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Is investing in gold risky?

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1. I'm in Chicago today on business. Home of the Chicago Bears. A great football team franchise. Then there is the Chicago Bulls basketball team. Another great franchise! Both teams have had great success. 2. In the GOLD market, however, the Gold Bears haven't been so successful. Whether they are from Chicago or from anywhere. Despite the best efforts of these idiots to destroy gold and gold's investors, we're still here. The bears' clown act of a track record is 5000yrs of complete and total failure. The current roster of the gold bear team is a group of economists fired from an elvis clam-bake movie ...
An asset with a beta of 0 means that its price is not at all correlated with the market. A positive beta means that the asset generally follows the market. A negative beta shows that the asset inversely follows the market; the asset generally decreases in value if the market goes up and vice versa. 1 The beta coefficient is a key parameter in the capital asset pricing model (CAPM). It measures the part of the asset's statistical variance that cannot be mitigated by the diversification provided by the portfolio of many risky assets, because it is correlated with the return of the other assets that are in the portfolio. Beta ...
What's the Difference Between Speculating and Investing?
I’m not a big fan of speculating. I’d rather be an investor than a speculator. Being an investor is way less risky, way more consistent, and just makes more sense. But most people don’t know the difference between the two. That’s where this article comes in. Investing is when your profit comes from income generated by your assets. Speculation is when your profit comes from income generated by selling your assets. Investing is dividend investing with gold mining stocks — speculation is buying gold bullion and gold coins . Here are some more examples: Buying commercial real estate with the purpose of ... market research, surveys and trends
Should I buy gold coins or gold stocks from Superior Gold Group ...
Instead of gold or silver bullion, many investors opt for precious metals mining stocks because they normally yield higher percentage increases than gold and silver when metals prices rise. However, investing in precious metals stocks carries risks beyond buying gold or silver bullion. The risks are many and varied, and sometimes unforeseen problems can send stock prices plummeting, which, of course, is true of all stocks. Management mistakes cause most mishaps. With precious metals and other mining stocks, the sizes and grades of ore deposits can be overestimated or the cost of extracting the ore can be greater than expected, ... market research, surveys and trends


Best Way To Invest in Gold
I find that number hard to believe. But it’s absolutely true. And I’m not cherry-picking a few good ones for this gold stock report This is referring to the entire gold mining index (the Gold BUGS Index), made up of 15 of the world’s major gold stocks. And that 489% moon shot is just one indicator of gold’s shining performance in recent years – to say nothing of its even brighter future. Take a look at these nuggets… The price of gold itself is up over 50% from its lows in 1999 Graded gold coins are up 70% in the last three years, and Futures and options on gold have soared… Who knows ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Press Release - Other - Misperceptions of Stock Market Performance
San Mateo, CA, April 14, 2010 – A majority of Americans have a false perception of how stock market investments fared last year, and are still uneasy about investing in stocks according to a new survey 1 from global investment management firm Franklin Templeton Investments. The survey of 1,000 respondents shows that 66 percent of Americans believe the stock market was either down or flat in 2009, versus the 22.68 percent 2 gain that the Dow Jones Industrial Average actually recorded. Adding to that misperception, nearly 60 percent of respondents believe gold would have provided a better total return on investment than ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Calpers and risk: Together forever?
FORTUNE -- Before clocking a $100 billion loss in early 2009, the California Public Employees' Retirement System, known as Calpers, had the swagger of a hedge fund and the certainty of a saint. Other pension funds followed its lead, loading up on leverage, investing in unrated CDOs, shoving money into high-priced private equity deals and barreling into commodities and real estate. The question now is whether a loss of nearly 40% of its market value -- the worst loss in the system's 77-year history -- has brought Calpers sufficiently back down to earth to avoid another such debacle, and whether other chastened pension ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Pick a moment and hold on for property gains
WITH the trajectory of the UK real estate market far from clear, property investment might seem like a risky business. But many UK property-tracking exchange-traded funds (ETF) have nonetheless seen steady asset inflows in the last year since prices began to recover in 2009. ETFs offer exposure to property without the long-term commitment of buying the asset directly, which, with so much uncertainty, is proving popular. iShares accounts for the lion’s share of the property ETF market in the UK, with 70 per cent of assets under management (AUM) in this area in iShare funds. They have seen their property ETF AUM grow by £395m ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Investing in Commodities v.2
APRIL 2005 gold:report. Investing in commodities: a risky business? ..... 13 The short run here is defined as the time it takes for a market to adjust to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investing In Gold
can purchase a large amount of gold with a small amount of cash and, hopefully, earn a large profit on a rela- tively small investment. The risk, of course, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Gold May Glitter, but It Doesn't Stack up as a Long-term ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages to investing in gold ...
Is it safe to invest in Gold in today's stock market? I've never invested before and I'm just curious about Gold, it seems safe but I'd like to learn more. It depends how you define "safe"; gold is a "hedge", not an investment, so if history is anything to go by, if you buy an ounce of gold today it will cost about the same as a fine quality Mens' suit. Fifty years from now, your ounce of gold will STILL be worth the amount of money required to buy the same suit. If you purchased quality common stocks with your thousand dollars instead, some years you'd lose a little, some ...
Fast Answers: Investing, Commodities, General. - MSN Money
Commodities are raw materials that are sold in bulk, such as oil, wheat, silver, gold, pork bellies, oranges, and cocoa. Onions are specifically excluded from the commodity list, thanks to a 1958 law. Financial commodities include currencies, Treasury securities, and stock indexes. Larger manufacturers buy the commodities they need on the "spot market," where the full cash price is usually paid on the spot. They also hedge future needs by investigating in contracts to buy those commodities in specific amounts at specific times. Speculators typically buy and sell commodities with options and futures contracts. You can ...