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Investing in stamps and coins

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– The problem of counterfeits in the professional coin business has always been a concern but not a big one even before certification became common. In the old days serious dealers quickly learned the most common “traps” and shared information about how these counterfeits were created and could be avoided. So professional dealers quietly protected the public in a way as to not cause undue concern. Today with independent certification the notion of buying a counterfeit has been all but eliminated. But the modern Chinese ...
for the purpose of realizing a profit. Philatelic investment was popular during the 1970s but then fell out of favour following a speculative bubble and prices of rare stamps took many years to recover. Investing in rare stamps requires a high degree of expertise and can be very risky for the novice. Rare stamps are among the most portable of tangible investments , take up little space but require careful storage as condition is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a stamp. Other tangible investments include art, antiques, precious metals , rare coins and many others that are all termed alternative ...
Numismatics - Coins
You may have heard different stories about people who find a treasure: it was in an old box, buried in the yard and lonely island. Or someone who has inherited klasyor with marks of an adult relative, and then it appears that the collection is worth several thousand dollars. Armed with such urban legends, passionate antiques tirelessly seek happiness in their lives, welch precious things (and most coins) even under the floor of the old houses for demolition. Rarely objective of these people is just the missing piece of their own in any collection. More interests are primarily economic. And there is probably why. Gold ring Due to ... market research, surveys and trends
is real estate the best investment in america?
What else besides real estate? What else is there? Is there, for example, any pride of ownership in two hundred shares of some fly-by-night stock? Is it fun to buy mutual funds? Do you derive any emotional benefit from plunking down hard-earned cash in the municipal bond market? Are you providing for one of human beings’ most basic needs on this earth by investing in stamps and coins? Very probably not. That is why it is so important for anyone who wants to become a real estate investor in America and acquire personal satisfaction and financial success as a real estate investor, must read and practice all of the ... market research, surveys and trends


The Man Who Stashed $200 Million In Silver Dollars
Upon the death of 77-year-old Lavere Redfield in 1974, the IRS seized his  estate.  During their search a false wall was discovered  and knocked down, revealing a cache of over four hundred 1,000 coin bags, or 400,000 silver dollars - which weighed a staggering 11 tons ! (A regular bank vault couldn’t hold them all.) The estate was valued around $200 million, and to this day remains one of  the largest private silver dollar collections ever found, known as the “Redfield Hoard”.    Because of the vast number of coins, the exact inventory of the Redfield Hoard of silver dollars was unknown.  Amazingly, over 350,000 of the silver ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Skate's Art Investment Handbook: The Comprehensive Guide to ...
THE INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE MARKET FOR INVESTMENT-QUALITY ART 1 s an alternative investment, how should art be valued, and how A does the valuation process work? How can the investment perform- ance of art be measured? These are just a few of the questions addressed in this opening chapter. Art can be an extraordinarily attractive investment. Tales of astonish- ing financial returns abound, adding some merit to the argument that in- vestors who move part of their funds into art can improve the risk-return ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What to Do When Retirement Goes Wrong
From the time we begin out careers in our 20s, we look forward to the day that we can walk away from our job. When that day finally comes, we get to experience the freedom we've been yearning for. But some retirees have discovered after a few months or even years of retirement that it wasn't the best choice because their financial needs are not being met. It may be that their fixed retirement income is no longer supporting the expenses they must pay, their retirement investment options didn't work out as planned or the financial crisis hurt their retirement plans . No matter the reason, some new choices will ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Speno: All enjoy Palm Coast stamp, coin club
The Flagler County Stamp and Coin Club of Palm Coast brings together a varied group of people who share more than an interest in coins and stamps. If you attend one of these meetings, you are sure to observe camaraderie, education, socialization, genuine care for each other and a strong sense of community. One of their more important efforts is to get young people interested in stamp and coin collecting. As David Rosenthal, president of the club says, "We especially invite the youth of our community to discover the historical significance of collectibles and to experience the satisfaction of a lifelong hobby." ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Autograph Investment Guide
―created‖ collectibles like baseball cards, coins, stamps and comic books that ... He does recommend investing in the best quality documents you can afford. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Retirement Plans FAQs regarding IRAs
These frequently asked questions and answers provide general information and should not be cited as any type of legal authority. They provide the user with information responsive to general inquiries. Because these answers to not apply to every situation, yours may require additional research. The freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view, print, and search the questions and answers listed below. IRAs are the investment vehicles for IRA-based plans (e.g., SEP, SIMPLE IRA and SARSEP plans. All SEP-IRAs and SIMPLE IRAs are subject to the same investment rules as traditional IRAs. For more information on ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Saving and Investing Today...For Tomorrow
While personal and household income for North Dakota families has increased steadily over the years, real income, or the amount of goods and services that can be purchased with income, has been decreasing. North Dakota household income has not kept up with inflation over the past 30 years. North Dakota families are spending more, saving and investing less and often substituting money for time. As a result, they may overspend, develop credit problems and are less prepared for financial emergencies. Many North Dakotans have sought a second job or sent a second family member into the labor force. A second paycheck ...
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You often hear about collectibles going dramatically up in value, or someone discovering that their dolls in the attic are worth a fortune. What you don’t hear is that most collectibles are risky investments and may be difficult and expensive to liquidate. If you are an expert in a collecting area, you may do well investing in collectibles. Otherwise, buy the collectibles you enjoy and want to keep, and don’t worry about what they will be worth later. What are the pros and cons of investing in arts and collectibles? Investing in arts and collectibles is rife with risk and, for most investors, doesn�t offer the returns ...
Why are dimes smaller than a nickel and a penny if they are worth ...
With the exception of the dime, the size of the coin gets bigger as the value increases (nickel is bigger than a penny, quarter is bigger than the dime/nickel/penny, Half-dollar is bigger than a quarter/dime/nickel/penny, etc. But the thin small dime is the exception. Why is that one the runt of the litter? FYI - I don't count the $1 coin...they've had so many versions of those, I don't think they've settled on one final version yet.....  Discuss this question (6 comments) why can't I answer? Show all details , Hide all details  by -layyla- on Feb 28 2008 (29 months ...