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Investing In Special Situations

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I've always liked speical situations, they remind of a special investigator and how he makes money somewhere where noone else is looking. I hope to focus a lot focus a lot on special situations this time around, and will be changing my scottrade account to allow for options trading soon. So here are the four articles I wrote before on Special Situations, as I begin to trade options I will write about the strategies I use. --- Arbitrage is totally risk-free. An example of arbitrage could be buying shares of a company on the NYSE, then selling them immediately on another exchange -- like a foreign one -- for more money. ...
However, the future distributions and the appropriate discount rate can only be assumptions. For the last 25 years, Warren Buffett has taken the value investing concept even further with a focus on "finding an outstanding company at a sensible price" rather than generic companies at a bargain price.
Profit From Special Situations – Stock Tenders | Old School Value
How is an individual investor able to get an edge over millions of others and especially institutions that spend every waking hour analyzing companies and crunching numbers? I mean, the way to profit is to know something that others don’t. Right? For new or recent readers, I believe that investing is just like poker or any other form of game EXCEPT I control the odds, stakes and the bet. If an opportunity arises where the odds are in my favor, I would take it. If a bet came along where I had 60% of winning and 40% of losing, I would take it each time because probability confirms that in the long run, I end up winning. ... market research, surveys and trends
Industry Movers: Softkinetic, Warner Bros, IMVU and More ...
Recently, Softkinetic announced that they hired Virgile Delporte to lead sales and marketing efforts. He will drive Softkinetic’s branding and communications strategies, as well as spearhead sales and new business opportunities. “Virgile Delporte’s experience and stellar track record in business development and marketing will be crucial for taking our company to the next level,” said Michel Tombroff, chief executive officer, Softkinetic. “His dynamic leadership skills are exactly what we need to further the growth of Softkinetic and expand the adoption of our technologies, including iisu.” ... market research, surveys and trends


My recent mistakes at value investing | Experiments in Finance
main tenets by ignoring his “margin of safety” principle. Here are the gory details on the two transactions: Ergo Science Corp (ERGO or ERGO.OB) Summary: This stock appeared in the Special Situations Investing site as a going-private transaction via a reverse/forward stock split. At the time, ERGO was trading for 0.80 and under the terms of the agreement, shareholders with less than 200 shares would be paid $2.10 per share after the split or a straight 162.5% gain (e.g. not annualized) and before transactions costs. My moves: I purchased 199 shares at $0.80 too early, before the pre-14A filing was released saying ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Don't Buy the Stock Market…Buy Stocks - - The ...
Nuthin' but noise in the markets yesterday, fellow reckoner. The Dow fell 20 points; equal to about one-fiftieth of the infamous "fat finger" slip that saw the very same measure plummet 1,000 points inside half an hour a few weeks back. Did the feds ever find someone/thing to point their own fat finger at regarding that harrowing debacle, we wonder? No matter. After a few gut wrenching weeks of triple-digit daily swings, we bet traders were thankful for a day of relative calm. Speaking of calm, your editor ventured a ways off the trodden path himself today. We spent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
We're investing in global growth areas, but cautiously
Investing in emerging markets is best through a unit or investment trust. They search globally for the best opportunities, which means managers can be flexible, avoiding individual emerging economies going through difficulties. They also invest in a broad range of companies, meaning a diversified portfolio of shares. Among the best emerging market unit trusts are Aberdeen Emerging Markets, First State Global Emerging Market Leaders and JPM Emerging Markets. Strongest emerging market investment trusts include Templeton Emerging Markets, JPMorgan Emerging Markets and Genesis Emerging Market. Balance: Jennifer and Timothy Stephenson market trends, news research and surveys resources
Bluewater Bio Secures £4M Investment From Ecofin And Aqua Resources
Bluewater Bio, a global specialist in the treatment of wastewater, is pleased to announce that it has successfully raised £4M from new and existing investors. Ecofin Water & Power Opportunities Plc ("Ecofin"), the renowned utilities, energy and environmental investment firm, has invested £2M in Bluewater Bio by way of £2M subscription for secured loan notes, due in 2012, together with warrants to subscribe for up to 5,714,285 ordinary shares at 17.5p each in the capital of Bluewater Bio. In addition the Company has secured a further £2M on the same terms as Ecofin, from existing investor Aqua Resources Fund Limited ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Information for New Investors
Many new readers call or email me asking where they can get some really basic information regarding investing in special situations. This section is a brief ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Special Situations Fund III, L.P.: No Action, Interpretive and/or ...
We are responding to your letter dated November 17, 2005 to Brian V. Breheny and Jeffrey B. Werbitt in the Division of Corporation Finance and Bruce MacNeil in the Division of Investment Management, 1 as supplemented by telephone conversations with the staff, with regard to your request for no-action and exemptive relief. Our response is attached to the enclosed photocopy of your letter to avoid having to recite or summarize the facts presented in your letter. Unless otherwise noted, capitalized terms in this letter have the same meaning as in your November 17, 2005 letter. SSF III plans to commence a one-time issuer Exchange ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investment Banking for Liberal Arts Majors with Goldman - Career ...
Although I only took a couple of Wharton classes while in college, I wanted early experience so I worked at Goldman the summer after freshman year with my uncle who worked for the company and continued with them every summer after. Now I work in Leverage Finance, which deals with corporations that want to issue junk bonds. The first year on the job there is a steep learning curve. It takes a lot of extra time to catch up with the technical skills. You will have a lot of communication with clients, with senior people in your division, and so forth. English actually helped me here as you have to be very detailed oriented in the ...
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Is the Value Line Special Situations service worthwhile? - Yahoo ...
Has anyone had personal experience in using the Value Line Special Situations newsletter? Is it worth $99/year? Can anyone cite any of their recommendations? 2 years ago Member since: October 10, 2006 Total points: 1262 (Level 3) very worthwhile if you are interested in value investing/valuing cash flows learned alot from it 2 years ago 100% 1 Vote There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . No other answers.
Day trading is a "zero sum game" - this research is available and should be known to all competent financial professionals - it is a form of gambling. Institutional traders - are purposeful in that they buy on the bid and sell on the offer (as market makers) and/or they engage in hedging or some other purposeful activity. They are overseen and managed by "institutional risk managers". If they do not make a profit (with institutional help and oversight) they are fired. Algorithmic trading program performance follows a bell-shaped curve. Any developed programs that perform with positive alpha will be used by the developer to ...