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Investor Profile Questionaire

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We will talk about Segregated (Seg) Funds, Term Accounts (Term Deposits) and Universal Life within the context of investments. Always remember that although the internet, websites and newsletters can be a good source of information, none of these sources are a substitute for consulting with a financial advisor.   Talk to me about Leveraged Investment Loans of up to $250,000 available from Life Insurance companies. Ideal for individuals who have maximized their RRSP's or want Non-registered investments.          Segregated Funds (Seg. Funds)   More individuals have some ...
Mr Wang Says So: The Saga of the Structured Notes - What Next for ...
A customer is angry with his bank. He takes the bank to court. The customer feels that in some way, the bank has treated him unfairly. The customer has come to the court to present his case and to seek some form of redress or compensation. The customer is really just thinking about his own problem. However, the judge has to think deeper than that. Achieving justice and fairness result in this particular case will not be the judge's only consideration. The judge also has to think about public policy. The way that he handles this one case will affect all similar future disputes between banks and their customers. The way that ... market research, surveys and trends
Q2 2010 Reverse Engineering Portfolio Benchmark
One of the major learnings this past year has been all the "tricks of the trades" used by active mutual fund managers to beat their performance benchmarks (usually S&P 500 Index) -- smart stock picking, fundamental research, sector overweight, momentum chasing, etc, etc ....  But, at the end of the day (or quarter or year), we all know (even the retail brokerages admit this), on average, the fund managers do not consistently beat the market averages.  Retail brokers tend to showcase their "star performers" in their marketing materials; typically, beating the index by 4% annualized return ... market research, surveys and trends


WikiAnswers - How to set up a Venture Capital Fund
I am a CPA whose firm specializes in handling the back office accounting for venture funds so feel comfortable speaking to some of the non-marketing issues related setting up a fund. Structure Generally, the first step in setting up a venture fund is finding a lawyer to prepare your legal documents. Your lawyer will help you decide a number of items. You will generally save some time and money by thinking about these issues before meeting with your lawyer. Structure - Most venture capital funds are structured as limited partnerships. Limited partnerships generally have two types of investors: limited partners and a general ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Portfolio design and portfolio performance: the individual investor
average of approximately $40 million of open .... Perceived percent of portfolio in "income" securities. C. Investor ..... clear and sharp profile presented in the data, the indicated .... performance story and the questionaire re- ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DAVE GARDNER: Are you comfortable taking risks?
Perhaps the most critical decision you can make about investment management is how much risk to take. Once you have determined an appropriate level of risk, you can start making asset allocation decisions such as the percentage of your portfolio to be held in stocks. This analysis is vital to your financial success as asset class selection is the most significant factor in investment performance. Unfortunately, most investors have little idea what level of risk is appropriate. Some common shortcuts used by financial advisers and laypersons alike only give you the beginnings of the knowledge needed to design an individualized ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
GLO's PR prank against government exposed
GLO Mobile Ghana’s announcement that it was considering leaving Ghana is turning out to be just a public relations prank calculated to divert attention from the company’s unpreparedness to deliver on its high profile promise of rolling out in Ghana. The Talk can reveal authoritatively that the company as of now has no existing communication network on the ground, hence its inability to meet its obligations under the license it obtained from the National communications Authority of Ghana (NCA). However, instead of concentrating on rolling out the network to achieve its own target, GLO mobile decided to go into Public relations ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


IDC4U1 – Financial Securities Week 1 – Stocks
Investor Profile Questionaire (CDN) This is designed to help you create a balanced portfolio of investments. Your investment profile is ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Determining your investment mix
This brief Investor Profile Questionnaire takes into consideration how much time ... Directions for completing the Investor Profile Questionnaire: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Determining your investment mix.
This brief Investor Profile Questionnaire takes into consideration how much time ... Directions for completing the Investor Profile Questionnaire: ...
What are some interesting questions for a member profile questionaire?
I’m starting a weekly enewsletter for members of our business groups, I would like to profile a new member each week. The goal is for other members to get to know the member being profiled, learn about their background, expertise, and a bit more about their personality. I want to keep it interesting, so I’ve added some lighthearted questions but would like to add a few more. Readers will see the questions, followed by answers verbatim. Any creative suggestions? Or suggestions for changes to the list I already started below? Thanks! 1. What do you do, and how long have you been doing it? 2. What was your first job? 3. ...
WikiAnswers - What are the Disadvantages of using a questionnaire
Questionnaires are impersonal, this means that it may be difficult to understand answers and thus to act on them. Also, there is a chance that the question may be misinterpreted, rendering the answer useless. Questionnaires also invite people to lie and answer the questions very vaguely which they would not do in an interview. Open questions can take a lot of time to collect and analyse. People are not always willing to fill questionnaires in so they may just throw them always. Sometimes questions used are too standardised (closed) so some peoples preferred answers may not be included, and this also does not allow for much detail.