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Special Report on

Is Investing Necessary, Inflation Impacts

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Our trip to Paris served as a brief distraction from the “good news” chatter that MSM floods us with. “Global confidence index holds at record high as signs recession has ended,” reads Bloomberg. Yesterday, Chairman Ben indicated that the recession is over, sending stocks and commodities higher. And Warren Buffett came out saying he’s buying equities again. All the while, the dollar is sitting at an 11 month low, and gold touched $1006 this morning. As I perused the underground, I came across a piece by Jeff Harding of the Daily Capitalist that I had to share. He begins by asking, “how has the ...
over a period of time. When the price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services; consequently, inflation is also an erosion in the purchasing power of money – a loss of real value in the internal medium of exchange and unit of account in the economy. A chief measure of price inflation is the inflation rate , the annualized percentage change in a general price index (normally the Consumer Price Index ) over time. Inflation's effects on an economy are manifold and can be simultaneously positive and negative . Negative effects of inflation include a decrease in the real value of money and other monetary ...
Weekend Poll: Buffett Or Gross - Inflation Or Deflation? (Or ...
Based on the comments and emails I'm receiving lately, it appears more and more people are hopping on the deflation bandwagon. These correspondences have exposed to me an obvious misunderstanding of basic facts. While I suppose I am an "inflationist", I'm the first to admit that deflationists have some valid arguments to support their claims. But at the end of the day, their arguments are flawed; I just don't see deflation as a realistic threat moving forward.   The answer to the question above is: Much more than you think. Much more than they are reporting Now see I love Billy Grows, and ... market research, surveys and trends
The Debates over the Bush Tax Cuts |
A popular mantra for keeping the Bush tax cuts is we need them to help keep America competitive in the global market by encouraging more investment to create more jobs and greater output by our economy. Now think about that for a moment in relation to what we have just discussed here. What part of America are they referring to, corporate America? Hell, through outsourcing corporate America has a corner on the global market. Investing where, here or abroad? Create jobs where, here or abroad? Create increased output where, here or abroad? Well, we know the answers to those questions. Who really needs help in competing in the ... market research, surveys and trends

IS INVESTING NECESSARY, INFLATION IMPACTS - Inflation: Will your investments protect you?
While inflation is currently quite low, there is concern about the potential for future higher inflation, due to the recent massive injections of liquidity into the financial system, and the huge ongoing federal government deficits.   Federal Reserve officials would like to see annual inflation around 2 percent over the long run. Whether they could achieve this goal, even with all the tools at their disposal, remains to be seen. Many investors are wondering which asset classes would be the best guardians of real value during inflationary times.  Some investors believe the best investment hedges against increasing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
EIA-Impacts of a 25-Percent Renewable Electricity Standard as ...
This report responds to requests from Chairman Edward Markey, for an analysis of a 25-percent Federal renewable electricity standard (RES).  The RES proposal analyzed in this report is included in the discussion draft of broader legislation, the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACESA) of 2009, issued on the Energy and Commerce Committee website at the end of March 2009. 3   The two request letters and the relevant section of the ACESA discussion draft are provided as Appendices A, B, and C of this report.   While Chairman Markey’s original letter asked that sensitivities with alternative ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Alliant Energy Announces Second Quarter 2010 Results
MADISON, Wis., Aug. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Alliant Energy Corporation today announced second quarter generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and non-GAAP consolidated earnings from continuing operations as follows: Second Quarter ------- 2010 2009 ---- ---- Adjusted (non-GAAP) Operating Results from Continuing Operations: Net Income ($ millions) $49.3 $38.1 Earnings per share ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
METRO's fully diluted net earnings per share increased by 10.9% in the third ...
------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010 THIRD QUARTER HIGHLIGHTS - Net earnings of $120.0 million, up 6.6% - Fully diluted net earnings per share of $1.12, up 10.9% - Sales of $3,561.3 million, up 1.4% - Declared dividend of $0.17 per share, up 23.6% ------------------------------------------------------------------------- >> MONTREAL , Aug. 11 /CNW Telbec/ - METRO INC. (TSX: MRU.A) announced its results today for the fiscal 2010 third quarter ended July 3, 2010 . METRO realized net earnings of $120.0 million , an increase of 6.6% over the same quarter last ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Impacts of Inflation on the Effectiveness of EVA: Evidence from ...
This study investigates the possible impacts of inflation on the effectiveness of the ... Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the nominal EVA for the ..... investing projects with negative return. 5. Research Method. 5.1. Sample ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Circular No. A-94 Revised | The White House
The goal of this Circular is to promote efficient resource allocation through well-informed decision-making by the Federal Government. It provides general guidance for conducting benefit-cost and cost-effectiveness analyses. It also provides specific guidance on the discount rates to be used in evaluating Federal programs whose benefits and costs are distributed over time. The general guidance will serve as a checklist of whether an agency has considered and properly dealt with all the elements for sound benefit-cost and cost-effectiveness analyses. 2. Rescission . This Circular replaces and rescinds Office of Management and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Fighting food inflation through sustainable investment
Mar 10, 2008 ... The magnitude of the investment necessary calls for ..... serious detrimental impacts for agricultural producers and ...
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Most of the economic jargon goes above my head. I'm wondering how this crisis will effect me, in my daily life, and when; I don't own a house, and go to school, receiving subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Will this crisis effect my loans, and if so, when? I've heard that financial aid has been "guaranteed" for one more year; and after that, nobody knows. Frightening.. Yeah, I've heard about this guarantee on all things federal, up to $100,000, but why should we trust the FDIC, at this point? 2 years ago If you have student loans with lock-in interest rates, then you are "insulated" to a ...