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Market Timing with Decision Moose

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Students at U of H and other institutions may participate in HIA programs for no cost. Come to our meetings and learn about investing. Get a head start on your financial road. If you receive this notice via email, you can read it on the web at (Updated with SIG schedule 6/7/2010) The monthly meeting of the Houston Investors Association will take place Saturday, June 12, 2010 at Melcher Hall, on University of Houston Campus 4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston, TX. (See Location ). provides high-quality financial charts, technical commentary and education to online investors.  Watch as ...
is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline. This concept is based on the observed production rates of individual oil wells, and the combined production rate of a field of related oil wells. The aggregate production rate from an oil field over time usually grows exponentially until the rate peaks and then declines—sometimes rapidly—until the field is depleted. This concept is derived from the Hubbert curve , and has been shown to be applicable to the sum of a nation’s domestic production rate, and is similarly applied to the global rate of petroleum production. Peak oil is often confused with oil depletion
The Perfect Portfolio: A Revolutionary Approach to Personal ...
I give the reference to the author for pointing out what should be obvious to investors to build over the past decade – the old-school approach to simply have a diversified portfolio, with periodic rebalancing (the concept of “buy-and hold- ) is very risky. The question, then, there is a way to get a reasonable income with less risk? Those who are usually based think one of two ways – trying to time the market and tries to winner select it. The author is currently on the market. In summary, the approach the author advocates, followed by my problems with investing in. a part of your portfolio in a basic buy-and- ... market research, surveys and trends
Stock Gumshoe Forum - Decision Moose
I came across this site last week and was curious if anybody else uses it. If the stated track record is indeed is quite impressive! The site is based on Assest Allocation and is free of charge. If anything the site owner provides an excellent weekly review. The site also provides a transaction history since 1996, but I don't have the time to go back and check the performance. Here's the link: It only takes about 15 minutes to read through the site... Hey, Weatherman! Thanks for the heads up on decisionmoose. The Linkdin site says: Provides portfolio ... market research, surveys and trends


Million Dollar Portfolio | Newsletter Reviews by Investors, For ...
The goal of the Motley Fool Million Dollar Portfolio is to outperform the S&P500 by 15% per year. MDP started with One Million Dollars and have invested most of the money already. They advertise to subscribers what they are buying, what percentage of the portfolio they will use and announce that they will buy between 3 and 30 days. The subscriber should mimic their moves to get the same results. They are currently close to the results of the S&P500. I joined in October 2008 when they had already lost around 30%. I purchased most of their recommendations (a couple of the stocks I already owned from another service MF has) ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Must Read Article for This Week #1 - Paul Merriman - Scott's ...
Merriman summarizes the article by saying "The Ultimate Buy-and-Hold Strategy uses no-load mutual funds to create a sophisticated asset allocation model with worldwide equity diversification by adding value stocks, small company stocks and real estate funds to a traditional large-cap growth stock portfolio." This may not be anything new to experienced investors, but it is worth revisting. I have 4 issues with Merriman's article. First, while his company and he practices quite a bit of market timing basaed on long term moving average strategies, he does not discuss this in the article. I think this could even further ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Judge: Cheerleading not a college sport
Competitive cheerleading is not an official sport that colleges can use to meet gender-equity requirements, a federal judge ruled Wednesday in ordering a Connecticut school to keep its women's volleyball team. The volleyball players had sued Quinnipiac University after it announced last year that it would eliminate the team for budgetary reasons and replace it with a competitive cheer squad. The school contended the cheer squad keeps it in compliance with Title IX, the 1972 federal law that mandates equal opportunities for men and women in athletics. "Competitive cheer may, some time in the future, qualify as a sport ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The final amount of the tax phase-in will be a decision of City Council. .... ensure compliance with the conditions under which the tax phase-in has ... 7.2.2 Decides whether a tax phase-in will be provided, its nature, timing, ... business in Moose Jaw? If so, demonstrate the market is sufficiently large or ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Dick Strong was implicated in market timing of his own mutual fund trades. ... A decision was made to sell those names before retail investors panicked and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Three Experimental Studies of Reward and Decision Making
4 Optimal-Timing Decision: An Experimental Study of Multiagent Timing Game . ...... success and survival of firms in the market. The benefits of being a ...
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What are the best display settings for a Playstation 3 to ensure I get the best possible picture quality when watching Bluray discs and standard DVDs? In my view of the sky from Mobile, AL - looking southward - there is a star shimmering brightly in red, yellow and even green. What is it? Is software just a commodity? I'm not a student of economics. I understand that a lot goes into software projects but at the end of the day the product is just an expensive apple value-added mainly through labour, is that it? Water parks in SoCal - I haven't gone since I was in junior high and have some questions about apparel, where ...
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I can help you with your new dog. I am experienced in, and trained in techniques the average person can make work with dogs, especially puppies. I strongly believe in obedience training and the need to give your dog proper leadership. I have been raising a new puppy every year since 1991. I know housebreaking and protecting the puppy and the house from each other. I can explain the the feeding regimen you can easily follow to give your dog the same long, active life life as highly valuable dog guides. I try to give answers you can make work. The mark of a real expert is knowing the limits of his knowledge. I will not ...