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Investing In Unit Trusts

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If, like me, you don't have the time or the money required to invest on the stock market it's a good idea to have a look at unit trusts. Basically, a unit trust is a simple and effective way of saving money over time. You don't need to have an in-depth knowledge of the market and is the perfect way of building a balanced investment portfolio. How does it work? Unit trusts allow a large group of people to pool their money into the JSE or money markets. Because your investments are spread out like this, the overall risk involved in trading on the JSE is reduced. Each unit trust is managed by a fund manager ...
(buys and sells) the fund's investments in accordance with the fund's investment objective. In the U.S., a fund registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under both SEC and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules must distribute nearly all of its net income and net realized gains from the sale of securities (if any) to its investors at least annually. Most funds are overseen by a board of directors or trustees (if the U.S. fund is organized as a trust as they commonly are) which is charged with ensuring the fund is managed appropriately by its investment adviser and other service organizations and ...
Insurance Settlement Personal Financial Planning – Insurance ...
from CPF like DPS, HPS, Medishield, Eldershild, CPF Life. They are usually the most basic required and premiums are most affordable. Secondly, the group layer. This is coverage provided by employers, unions or associations. Their premiums are also relatively affordable. However, they will no longer cover when leaving the organization and there is usually a age limit, resulting in a drop in coverage when it is most needed. Thirdly, the individual layer. This is purchased from insurers at the personal level to supplement the first two layers. Enhancing the coverage in scope and depth. Classes of insurance : - Life Insurance - ... market research, surveys and trends
How To Start Investing -A 21st Century Approach
If you missed out on this wondrous thing it’s a book of home and leisure products from a popular UK retailer and is currently in the homes of around two thirds of the UK households. I don’t have one in my house at the moment but at the age of perhaps 9 or 10 it was revered as a bible. It would not be unusual to find me lying on my bed eagerly flicking through the catalogue pages, reading every last description and staring at the pictures: Super-soaker water guns, digital watches. Remote control cars.  You could even buy flying lessons…but alas the minimum age of 16 seemed eons away at that time.  I could spend ... market research, surveys and trends


Performance of CPFIS unit trusts and ILPs
67 percent (or $26 billion). 3 . Accordingly, a large and rising fraction of ..... One of the key benefits of investing in unit trusts is that they offer ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
EPF Declares 5.65 Percent Dividend for 2009 | 1-million-dollar ...
The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has declared a dividend rate of 5.65 per cent for the financial year ended Dec 31, 2009. The dividend paid in 2009 is 1.15 percent higher than the amount paid in 2008. In 2008 the dividend rate was 4.5 percent. News on higher dividend for year 2009 was in mainstream media last October. You can have a look at previous year dividend  here . In 2009, EPF make agreat achievement by securing highest ever net income at RM19.63 billion. This is 34.82 percent or RM14.56 billion higher than the amount recorded in 2008. In line with EPF strategy to preserve contributor’s capital, 72.53 per cent of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fixed Income Investing - Fixed Income Mutual Funds
Over the past few weeks we have been discussing investing in fixed income securities directly, however for a fixed income investor who wants to diversify his or her fixed income holdings, it may be difficult to effectively do this, as the minimum requirements to invest in each fixed income security may be prohibitive, or the investor may not have the time or the expertise to conduct research into each fixed income security. One way to overcome these obstacles is to invest in a fixed income mutual fund. A fixed income mutual fund collects money from a group of investors and then places the fund into a shared pool. A fund manager ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gary Demaree: Municipal bonds: A little home cooking
Since these bonds are issued by state and local governments, the principles of federalism (remember high school civics?) demand that the interest from municipal bonds is exempt from federal taxation. Although it is generally free from federal taxes, these bonds may be subject to state and local taxation. The popularity of municipal bonds has soared among individual investors as they seek federal tax-free interest to combat higher marginal tax rates. A municipal bond is essentially a promissory note. When you buy a municipal bond, you're lending money to the issuing state or local government. In return for the loan, the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Unit trusts go online
This “Investor's Guide to Online Investing in Unit Trusts” is issued in ... Investors investing in unit trusts online are advised to look out for and take ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Trust Funds Investing, New Hampshire State Library
The NH General Court passed a new law regarding the standards for investing of trust funds which applies to Library Trustees holding the principle of trust funds. Chapter 264 of the NH Laws of 2008 (formerly SB 377) and a letter from the Charitable Trusts Unit of the NH Department of Justice explaining the change are below for your convenience. June 30, 2008 ALL TRUSTEES OF TRUST FUNDS and THOSE LIBRARY TRUSTEES HOLDING the principal of trust funds in their custody SB 377 Relative to the Application of the Prudent Investor Rule to Town Trust Funds Senate Bill 377 was signed by Governor Lynch on June 26, 2008 and will become ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fatal or friendly fees? Unit trusts versus ETFs
Nov 14, 2008 ... an ETF that invests in Japan versus an active unit trust that invests ..... unit trusts and passive ETFs. For investors investing in passive ...
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A unit investment trust, or UIT, is a variation of a closed-end mutual fund that usually invests in a fixed portfolio of bonds that are held until they mature. Since UITs don’t frequently trade the bonds they hold, their annual fees may be lower than fees charged by a traditional bond mutual fund. Cash flow from a UIT is also fairly predictable, because most of the bonds will be held until they mature. And investing in a UIT can provide you with a portfolio of bonds that have different maturity dates and an average holding period. This can help you plan for future cash needs, such as college tuition payments for a son or ...
How to invest in unit trusts ? - Yahoo! Answers
How to invest in unit trusts ? What are different requirements, commitment period etc for this type of investment? Also suggest options other than unit trust investments. Member since: January 24, 2010 Total points: 806 (Level 2) Need to select fund according to investment objective and risk capacity..better do some research..can check DBS site for performance of different unit trusts..i've chosen DBS regular investment plan and sparing fixed amount each month for unit trust investment. There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . This ...