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Life settlement funds

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LUXEMBOURG--( ) --  In response to growing demands for market neutral investment options, Carlisle Management has launched two new life settlement funds: Peninsula Long Term Growth Fund and Peninsula Opportunistic Fund. These new breeds of funds are designed to address valuation, mortality and liquidity concerns that continue to affect existing fund structures in the asset class. The funds are aimed at providing investors with access to maximum diversification strategies based on U.S. life insurance products. Carlisle's Chief Operating Officer Tim Mol observed, "In the wake of the recent market ...
is a financial transaction in which the owner of a life insurance policy sells an unneeded policy to a third party for more than its cash value and less than its face value. Until recently, if a policyowner opted out of a policy by surrendering the policy or allowing it to lapse, the additional value was relinquished back to the issuing life insurance company. In some cases, an insured’s health may have declined since the policy was issued and the policy may be worth considerably more than the surrender value. A life settlement is an alternative to this surrender or lapse of a policy, or when the owner of a life insurance policy ...
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A lot of investors are investing in investment policies that are of great help to them . If you also are looking for some superior and beneficial investment policy where you can make vast proceeds on your investments, then life settlement investment funds is the correct investment policy for you. Life settlements are now playing a more significant role as a part of a diversified portfolio. Sophisticated investors have taken advantage of the diversification benefits of life settlement investments for decades. However, earlier this investment policy was meant for high profile people or huge business entities were able to enjoy the ... market research, surveys and trends
Opulen Capital Life Settlement Blog: Life settlements: Investing ...
Located in La Jolla, California, Opulen Capital is a specialized financial services firm focusing on products and services tailored for senior citizens. Opulen Capital is one of the leading firms offering Life Settlement opportunities for high net worth clientele. We leverage unrivaled experience and exclusive relationships in the life settlement marketplace to structure, obtain, and sell life insurance products to maximize cash profits for our valued clients. Scot Blythe /  There's a relatively new product out there for pension plans and ... market research, surveys and trends


Life's Market Value Falls as Seniors Unload Insurance Policies
March 26 (Bloomberg) -- Retirees seeking extra cash last year could sell a $5 million life insurance policy to investors for $1 million. Today, the price is as low as $600,000. Sales of so-called life settlements declined 20 percent in the second half of 2008 as the credit crunch slowed demand, according to a report from Life Policy Dynamics LLC, a Washington-based consultant. U.S. life insurance policies worth approximately $12 billion were sold in 2008. "You've now got more people who would be willing to consider selling than you have buyers," according to life settlement experts such as Scott Hawkins, an ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Life Settlement Opportunities for investors - China, Hongkong ...
I would be very interested to hear from other members if they have been involved in the Life Settlement market? As a Director of TransAtlantic Alliance Ltd (TAL), we are looking to work with Partner Organisations in this growing Asset Class. We are acting as Principal on behalf of a number of European Banks and Institutions in what we are planning to be a series of the high valued transactions (USD$’100 x millions), providing commercial opportunities to Sovereign Funds, Banks, other financial institutions, house-funds, ultra high net-worth individuals who are looking for a ‘safe’ place to invest over 5 to 10 years and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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There's a relatively new product out there for pension plans and high net worth investors seeking stable returns with relatively low volatility. But it comes with a hitch—it's about cashing in on death. In the U.S., at least, there is a growing industry in life settlements. Older policyholders may decide that, after years of paying into a life policy, they'd like to take some of the benefits now instead of when they're dead. But life companies often give pennies on the dollar when a policy is surrendered. The alternative, particularly for an expensive policy, is to let it lapse. With a life settlement, an ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Global Wealth seeks new strategic partner
Global Wealth Investments, a Miami-based asset manager focused on life settlements, is looking to form a strategic alliance following the launch of a new fund. The offering, the Global Life Fund, which identifies investment-grade life settlement policies and portfolios, is looking for a strategic partnership at a time when the sector is experiencing a mini-boom, as buyers – including a number of hedge funds – purchase existing distressed life settlement portfolios at a significant discount, following a period of dislocation in the sector. Giovanny Vasquez, president and CEO of Global Wealth, said that the new ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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Life settlement funds try to raise their profile among IFAs. Source: FundStrategy ( Author: Adam Lewis ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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If the funds are not available for the mandatory distribution, you will be penalized by the IRS. 9. An investment in a life settlement contract is not a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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risk, including those of pension funds and life insurance companies. Life settlements have reminded the markets how narrow the gap is between life insurance ...
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I need specific information regarding the Life Settlement Industry. Life Settlements are existing life insurance policies, sold in the secondary market. Investors buy these policies based on Life Expectancies attributed to the insured by underwriting companies. If the Life expectancy is off, the investors may suffer losses. It is my belief therefore, that the widespread practice of investors is to purchase reinsurance, to cover themselves in a case where the insured exceeds his Life Expectancy. This is my question: I need a list off all these reinsurance or bonding companies. Their contact numbers or website. The ...
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