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remained unchanged on the London Metal Exchange (LME) as the Dow Jones plunged 700 points today. Investors raced to unload stocks as widespread fears about the current financial crisis continued. Lead is currently priced at 0.7406 (low) to 0.7497 (high), with no changes over yesterday’s spot prices. Other commodities suffered today as investors continued the sell-off of stocks and commodities that has been going on this week. Crude oil prices dropped today and Ford and GM reported huge losses as their stock values plummeted: Exxon also saw heavy losses. Philip Orlando, market specialist for Federated Investors Inc. in New ...
Zinc rates cut while lead is held steady | Lead Investing News
In their bi-weekly price review, Hindustan Zinc Limited announced that effective Saturday, it had cut its prices of zinc, but held lead rates steady.  Zinc prices will drop by Rs 800 per tonne to Rs 68,900; whereas lead maintained the Rs 70,200 per tonne level. Lead prices have remained strong this year; they have risen more than the other base metals in terms of percentage, whereas their decline has not been as steep.  The cold weather over the past week in western countries helped increase demand as people replaced batteries in their due to the freezing conditions. Company news Australian Zinc and copper producer Kagara Ltd , ... market research, surveys and trends
Bard Ventures – Moly and Silver in BC | Moly Investing News
Bard Ventures is focused on two projects in British Columbia north of the town of Houston.  Both properties are prospective for molybdenum and silver.  Both projects are close to excellent infrastructure including a rail line, high voltage power lines, a gas pipeline and a highway. High grade moly zone discovered Potential for large tonnage, high grade deposit Excellent local infrastructure and support The Lone Pine Property consists of seven mineral claims covering 1051 hectares, approximately 15 kilometers north-northwest of Houston, BC.  Bard has drilled 41 holes, totalling 21,557.36m, in the Alaskite Zone so ... market research, surveys and trends


Gold Price Survey Results | Gold Investing, Gold Mining, Gold ...
Perhaps most telling was that nearly 69 percent of respondents said they believe the price of gold will reach $1500 before the end of 2010. This bullish sentiment is most likely supported by the increasing flight-to-safety climate currently taking shape in Europe and North America as investors contemplate the likelihood of a slow economic recovery and the possibility of a double-dip recession. It’s not surprising that such a high percentage of respondents would answer yes when many analysts this past month have been calling for $1500 gold this year or next, including commodities analysts at Citibank , Macquarie Securities , UBS AG industry trends, business articles and survey research
Oil Investing News: Oil Price, Oil Investing, Oil Exploration ...
Although there are more than 40,000 oil and gas fields of all sizes in the world, slightly less than 80 percent of the proven reserves are concentrated in eight countries, of which only Canada and Russia are not OPEC members. Thursday, July 8, 2010 Japanese and South Korean refiners have increased oil purchases from Russia, eroding the dominance of Middle Eastern suppliers and electing for a more competitive crude source that is three weeks closer by ship. While Russian exports have surged over the last 6 months, the Middle East remains dominant, with total Middle East output in June around 19.9 million barrels,... Tuesday, June ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Harmful Pet Treats: Foods Every Owner Should Avoid
A table scrap here, a little taste there — when indulging our pets, the temptation to slip them tiny treats of our food can be strong. But certain human foods can be dangerous to pets, so keep your animals safe and healthy by avoiding these risky treats. Chocolate — Not So Sweet. The dangers of chocolate for pets have been well-publicized, and an increasing number of pet owners are savvy about this big no-no. Even in small quantities, chocolate can be fatal to both dogs and cats, so even if your pet has consumed a tiny amount, this is cause for alarm. Be sure to “pet-proof” your home to make sure that any candy bowls or gift ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
University of Delaware looking beyond cash as payoff for innovations
A year and a half ago, professor Del Levia met with a group of lawyers and a University of Delaware administrator to pitch an invention. The geography and soil science researcher excitedly explained the funny-looking laser device he co-created. It could measure the texture of tree bark and determine the flow of water down the stem. No device had accomplished that before, he beamed. The non-scientists in the room seemed unimpressed. "They said, 'Great,' " Levia recalled. "'But what else can it do?' " Levia's answer intrigued even them. He told them the precise measurements, accurate to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


When can a news organization lead public opinion? Ideology versus ...
prevent an ideologue from using the news to lead the public into sharing their .... less than t, she would derive greater returns from investing elsewhere). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Lead Defendant Resentenced In Nationwide Investment Fraud Scheme ...
For Immediate Release. LEAD DEFENDANT RESENTENCED IN NATIONWIDE. INVESTMENT FRAUD SCHEME TO ALMOST 16 YEARS IN PRISON. NEWS RELEASE SUMMARY – June 18, 2007 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Singapore-MIT Undergraduate Research Fellows at SMART (SMURF)
Visterra, Inc., Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) Centre, and the National Research Foundation of Singapore (NRF) announced today the creation of Visterra Singapore Pte. Ltd. This new biotechnology company will apply Visterra's proprietary platform technology for the discovery and development of revolutionary new therapies, diagnostics and vaccines for challenging infectious diseases such as influenza and dengue fever. Visterra, Inc. (formerly Parasol Therapeutics), based in Cambridge, MA and an MIT spin-off, has received US$6m in venture funding from Flagship Ventures, Lux Capital and Polaris ...
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What price change would lead to a margin call? - Yahoo! Answers
A trader buys two July futures contracts on orange juice. Each contract is for the delivery of 15,000 pounds. The current futures price is 160 cents per pound, the initial margin is $6,000 per contract, and the maintenance margin is $4,500 per contract. What price change would lead to a margin call? Under the circumstances could $2,000 be withdrawn from the margin account? 2 weeks ago Member since: September 22, 2009 Total points: 2444 (Level 3) With initial margin of 6000 and maintenance margin of 4500, there is only room for a 1500 drop which translates to 15000/1500 = 10 cents drop in futures price. Whether or not ...
Should news broadcasters be required to be balanced and impartial ...
Absolutely, however like newspapers the TV stations are owned or operated by organisations who are politically motivated by one political party or another, they will be required to "lean" towards their views. posted 16 days ago Interim CEO/COO; Consultant see all my answers 'required'? By whom? The government of the day? Well that's not going to work is it? In a relatively free press environment like North America or eve India for example it's going to be turned to the owners' view. It's down to the readers to use their critical faculties to see where a relatively neutral path might lead. Of ...