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Investing in 'Young' Talent

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A student team from Appalachian’s advertising program won the Special Judges Award for Outstanding Guerilla Advertising at the American Advertising Federation (AAF) District 3 National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) April 23-24 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Charlotte. The National Student Advertising Competition is sponsored annually by a national advertiser who provides a product case study. Student Chapters in each district develop complete marketing campaigns for competition on the district level. Winners at the district level go on to compete for the National Awards at the AAF National Conference. Students on the team ...
Randy Bernard brings a fresh attitude to the top of IndyCar ...
Freshman Indy Racing League CEO Randy Bernard understands that he’s got a lot to learn. When he was plucked by “The Sisters” for the top position in the Indy Racing League management in January, he didn’t know a whole lot about the IndyCar Series. He had never been to an IndyCar race, and he probably didn’t exactly realize what he was getting himself into. Three months on the job, Bernard has done a remarkable job of making even his most ardent detractors stand up and take notice that his lack of familiarity with the “Wars of Open-Wheel Past” is not necessarily a bad thing and, in fact, may be his greatest asset. I had the ... market research, surveys and trends
Offseason In Review: Florida Marlins: MLB Rumors -
This was a typical Marlins offseason on the surface - no money spent on free agency, no arbitration offers to departing free agents, and a couple of salary dump trades.  Still, the work of president Larry Beinfest and GM Michael Hill warrants a closer look. The Marlins are known for pulling relievers off the scrap heap and getting good performances.  Calero, Donnelly, and Brian Sanches were last year's minor league deal success stories.  Chances are the Fish will squeeze the best out of MacDougal, McClung, Turnbow, and Veras, and they risked nothing.  Lindstrom didn't ... market research, surveys and trends


Baseball America | Blog | Baseball America Draft Blog | Post ...
No John Sterling call necessary. The Yankees did what many clubs feared they might do: Flex their financial muscle in the draft and sign whoever they want, for whatever they want to pay. The Yankees spent more than $7.4 million in bonuses to sign their picks in the first 10 rounds, with even more committed to first-round pick Andrew Brackman in the form of a major league contract. That said, giving so much money to Brackman may not work out. But the Yankees are unique in that they can absorb such mistakes with little consequence. Remember Cuban defector Andy Morales ($4.5 million), or Japanese pitcher Kats Maeda ($1.5 million)? ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
School of Medicine News
The purpose of this newspaper is to share news and updates within the OHSU School of Medicine community and beyond. Please forward, copy or otherwise re-distribute this newspaper freely. Please also share with us ( your news and ideas for future editions. Dear School of Medicine Community:  I am very pleased that the federal health care reform bill was passed into law this month. While it is an imperfect bill, it is an important step in the right direction and meets many of OHSU's Eight Principles for Health Care Reform . Health care reform has been a major topic of conversation across the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
NBA Free Agency: The Best And Worst Signings of the NBA Offseason
The 2010 off-season is the biggest recent memory, with what is possibly the best market of all time, but I believe the best move of the free agent period so far was made by the Oklahoma City Thunder when they agreed to a 5 year 85 million dollar contract extension with rising star Kevin Durant. Durant captured his first scoring title this season averaging just over 30 points a game at the age of 21. Durant has said he likes it in OKC and would like to stay there and the Thunder made it happen, and for cheap too. If they hadn't signed him to this extension they would have risked him leaving for a big market for a max ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Cypress University Alliance and BG Partners Announce Third Annual Professor ...
and BG Partners today announced that a team from the Arab Academy of Science and Technology (AAST, Cairo-Alexandria, Egypt) is the winner of the third annual Professor E.I. Tochitsky Fellowship Award. Professor Khaled A. Shehata's group from the AAST Electronics and Communications Department led a widespread Middle East deployment of Cypress's PSoC(R) programmable system-on-chip platform. There are three main components of the Fellowship: the opportunity to work with BG Partners to create a business plan for an innovative product, an interview with Cypress ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Investing in young talent
CORPORATE VIEW. Investing in young talent. BY JANICE LOW. The management of Leeden. Limited, a Singapore-listed company, believes it is vital to invest ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
S&TR | May 2004: Life at the Nanoscale
Sharon Shields, a chemist at Livermore’s BioSecurity and Nanosciences Laboratory (BSNL), uses a time-of-flight mass spectrometer to identify the proteins found in blood serum. These proteins are produced in response to the presence of pathogens. UNTIL recently, national security was synonymous with guns, tanks, and planes. Increasingly, however, the notion of security, especially homeland security, demands a broader meaning that includes ways to quickly detect and identify biological pathogens that might be ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NCAB to cosponsor Appalachian's Kellar Radio Talent Institute ...
BOONE—The North Carolina Association of Broadcasters (NCAB) will be a sponsor of Appalachian State University’s fourth Kellar Radio Talent Institute held July 12-21 on campus. The N.C. Association of Broadcasters (NCAB) will be a sponsor of this summer’s Kellar Radio Talent Institute held at Appalachian State University. Don Curtis, chairman and chief executive officer of Curtis Media Group in Raleigh and a member of NCAB’s board of directors, was a guest lecturer at the institute last year. (Photo by University Photographer Marie Freeman) The institute attracts, trains and creates opportunity for talented, enthusiastic and ...
Do you think that WWE has completely lost it's way, and that TNA ...
Well....WWE isn't investing in young talent and is killing off ECW slowly and No TNA isn't the future with the throw-outs of WWE.... WWE problem- they have nearly no talent in ECW and Smackdown doesn't showcase the youth...Solution- WWE has so many small training centers and its time to bring out some talent... ECW- Vince should buy some crazy SOBs from CZW and make ECW extreme again....Bringing Necro Butcher, Ruckus (best talent no one has seen), Nate Hatred, BrainDamage, FreakShow, and Nick Cage...In doing so, bring back the hard core title in ECW and watch ratings increase. With only 10 men on your ...
How to build a talent management framework in high employee ...
I was brought into a very interesting discussion today while talking about establishing talent management system with a friend who works for a leading multimedia advertising firm. For company like her employer normally have the following common traits in term of people: - High turnover rate. People change their employers every 1~3 years. - Very young workforce, the average age in the entire company is around 30 years old. Even some VP or SVP are 32~33 years old. - It's all about ideas and creativity. The most critical competencies required in this industry are kinda untrainable. I am from manufacturing background. When I ...