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Investing To Fight Disease

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Editor's Note: Lance Armstrong is a cancer survivor and advocate, professional cycling champion and father of three. This is one in a series of "letters to the new president" that will appear as commentaries on in coming weeks. Seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong says it's time to step up the fight against cancer. (CNN) -- Here's something that should outrage you: Every day, more than 1,500 Americans die of cancer. Our federal government knows how to prevent many of these losses. Tragically, its attention has simply been elsewhere. The American cancer community and the Lance Armstrong ...
Not Just One in Eight: Stories of Breast Cancer Survivors and ...
"Breast cancer is not a one-person diagnosis," writes author Barbara F. Stevens. "It is a family diagnosis." Stevens, a breast cancer survivor whose mother also had breast cancer (though she died of ovarian cancer), interviewed 300 breast cancer survivors and their families to learn the personal truth about this disease--not just the medical decisions and treatments, but how the survivor and their family and loved ones coped. Not Just One in Eight presents 19 of their stories. Each story draws us in and holds us captive, as the breast cancer survivor tells about life before and after the ... market research, surveys and trends
Obama Deploys Troops to Mexican Border
President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday that he would be deploying 1,200 National Guard troops to the Mexican border to beef up security along the Río Bravo. This surprise move has garnered criticism from immigrant rights supporters, who argue that it will dehumanize and endanger immigrant and Latino communities. Julianne Hing at RaceWire offers more details on the plan, reporting that  an extra $500 million has also been allocated  to law enforcement along the border. "Obama is reportedly asking for these troop increases in anticipation of Republicans' demands on a war spending bill this week," ... market research, surveys and trends


Chile Steps Up Efforts to Fight Disease After Quake (Update1 ...
March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Chile is boosting efforts to fight disease in areas left without running water or sewer services for a seventh day after the Feb. 27 earthquake, and the government has revised its death-toll figures. Authorities are seeking to vaccinate some of the estimated 2 million victims of the earthquake for hepatitis, tetanus and flu. The government is dispatching 600,000 liters of disinfectant bleach to regions closest to the quake’s epicenter. The death toll will be lower than the last official estimate of about 800 people because that figure included those who were missing and presumed dead, Heraldo Munoz, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease - Media Center
by the White House Childhood Obesity Task Force earlier this week moves this issue closer to the forefront of the discussion. While the report focuses on childhood obesity, when it comes to reducing costs and improving outcomes, it’s clear that we need to focus on adult rates as well.  Historically, obesity is linked to one third of the increase in domestic health spending since the mid-1980s and is a key factor in the rise in private insurance premiums, Medicare and Medicaid spending. Additionally, research I completed last year for America’s Health Rankings found that:   By 2018, 103 million American adults — or 43 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
My Word: Newark residents must fight the 'blighted' designation
I LIVE in "Old Town" Newark. It's a peaceful, historic, centrally-located Bay Area enclave, and a wonderful place to live. Recently, however, Newark city officials have wrongly labeled this serene neighborhood a "blighted redevelopment zone," including 581 acres and more than 700 homes. The first step for determining a "redevelopment area" is to label the area in question "blighted." A blighted area is one that has a serious physical or economic deterioration (i.e.: dilapidated buildings, increased crime, disease) which cannot reasonably be reversed without governmental action. This ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Eli Lilly's failed Alzheimer's drug also hurts Quintiles
the world’s largest life sciences services company, is among the financial losers in Eli Lilly’s announcement Tuesday that it would stop development of a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s. Through its NovaQuest financial arm, Quintiles had taken a financial stake in development of the compound known as semagacestat. The privately held company would not disclose financial details, but media reports have indicated that NovaQuest was a 10 percent investor alongside a hedge fund in a deal that could have been worth some $325 million with Lilly. Lilly partnered with Quintiles and TPG-Kaxon Capital for late-phase ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Asia-Pacific's Opportunity: Investing To Avert An HIV - Asia ...
Figure 6: Resources required to fight HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific will ..... the years of life lost to a specific disease or disease in aggregate. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Preventing Chronic Diseases: Investing Wisely in Health
Preventing Chronic Diseases: Investing Wisely in Health. Preventing Obesity and Chronic. Diseases Through Good. Nutrition and Physical Activity. The Reality ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
INVESTINg IN. Philanthropy in action at the UVA Cancer Center .... treatments to fight her disease. “Emily knew she couldn't be cured ...
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What harmful things does drinking soda do to our body? - Yahoo ...
I am 14 and I am proud to say I quit drinking soda last year in November(2009!) was that a good or not so good choice to quit drinking soda? What are some harmful things soda does to our body right after we drink a can of it? I keep trying to make my friends stop drinking soda but they wont!=P they like it too much! I heard that soda can give you cancer!!(thats why i want my friends to stop!) is that true? oh and has anyone else toped drinking soda? sorry if this is in the wrong category!!!! PLEASE NO MEAN OR RUDE ANSWERS I haven't heard that soda causes cancer but it (all carbonated drinks) eats the calcium in our body ...
Fish: Sick Beta Fish, hole in the head disease, beta fish
Even though after the last time I wrote you Betta got worst and stopped eating, he is much better now. You are right, changes in the water are really slow. I thought that he would died. Now, the holes are not there anymore! He is not hidden anymore; however, he is on the top of the tank all the time. Also, he has started eating again! I have continued with the medications. Now, I am adding just Maracyn II to the water. The medication for the hole in the head disease is really aggressive for him. However, his has bulging eyes and his tale looks like hanging from his body. I think we are at the end of the way to his recovery. What ...