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Kuwait Investment Authority

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Sheikh Bader al-Saad, head of the Kuwait Investment Authority, discusses Western fears of the increasing power of state-owned sovereign wealth funds, the global finance crisis and mistakes his fund made in investments at Daimler, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch. The Kuwait Stock Exchange: "One day someone woke up in the morning and considered this to be a threat, a danger." SPIEGEL: Mr. Al-Saad, do you know how many billions of dollars your fund is currently worth? Al-Saad: If I said I didn't, I would lose my job. SPIEGEL: How much is it then? Al-Saad: By law, I'm not permitted to tell you that. The finance ...
Sovereign wealth funds invest globally. Some of them have grabbed attention making bad investments in several Wall Street financial firms including Citigroup , Morgan Stanley , and Merrill Lynch . These firms needed a cash infusion due to losses resulting from mismanagement and the subprime mortgage crisis . Some sovereign wealth funds are held solely by a central bank , which accumulates the funds in the course of its management of a nation's banking system; this type of fund is usually of major economic and fiscal importance. Other sovereign wealth funds are simply the state savings which are invested by various entities ...
Kuwait Investment Authority sells $4.1B of Citigroup stock claims ...
SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — Kuwait’s sovereign wealth fund on Sunday said it has sold a $4.1 billion stake in Citigroup, according to a news report. The Kuwait Investment Authority said it made a profit of $1.1 billion from the sale, or a 36.7% return on the investment, Dow Jones Newswires reported, citing an emailed statement, The KIA invested $3 billion in Citibank  and another $2 billion in Merrill Lynch at the beginning of 2008, the report said. The Kuwait fund is one of the oldest and most experienced of government investment funds in the Middle East, with estimated assets of more than $200 billion, the report ... market research, surveys and trends
History Iraqi Dinar
1932 Currency unit consisting of 1,000 fils or 20 dirhams. When officially introduced at the end of the British mandate (1932), the Iraqi dinar was equal to, and was linked to, the British pound sterling, which at that time was equal to US$4.86 . 1932�1949 1949�1971 Iraqi dinar (ID) equaled US$4.86 between 1932 and 1949 and after devaluation in 1949, equaled US$2.80 between 1949 and 1971. 1959�1967 Iraq officially uncoupled the Iraqi Dinar from the pound sterling as a gesture of independence in 1959, but the Iraqi dinar remained at parity with the pound until the British unit of currency was again devalued in 1967. 1971 One ... market research, surveys and trends


Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute - Kuwait Investment Authority
The Kuwait Investment Authority is the parent organization of the Kuwait Investment Office, which was initially established as the Kuwait Investment Board. The KIA invests in the Local, Arab and International Markets with its main office located in Kuwait City and a branch office in London, UK. The Kuwait Investment Board was established in 1953 when Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah decided that oil revenue could be used to create a fund for the future and reduce its reliance on a single non-renewable resource. In 1961 the Minister of Finance, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, created the main investment policies for the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Citigroup Loses $9.8 Billion; Will Cut Jobs - New York Times
announced a steep cut in its stock dividend and another big investment by foreign investors on Tuesday after taking more write-downs related to subprime securities and posting a $9.83 billion loss for the fourth quarter. Beginning what is expected to be a grim week for financial company earnings, Citigroup said it was writing down $22.2 billion because of soured mortgage-related investments and bad loans. The bank is also cutting its dividend by 41 percent and obtaining a $12.5 billion cash infusion to strengthen its balance sheet, including big investments by its former chairman, Sanford I. Weill , and the Government of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
UAE: 'Time to launch federal bonds to create liquidity'
The current economic malaise could be used as a catalyst to launch federal bonds by issuing a range of maturities to create new liquidity, a top investment bank suggested. At present there are no UAE federal bonds in issuance. "The Federal government could use a form of "credit structure arbitrage" by issuing bonds and channeling the money to Dubai Inc entities," said Shehab M Gargash, Chief Executive Officer of Daman Investments. Releasing a report on the UAE economy on Monday, Gargash said the real estate sector is going through a transformative phase from one of asset creation to that of asset management. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
GM mulls "cornerstone" sales in IPO: sources
(Reuters) - General Motors Co is considering selling a chunk of the carmaker's stock to institutions who would commit to buy and hold major stakes as the company prepares for its initial public offering, people familiar with the discussions said on Monday. GM is mulling a plan under which sovereign wealth funds or pension funds would serve as "cornerstone investors," a technique often used for large initial public offerings to show that key investors are supporting the deal, four people said. "It's on the table and would be part of the normal course of the IPO," one of the sources said, asking not ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Kuwait Investment Authority
Kuwait Investment Authority presents job vacancies for Kuwaiti Nationals to work at the. World Bank for two years. The positions will be located at the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Population (2009 est.): 3,520,000 including approximately 1.06 million Kuwaiti citizens, 2.36 million non-Kuwaiti nationals, and 100,000 stateless persons. Annual growth rate (2009 est.): 3.549%. Ethnic groups: Kuwaiti 45%, other Arab 35%, South Asian 9%, Iranian 4%, other 7%. Religion: Muslim estimated 85% (Sunni 70%, Shi'a 30% among Kuwaitis), with sizable Hindu, Christian, and Buddhist communities. Languages: Arabic (official), English is widely spoken. Education: Compulsory from ages 6-14; free at all levels for Kuwaitis, including higher education. Adult literacy (age 15 and over) --93.3% for the total population (male ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Equity Portfolio Analyst. Kuwait Investment Authority. Kuwait City. Mar. 2005 – ... Graduate Investment Program Trainee. Kuwait Investment Authority ...
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  3. profile image drbsbiz Kuwait, Qatar funds raise AgBank IPO investment: report - KUWAIT (Reuters) - Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), the ...
How much did Kuwait sell their Citigroup stake for?
Kuwait's sovereign wealth fund said on Sunday it had sold its stake in Citigroup Inc for a profit of USD1.1 billion, becoming the latest Gulf investor to sell foreign shares as markets improve. Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) transferred the preferred stock it owned in Citigroup to common shares and sold all of them for USD4.1 billion, KIA said in a statement. RELATED NEWS * Blackstone eyes Citi`s auto-loan unit: NY Post * Citigroup appoints regional heads for European M&A * Citi boosts base salaries for some senior employees * Citi to sell Bellsystem stake to Bain for $1 bn RSS feed for news Click here KIA said it made a ...
The Emerging Golden Triangle of SMEC -- Singapore, Middle East and ...
Singapore, Middle East and China (SMEC) are together configuring the emerging Golden Triangle of strategic long term investment and global wealth management according to extensive research carried out by the mi2g Intelligence Unit and the ATCA Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) with major financial institutions and wealth managers over the last six months. As a result, Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore, is poised to become the most powerful man in global wealth management and large scale financial deal making in the early part of the 21st century. His father, Lee Kuan Yew, is the city-state's de facto ...