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Is The Fed Model Useful

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“Note that the formula contains two variables: While it is commonly described as a way to evaluate when stocks are over- or under-valued, the other variable in the formula is the forward S&P500 earnings consensus. SPX prices and the 10 year yield are the knowns , while BOTH valuation and forward earnings estimates are the unknowns . Thus, the Fed model today might be telling you either of two things: When equities are undervalued — or when consensus earning estimates are simply too high .” Surprisingly, there was lots of pushback on that. I didn’t get why (other than people talking their books). This is not ...
generally recognized to refer to two separate stages of machine gun development. The term was originally used to refer to the early generation of machine guns which came into widespread use in World War I . These fired the standard (~ .30 or 7.62mm ) rifle cartridge but featured heavy construction, elaborate mountings, and water cooling mechanisms that enabled heavy and sustained defensive fire with excellent accuracy, but with the cost of being too cumbersome to move quickly. Thus, in this sense, the "heavy" aspect of the weapon referred to the weapon's bulk and ability to sustain fire, not the cartridge caliber. ...
DeLong on Bigger Budget Deficits :: The Market Oracle :: Financial ...
UC Berkeley economist Brad DeLong made an arithmetic case that, "We need bigger deficits now!" As an Austrian economist I naturally find his conclusion horribly mistaken, but it will still be useful to go through DeLong's argument and identify exactly where he goes astray. To his credit, DeLong has always been careful to restrict the case for deficit "stimulus" to cases of economic depression. In other words, DeLong agrees with non-Keynesians that under normal circumstances, government budget deficits per se do not boost economic growth and in fact are generally counterproductive unless the ... market research, surveys and trends
Mano Singham's Web Journal: The origin of religion-6: Religion as ...
As with other features in evolution, there are two possible ways that evolution can give rise to some phenomenon. One is that it is an adaptation that came about because it was directly advantageous in itself at some point in time. The other is that it is an accidental by-product of natural selection for some other trait that was advantageous. These two pathways are not mutually exclusive and it is likely that religion developed along both lines. Richard Dawkins thinks that religion is largely the product of the second process. He thinks that asking what the survival value is for religion is the wrong question because it likely ... market research, surveys and trends


Daily Speculations
Dedicated to the scientific method, free markets, deflating ballyhoo, creating value, and laughter;  a forum for us to use our meager abilities to make the world of specinvestments a better place. Home Write to us at: (address is not clickable) The �Fed Model� Similar in spirit to the Stock-Bond Ratio is the �Fed Model�, which postulates a relationship between market returns, P/Es, and bond market yields. It has been thought to be used by the Fed itself and was originally named and extended by Dr. Edward Yardeni , now at Oak Associates Ltd. Some (such as Clifford Asness, founder of the $23 billion ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
CARPE DIEM: NY Fed Model: No Chance of Recession in 2010, Economic ...
its latest "Probability of U.S. Recession Predicted by Treasury Spread," with data through July 2009, and the Fed's recession probability forecast through July 2010 (see chart above, click to enlarge). The NY Fed's model uses the spread between 10-year and 3-month Treasury rates (3.38% spread in June, the second highest since May 2004) to calculate the probability of a recession in the United States twelve months ahead. The Fed's data show that the recession probability peaked during the October 2007 to April 2008 period at around 35-40%, and has been declining since then in almost every month (see chart ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Republicans now blaming Democrats for Bush tax cuts
is that there's a “Democrat tax hike" on the way. And it's a big 'un: "An unprecedented $3.8 trillion increase" that will affect -- and this is their bold and underline, not mine -- " every American who pays income taxes!" To understand what's going on here, you need to go back 10 years to the passage of the Bush tax cuts. In order to maximize the size of the cuts, Republicans had to minimize the influence of minority Democrats on the package. So they chose to run the bill through the reconciliation process. But that posed some challenges. Budget reconciliation had never been used to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Nobody Understands The Liquidity Trap (Wonkish)
The Fed is better equipped to solve some economic problems than others. As Mr. Bernanke noted in a now-famous 2002 speech, the Fed has the power to fight deflation—or falling wages and prices—by printing money. But the bank’s tools aren’t perfectly suited to reducing unemployment, which is influenced by a range of factors including fiscal policy, regulation and global demand. Sorry, but that’s totally wrong. The question is whether, at the zero bound, the Fed has the ability to increase aggregate demand — full stop. If it can increase aggregate demand, it can fight both deflation and unemployment; if not, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Fight the Fed Model
If the Fed model has power, this should be seen in the test of E/P - Y. Finally, running the bivariate regression on E/P and Y separately is useful, as ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FRB: Press Release--Board issues proposed amendments to Regulation ...
The Federal Reserve Board on Wednesday issued for public comment proposed amendments to Regulation Z (Truth in Lending) that are intended to improve the effectiveness of the disclosures consumers receive in connection with credit card accounts and other revolving credit plans by ensuring that information is provided in a timely manner and in a form that is readily understandable. �The goal of the proposed revisions is to make sure that consumers get key information about credit card terms in a clear and conspicuous format and at a time when it would be most useful to them,� said Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben S. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What is the purpose of free or open source software? - Yahoo! Answers
Software development requires much knowledge and work. I wonder why useful software such as Mozilla, and VideoLAN are made free for download. Many free software tend to be very good indeed. I'm not against free software, though. I also benefit from them. 1 month ago (Tiebreaker) Answerer 1 There is a segment of the computer geek community that does not have greed as it's motivation. They do it for fun and it's own self pride in helping other folks. Sign in to vote! 0 Rating: Good Answer 0 Rating: Bad Answer Report Abuse Answerer 2 Free software is developed and given away normally with an option to ...
WikiAnswers - Astronomy Questions including "How far is the Earth ...
The exact distance between Earth and the Sun varies with its position in its orbit, which is elliptical. The average distance... What is on the other side of the universe? [Note: This is an astronomer's answer. There are numerous answers in series here, so if this one is too long, technical, or you... What was the first animal in space? The first animals intentionally sent into space were fruit flies, which traveled along with corn seeds aboard a U.S.-launched V2... How and into where is the universe expanding? The universe does not expand into anywhere, it is expanding everywhere at every moment. The Newtonian view assumes ...