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Market Sentiment Remains Positive

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The chatter was that Stagecoach could team up with the Spanish Cosmen family, which already owns a near 20pc stake in National Express, to acquire and break up the business. Sector analysts, however, were quick to dismiss the tale, arguing such a deal is "highly unlikely". National Express has seen its shares fall by about 48pc since the beginning of the year on fears that the highly-indebted company will be hit hard by the recession and may have to carry out a rights issue in late 2009. Although National Express perked up 6½ to 265p, traders were also doubtful of the bid story. They attributed ...
REVIEWS AND OPINIONS - News - Business News - Deal activity is static ...
DEAL activity in the region during the second quarter of the year remained static with 32 transactions completed. Disclosed deal values, however, were significantly down on the previous quarter to just under £76m. Earlier in the year it was widely predicted that we would experience an increase in global deal activity but this has not happened. One of the main reasons for this is the continuing volatility in the financial markets. Only three transactions with disclosed deal values greater than £10m were reported in the North East during the period. Private-equity activity was still largely absent in the region, although ... market research, surveys and trends
what are 'weasel words'?
"That 'religion is inherently irrational' is surely true. Why one set of beliefs that are offered without argument or evidence rather than another?" ~Noam Chomsky Sorry to disappoint but the first post is a section from a book, which I consider highly informative for everyone interested in the craft of logical approximation of our thoughts---rational writing. This I hope will also serve as a guiding frame of reference for my future posts. Without further ado... ' Weasel Words ' Jamie Whyte Making a clear claim is a dangerous business. Say something plainly and you can just as plainly be shown wrong. ... market research, surveys and trends


Quarterly Report
Jan 28, 2010 ... percent. Market sentiment remains positive over Vietnam's 2010 ..... net profit of VND 125 billion, 60 and 71 percent of the 2009 target. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research - Kuala Lumpur Composite Index Blog
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 19 (Bernama) — The FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index futures on Bursa Malaysia Derivatives are likely to move higher next week following the positive market sentiment on the cash market, dealers said. A rally on the US stocks and Asian bourses drove the FTSE Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (FBM KLCI) to a 52-week high of 1,218 on Thursday. Dealers said renewed confidence of a global economic recovery will also spur interest for the FBM KLCI futures. During the week, the FBM KLCI futures traded mostly higher and ended on a good note, tracking the steadier cash market. Dealers ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Mosaic Company Reports Strong Fiscal Year 2010 Fourth Quarter Earnings Growth
announced today net earnings of $396.1 million, or $0.89 per diluted share, for the fourth quarter ended May 31, 2010. These results compare with net earnings of $146.9 million, or $0.33 per diluted share, for the fourth quarter ended May 31, 2009. KEY ITEMS Total phosphate sales volumes were 2.3 million tonnes and the average diammonium phosphate (DAP) selling price was $438 per tonne Potash sales volumes rebounded from 0.6 million tonnes a year ago to 1.8 million tonnes and the average muriate of potash (MOP) selling price was $336 per tonne Gross margin as a percent of net sales improved to 37 percent, compared to 13 percent ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Risk Recovers from Yesterday's Double Whammy
A series of positive data releases in Europe has provided markets with a more buoyant tone this morning, which is a much needed change in sentiment given the downdraft provided by Chairman Bernanke�s first day of Congressional testimony alongside the passage of President Obama�s financial reform bill yesterday. While the Fed chairman could be best described thus far as concerned about the future growth prospects of the economy, it was also clear that he still remains confident that the Fed has the available tools at its disposal to be able to effect positive ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Senior Floating Rate Commentary - Virtus Senior Floating Rate Fund
loan market to continue to decline and recovery rates to remain at normalized levels as the overall loan market sentiment remains positive. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
1. We, the Finance Ministers of the G-7 countries, including the President of the Eurogroup, the Central Bank Governors of Canada, Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom and the President of the European Central Bank, met today with the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund to review recent developments in the world economy. We, the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors of the G-7 countries together with the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and the President of the World Bank, discussed reform of the international financial institutions. We, the Finance Ministers and Central ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investor Sentiment in the Stock Market
Although our main focus is on cross-sectional differences, a positive correla- tion will exist between aggregate market returns and sentiment changes if the ...
  1. profile image CO_EUR Market sentiment remains positive despite negative comments from Bernanke. Risk and commodity related currencies extending gains against USD
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How does the stock market affect the economy? - Yahoo! Answers
It is how the economy affects the stock market. The stock market is just a reflection of the strength and faith in our economy. M.A. Economics 1968 There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Look up inflation and how people buying and selling stocks can affect this. Also look at pensions, people selling stocks in companies (i.e BP) can be bad for peoples pensions (i.e 95% of British pensions) Member since: September 25, 2009 Total points: 20876 (Level 6) Badge Image: Contributing In: Economics Stock market is a mirror of bad and good things, ...
“A bull must be fed every day with good news. But a bear need only ...
Bull is symbolic of fertility and bear hibernating power. Bull is Yang and bear is yin. as Lamp need to burn oil to spread light and darkness is always active, fear negativity, are always hidden is self preservation hibernating till right environment is there to wake up. You can say that this statement holds truth. posted 4 months ago Hi great quote , from where i see this pair of "bull and bear" .... all i can say is "bull" is conviction which when there nothing else matters.... "bear" is mind in doubt listening to others who are weak at heart. also in the markets where we operate there is enough of good and bad news at all ...