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Special Report on

Investing in sustainability

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For our first microfinance investments in 2010, we chose the businesses of Josie Camus from the Philippines and Mouhamad from Lebanon. We also invested in a whole group of female entrepreneurs in Bolivia. Let’s start off with introducing the group of 15 businesswomen! All members of “15 de Diciembre Groupe” are involved in commercial activities in their hometown, for example selling food, drinks and cosmetics or running a  hairdressing and laundry service. Nancy, president of the group, requested the loan, so the members  can buy more food,  modern tools for hairdressing, and summer-season ...
Sustainability = Resilience – especially in a recession « RealEyes ...
In recent years a growing bag of issues has dumped sustainability directly onto boardroom tables all over the world, eliciting some interesting and brilliant responses. Climate change; EU Directives; resource scarcity; public procurement rules; building regulations; energy prices; and changing consumer demand have all contributed to make every business think of it in some shape or form. The key question appears to go like this: This sustainability agenda has landed on us, we never asked for it, now is it a problem for us to grapple with or is it an opportunity to exploit for growing our business? “This agenda of sustainability ... market research, surveys and trends
The Exhibition: a story about investing in sustainability
What would it look like if we set up the economy to drive the change towards sustainability? What would we invest in, what would we pay for? Would banks have another role? I set myself the assignment of creating a vision of things to come, and decided to approach it using the techniques of imagestreaming. What follows is the imagestream tapescript re-written as a story. For more information on the units of trust instrument please see the UOT information page. THE EXHIBITION In this imagestream I wish to address the dichotomy between industrial thinking and sustainable thinking. Many have been brought up in the industrialized ... market research, surveys and trends


Investing in Sustainability - State of the World 2008
$5.1 billion in 2005, with the number of deals increasing by 12 percent. (See Figure. 13–1.) The three most active sectors .... Investing in Sustainability ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Sustainability and business: In pursuit of the triple bottom line ...
The hybrid vehicle in the garage. The fair-trade coffee beans in the pantry. The carefully managed thermostat. The recycled ink cartridges in the printer. What was once a clichéd portrait of the unbleached-cotton-wearing, socially conscious consumer carefully separating recyclables into reusable canvas totes is now a large, growing and demanding demographic that reaches around the world. And that means – when it comes to socially responsible operations – global business has reached the tipping point. That’s true for both consumer- and B2B-focused corporations. For years, “green” products were limited to specialty market niches. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Retrench or refresh your construction business?
With construction projects being axed by the government, maybe it is time again to ask the question in the board room: Does our current business model still deliver the goods? This is the research question of the paper " Retrench or Refresh " published by the accounting and management consulting firm Grant Thornton UK LLP. 60 senior executives of property and construction companies took part in the global survey. The findings, published in the report " A long, hard road ahead: Business model change in the UK property & construction sector ", are interesting. Having cut their workforces and costs, senior ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
GovEnergy to Feature Over 100 Training Sessions on Federal Energy Management
DALLAS, TX, Jun 28, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- GovEnergy, the nation's premier energy training workshop and trade show for federal energy professionals, will take place August 15-18, 2010, at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, Texas. Promoting the theme, Blazin' Trails to Energy Solutions, the 2010 event will feature over 100 training sessions, within 15 tracks. This year, GovEnergy offers two new tracks, Greenhouse Gases and Human Behavior. GovEnergy provides federal energy professionals with access to the tools, techniques and best practices needed for meeting both day-to-day and long-term energy ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Investing in Sustainability
Investing in Sustainability. Adding Value in Georgia. In 2000, Georgia had over 5000 charitable, tax-exempt nonprofits. (excluding private foundations and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Report and Findings - ULI Conference, Developing and Investing Green: Creating Value through Sustainability. Attached is a copy of the report and findings ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Carleton College: The Campaign for Carleton: Investing in ...
To further link Cowling Arboretum to Carleton’s educational mission through continuing research, ecological restoration, and interpretive programming Carleton is poised to take the lead in being responsible for its own environmental footprint while integrating rigorous study of environmental issues across the curriculum. Investments in the College’s energy and utility infrustructure will enable us to change the energy and carbon profile of the campus for the next 40 years. An endowment fund will enable Carleton to create a greener campus environment while reducing energy spending at the same time. Carleton’s creative and ...
  1. profile image PATT_Foundation RT @treedom: Positive news from IFC on them investing in projects and aligning them with their sustainability criteria #katoomba17 #vietnam #PATT #trees
  2. profile image ftsla 93% of global CEOs say sustainability key to success, more integrating into strategy, investing in efficiency/renewables
  3. profile image changemaker1 93% of global CEOs say sustainability key to success, more integrating into strategy, investing in efficiency/renewables
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What will revolutionary change in internal auditing in the coming ...
Based on what was said during the IIA International Conference in The Netehrlands a few days ago (I guess you were there too but then, why do you ask?), the changes in IA will be to add more value to the company by participating in the following topics: - Quality of Governance - Sustainability - Strategi Direction - Non-financial aspects The global objective would be to increase the market capitalisation of the company. This is interesting because that could bring the IA in the lights from an external point of view. Of course not all companies have an interest in all of these but on sustainability for example, industrial ...
Who are the Energy Funds investing in the SE Europe's Solar & CO2 ...
I'm looking for Energy Funds / Venture Capitals, investing in the SE Europe's energy market, in the latest projects of the small Photovoltaic Stations (small systems up to 10KW, with a 25 years guaranteed contract with the public power company, PRICE 0,55 Euros/Kwh, TAX FREE, Yearly Adjusted (+) and EU granted. (LAW KYA1079/B'/04.06.2009). Average annual income in Greece (TAX FREE) = 9.500 Euros/10KW station + CO2 emmissions trading management. I'd appreciate all your suggestions & contact informations. Dr. Kiriakos Tobras posted 4 months ago in Energy and Development , Green Business | Closed ...