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Jonathan Goldberg on Value Investing

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That is, the value per share of the company’s assets after accounting for (subtracting) all liabilities. If the company is healthy, and operates in a viable industry, the assets should be marked to their replacement value. These assets need to be replenished as they are used and any competitor wanting to enter the industry would need to pay fair market value in order to acquire similar assets. This replacement value is the normal case and would then be followed by an analysis of earnings power value , as discussed on this site previously. What if the company is in trouble? Perhaps the company is in imminent threat of default and ...
jonathan goldberg on value investing
The investment industry has done a wonderful job convincing people that diversification is a no-brainer. Who can argue that it is prudent to put all your eggs in one basket? However, is diversification really protecting you or is it protecting your b ... Posted on Tuesday June 15th, 2010 at 09:38 am in education commentary discipline guest post If you’re knowledgeable on value investing and would like to share with the world then I encourage you to email me your write-ups for inclusion on this site. All guest posters will receive credit for their work as well as a link-back to their s ... Posted on Sunday May 2nd, 2010 at 10:23 ... market research, surveys and trends
Pivotal Stock Market Earnings Season Approaches -- Seeking Alpha
recently that calculated what is known as the P/E10 of the S&P 500. The P/E10 is essentially the current real price of the index divided by the average earnings over the past 10 years. Benjamin Graham created this ratio to be a more robust measure of the market’s value, as during times of extreme market fluctuation the regular trailing P/E is prone to somewhat illogical results. For example, the market currently shows a trailing P/E of 137.3, obviously due to the severely depressed earnings we’ve had this past year as well as to the recent run-up the market has seen in anticipation of future earnings. What is ... market research, surveys and trends


The DIV-Net: Stock Update: ONEOK (OKE)
I started purchasing shares of ONEOK (OKE) which is pronounced One Oak back in November of 2005 at around $27 a share. The stock performed very well over the next few years and hit over $50 a share in mid 2008. OKE has now retreated to around $26 a share. I think OKE looks like a great value and a fairly safe dividend yield of 5.8%. Here is an excellent recent write up of OKE by DIV-Net's Eric J. Fox of the Stock Market Prognosticator and founder of Brittain Capital Management, LLC. Oneok May Be The One (OKE) Oneok Inc. is a diversified energy company with two segments: Energy Services and Distribution. The company also ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Dividends4Life: Bank of America (BAC) Cuts Dividend By 50%
When I saw the announcement that Bank of America (BAC) would acquire Merrill Lynch, I was concerned about the combined company's ability to sustain its dividend. Unfortunately, my concerns were validated with an after the market announcement that BAC would cut its dividend to $0.32/share, down from $0.64/share. Below are excepts from the news release: The company also announced two initiatives to raise capital, targeting an 8 percent Tier 1 capital ratio. The company intends to sell common stock with a target of raising US$10 billion. In addition, the Board of Directors has declared a quarterly dividend on common stock of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Google Fusion Tables: Web-Centered Data Management and Collaboration
Jayant Madhavan, Rebecca Shapley, Warren Shen, Jonathan Goldberg-Kidon. †. Google Inc. ABSTRACT ... as seamless Web integration, emphasis on ease of use, and in- centives for data sharing, .... of location names, can be used to add value to the data. ... diate benefit of investing time in using the data management ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Journal of Trauma Management & Outcomes
Francesco de Gara*1, William T Gallo2, Jonathan I Bisson3, Jerome Endrass4 and Stefan Vetter1 .... on average, a mere US$91 at 2005 value investment was ..... Koenen KC, Hitsman B, Lyons MJ, Niaura R, McCaffery J, Goldberg J, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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I recently attended a webinar on SEO and the speaker was Andrew Hazen, CEO of Prime Visibility. I have included the link to both the webinar and Prime Visibility below, if you are (or have someone who is) hands on the webinar alone gives you plenty of great ways to implement SEO techniques. If you are solely looking for an outsourcing solution, check out Prime Visibility. I am currently reading his book, and they definitely know what they are doing posted 11 months ago Nathan, I work for USA Web Solutions which is a Web Solutions and Online Marketing company. We have a great team of SEO experts and have achieved many page one ...
How much Is my Coin worth? - Yahoo! Answers
I have a 1940 penny, which is made of copper. There is a rare coin of 1943 Lincoln cent that holds the value of 200,000. I was wondering if my cent is copper what will the value be even if it was made before the year of 1943? I guess what I am wondering is, Does this only apply with any copper penny or does it have to be a 1943 penny? 5 years ago Hi Underworld -- I'm afraid some of the previous answers may have caused some confusion about the coin(s) in question... So -- let me explain it like this: Your 1940 penny is likely worth .02 to .05 (cents) if in "pocket-change" condition. If it is still in "shiny new" ...