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Investing in Superstars

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Something amazing just happened. For the first time ever, three social entrepreneurs have offered up a portion of their future income for perpetuity in exchange for upfront resources to scale their organizations right now. The Background: A few months ago, one creative investor started to get excited about the idea of Investing in Superstars . Sometimes, he posited, you run across someone who seems so exceptional that whatever it is they're doing, you want to be a part of it. What if, he thought, instead of waiting till they have some clear specific venture, you enabled them with resources up front and allowed them to ...
who has great popular appeal and is widely-known, prominent or successful in some field. Celebrities referred to as "superstars" may include individuals who work as actors , actresses , musicians , athletes , and other media-based professions.
The Most Interesting Model of Startup Investing You've Ever Seen ...
What if someone offered you the chance to spend the next few years following your entrepreneurial dream? Would you trade 3% of your future earnings? That's the premise that investor, thinker, adviser, and poker player Rafe Furst proposed in his recent post "Investing in Superstars." His basic notion is that sometimes you run into people that you just believe are going to be the innovative drivers of disruption, and you want in to whatever they decide to do. What takes this beyond a thought experiment is that he's actually doing it. The idea breaks down to a few pieces. The amount of money given and the ... market research, surveys and trends
Investing in Superstars Pt. 2
Imagine you are in your early twenties, out of college several years and your best friend, who recently came into an inheritance of $300K cash told you they could think of no better way to invest the money than to invest it in you .  Not the company you started, not as a loan, but invest it in YOU, as if you were a startup.  In return your friend said all they wanted was 3% of your gross income for the rest of your life .  Do you think you would take it? Now what if your friend said that they didn’t care what you did with the money or how much you made each year.  If you wanted to sit on a beach in Nicaragua learning to surf, go ... market research, surveys and trends


Rafe Furst | accelerating possibilites
It’s cancer’s inconvenient truth that despite the trillions (with a “t”) of dollars spent trying to cure it, there has been no statistical progress on that goal over the last 60 years. During the same period, heart disease mortality has gone down by two thirds. Barack Obama at rally in Charlotte, North Carolina talking about the death of his grandmother after battling cancer. NOV 08 | AP PHOTO Age-adjusted deaths chart per 100,000 population. This is unacceptable. We should be doing better. We need to be doing better. So what’s the problem? And more importantly, how can we fix it? The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Marginal Revolution: Invest in People with Income Contingent Loans
Three entrepreneurs are offering a share of their life’s income in exchange for cash upfront and have banded together to form the Thrust Fund , an online marketplace for such personal investments. Kjerstin Erickson, a 26-year-old Stanford graduate who founded a non-profit called FORGE that rebuilds community services in Sub-Saharan African refugee camps, is offering 6 percent of her life’s income for $600,000. (quoted here ).  A closer look reveals that this is more of clever marketing play to interest donors in supporting a philanthropy.  What, for example, does Kjerstin want do with the money? She writes: Some ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
As stars fade, waiting on new ones to arrive
Italy got an early ticket home from South Africa. So, too, did the Brazilians, who expected to romp to yet another World Cup title. The heavyweight champions of the world are two brothers from Ukraine who are huge in Germany but virtually ignored almost everywhere else. Mike Tyson, meanwhile, makes his living these days shaking hands with people instead of hitting them. And no one seems to be hitting at all in baseball, where pitchers are taking the mound like it's 1968 all over again. Everything is cyclical, of course, which is one reason — besides age — that Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras aren't playing ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Hamilton Ave Journal 07.01.10: Volume 2 – Issue 144
Does the WWE believe Martha Hart's lawsuit against them is pejorative nonsense? Has WWE stock held up to the recent market news? Could Ricky Steamboat sell more than current WWE Champion Sheamus? All this and more is answered in this week�s edition of the Hamilton Ave Journal! THE HAMILTON AVE JOURNAL By JP Prag Volume 2 � Issue 144 ABOUT THE JOURNAL The Hamilton Ave Journal is the only wrestling news report focused solely on the business of wrestling. Here in the Journal we not only look at the stories that are important to the investor and business-minded person, but also delve deeper into stories that most fans of ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Executive forum: a study of informal investing in 29 nations ...
the other end is a team of high-tech superstars in a technology metropolis .... and managing a new firm, and informally investing in someone else's new ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investing in Canadian art
more to invest, don't spend it all in one place - ... ranks of the superstars until they achieve an international resale mar- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Globalization, Superstars, and Reputation: Theory & Evidence from ...
returns to investing in information about wine quality, which would reduce the ..... The economics of superstars. American Economic Review, 71(5), 845–858. ...
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More WWE superstars have been released? - Yahoo! Answers
WWE has just announced the releases of Colin Delaney and Smackdown Diva Cherry. The list of released WWE talent as of today is: Stevie Richards Referee Wes Adams Cherry The Highlanders Colin Delaney Why has WWE been getting rid of so many superstars? Member since: February 11, 2008 Total points: 57093 (Level 7) Badge Image: None of the names you mentioned draws fans to House Shows, Live Events, Pay Per Views or sell merchandise. I don't see where any of them are making the WWE a lot of money. None of them generate great crowd response, I go to a lot of WWE Shows, so I can state this as fact. WWE has been bringing any ...
WikiAnswers - Who can help us get into WWE as a superstar
There are several ways. One of which is enrol oneself with apretigious wrestling school affiliated with wwe.Best bet is Ohio valley wrestling. it is where Brock lesnar,Mr. Kennedy, John cena, Batista and Randy Orton come from. There are other ways to . Try enroling oneself to a rival company. Best bet is TNA if youre in the US. it worked for the Alpha male, CM Punk. Howeevr, please note that WWE is not keen in investing in x division, hi-risk wrestlers. And if that is your niche, TNA will be a better working environment. First answer by ID3680441930 . Last edit by ID3680441930 . Question popularity : 13 [ ...