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Life Settlement Broker

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.  Vermont Law defines a Life Settlement Broker to mean a natural person who is working exclusively on behalf of a policy owner and, for a fee, commission, or other valuable consideration, offers or attempts to negotiate life settlement contracts between an owner and one or more life settlement providers. Notwithstanding the manner in which the life settlement broker is compensated, a life settlement broker is deemed to represent only the policy owner and not the insurer or the life settlement provider and to owe a fiduciary duty to the policy owner to act according to the policy owner’s instructions and in the best ...
is a financial transaction in which the owner of a life insurance policy sells an unneeded policy to a third party for more than its cash value and less than its face value. Until recently, if a policyowner opted out of a policy by surrendering the policy or allowing it to lapse, the additional value was relinquished back to the issuing life insurance company. In some cases, an insured’s health may have declined since the policy was issued and the policy may be worth considerably more than the surrender value. A life settlement is an alternative to this surrender or lapse of a policy, or when the owner of a life insurance policy ...
Live Contended Old Age With Life Settlement Broker
We all know that life is unpredictable and in spite of all our efforts, we can never be sure whether we will live a contended life or not. Usually, we fail to settle such unexpected expenses and get depressed, as all our long term savings get drained in solving these financial problems. For senior citizens, dealing with such uncertain financial problems is more difficult, as most of the senior citizens do not possess any steady source of monthly income. However, now they can also manage to the suitable financial solution for their problems, as there are many financial services and schemes that are specially tailored to benefit ... market research, surveys and trends
Life Insurance Settlement Finds Hidden Cash For Annuity Purchase
has heard the objection from a prospect, “I love your concept, but all my money is tied up.” Of course, your comeback is to motivate Mr. & Mrs. Prospect to move at least some of their funds into the safety of an FIA. But if and when you find yourself out of bullets, please do not part company without taking a final shot with something like, “One last thought before I go. We sometimes find that retirees may have an old life insurance policy they’re still paying on, or that may even be paid up. Oftentimes the reason for taking it out so long ago has changed because life circumstances change over the years. ... market research, surveys and trends


Life's Market Value Falls as Seniors Unload Insurance Policies
March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Retirees seeking extra cash last year could sell a $5 million life insurance policy to investors for $1 million. Today, the price is as low as $600,000. Sales of so-called life settlements declined 20 percent in the second half of 2008 as the credit crunch slowed demand, according to a report from Life Policy Dynamics LLC, a Washington-based consultant. U.S. life insurance policies worth approximately $12 billion were sold in 2008. "You've now got more people who would be willing to consider selling than you have buyers," according to life settlement experts such as Scott Hawkins, an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Life Settlement Sales May Be Taxed as Capital Gains, IRS Rules ...
June 4 (Bloomberg) -- Seniors who sell their life insurance policies in the life settlement market may be able to treat a portion of the proceeds as capital gains rather than ordinary income, according to an Internal Revenue Service ruling. The ruling last month follows a request by Senator Herbert Kohl , a Democrat from Wisconsin who is chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging . It allows the seller of a life insurance policy to treat the proceeds as capital gains minus the cost basis, said Mitch Freedman, a Sherman Oaks, California- based certified public accountant and financial adviser. “Certified public ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Will SEC's life settlement proposal kill industry?
Critics say plan to treat all life settlements as securities will shrink the industry – or worse; others say it's not so By Darla Mercado July 23, 2010 3:17 pm ET On Thursday, a government task force recommended treating life settlements as securities, thus bringing the instruments under tighter regulatory scrutiny. On Friday, some market participants backed the idea. But others bashed the plan, claiming that such a proposal would place sizable burdens on providers — and offer little added protection for institutional investors. “You will have those who are currently involved in life settlements who ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
SEC Task Force Recommendations Could Impact Market in Short-Term
A Securities and Exchange Commission task force recommending federal oversight of life settlement intermediaries could hinder the market in the short-term, but ultimately could give more comfort to investors, according to several attorneys. The task force recommended that life settlements be defined as securities under federal securities laws in a 43-page report released yesterday, which resulted from almost a year of study. The recommendation would have to be acted upon by the full commission and then would need congressional approval. But the task force is not recommending that securities laws regulate the sale of a policy ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The explosive growth of the life-
Jan 21, 2005 ... The life-settlement broker is a funding ... tion of a life-settlement broker: The bro- ... soned life-settlement broker who is oper- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CID: Life Settlement Broker License, Registration, and Renewal ...
to act as a Life Settlement Broker in this state, one must hold either a Life Settlement Broker license or a Producer license with a Life line of authority.  For the purpose of this act, all references to "broker" mean "Life Settlement Broker".   Nonresident applicants must hold a same or similar license in any other state  Eligible Life Producer (see Producer Registration Eligibility & Requirements below) Individual Application and $66.00 Fee (not required if Business Entity is applying) Business Entity Application and $66.00 Fee Biographical Affidavit (Business Entity applicants must ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Life Settlements - Wharton Financial Institutions Center
The Life Settlement Process. SELL. BUY. PRICING. A policyholder who wishes to settle their life insurance policy is represented by a broker, ...
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People 65 years and up are often eligible for a life settlement ...
Aside from the old joke that the last years of your life are the worst anyway, how important would the money be that you would actually consider shortening your life for a little financial peace of mind now? 5 answers - asked 32 months ago What percent of the people who were born in yyyy are still alive today? 1 answer - asked 18 months ago Is it possible to form a plan of life by reflecting on first principles of morality? You've probably had a lengthy discussion about morals and ethics with other people. For example, I've been debating abortion, capital punishment, ...
WikiAnswers - Life Insurance Questions including "What is the ...
Variable plays the market like a Mutual fund. And universal life sits still and gains interest without the market investment. What is surrender value? The sum of money an insurance company will pay to the policyholder or annuity holder in the event his or her policy is... Is an ex-wife entitled to a man's life insurance policy to help with burial expenses? My dad dead and his wife that he has been apart from from years come to his funneral. She recieve the flag from the navy based... How do you prove ownership of an old FHP life insurance policy where they owe you interest? Do you own it? If you do, they will have it on ...