This month I purchased 3 of them to "start the collection." I was wondering how financially sound it would be to continue the pattern through the next 10 or so years ( providing the price doesn't skyrocket to near the cost of gold). I figure if all goes as planned, that by the 10 year mark I will have between 200-250 troy ounce bars of silver bullion. I watch the spot price on silver. I know that it is down at the moment, but figure ...
Good monthly subscription silver coin investment programs?
The silver investment market offers a variety of silver bullion products. This overview provides brief discussions of the advantages and disadvantages of buying the most popular silver bullion and silver coin investments. For detailed discussions of specific silver bullion products and silver coins, follow the links or check the list of popular silver investments to the right. Before investing in silver, readers should read this page and follow the links to the pages that discuss specific products. Silver investing, .999 silver bullion Silver bars have emerged as popular ways of investing in silver because they are uniform in ...