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Special Report on

Money Market Accounts

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Money market mutual funds offer higher-interest rates than most bank deposits do, with much of the convenience and liquidity of bank accounts. The funds are invested in short-term certificates of deposit, Treasury securities and government or corporate bonds. Since those classes of investment are generally safe, ...
Money Market Accounts as Profitable Investment Strategies
Money market accounts, or money market deposit accounts, provide investors with a new way to manage their money. These types of accounts fall somewhere between checking and savings accounts, as they provide much higher interest rates, while still allowing access to the cash. The higher interest rate stems from the ... market research, surveys and trends
Money Market Accounts, Money Market Funds, and September 18 ...
Fearful that a run on money market funds which then totaled approximately $3.5 trillion would spell the utter and complete destruction of the financial system as we knew it, the government moved to protect money market funds with a guarantee that investors would at least get their money back no matter what. On ... market research, surveys and trends
an introduction to money market accounts
I’ve been moving large sums of money between my bank accounts recently. I’m shuffling funds from my business account to my personal account to my high-yield savings account in an attempt to get each dollar in its proper place. It’s really not as complicated as I make it seem, though it does take a ...


Survey: 56 Percent of Americans Think U.S. Needs To Help Citizens ...
latest national survey finds that more than half (56%) of respondents think that government hasn’t done enough for them in these tough economic times. Only 17 percent of those polled said the government needs to do more for banks and financial institutions.  In the poll, 29 percent said the government went ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Money Market vs. Insured Accounts
slashing the federal funds rate after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, he dealt a blow to money-market funds. Yields on money dropped along with other short-term rates. That sent financial advisors in search of better returns on cash. Many advisors turned to FDIC-insured bank deposits, and the assets in money funds ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Money market funds battered - The Boston Globe
Several money market funds are losing money as the $3.5 trillion sector that long had been considered as safe as cash is buffeted by the turmoil on Wall Street. Separately, four mutual fund firms are taking extraordinary steps to calm investor fears and protect customer investments. The companies - Wachovia ...
Moody's: Money Market Accounts Were in Worse Trouble Than We Thought
c. She has worked at three start-ups, a consulting firm, an investment bank, a disaster recovery firm at Ground Zero, and the Economist . Bio | All Posts Megan McArdle was born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and yes, she does enjoy her lattes, as well as the occasional extra dry skim milk cappuccino. Her checkered work history includes three start-ups, four years as a technology project manager for a boutique consulting firm, a summer as an associate at an investment bank, and a year spent as sort of an executive copy girl for one of the disaster recovery firms at Ground Zero . . . all before the age of 30. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
PAB Bankshares to adjust loaning practices
PAB Bankshares, Inc., the holding company for The Park Avenue Bank, with a branch office off State Road 200 in Ocala, is trying to raise money and reduce its bad loans after posting a loss of more than $20 million for the second quarter of the year. The effort comes following the bank's announcement last week that is withdrawing its request to sell about $80 million of its common stock due to changing market conditions. The company originally requested to sell stock because it is "significantly undercapitalized," according to banking regulators. Asked what the changing market conditions were that caused the bank ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


AUSTRAC Information Circular No. 32
32 – Short Term Money Market Accounts and Related Products. December 2004, Amended Issue, Page 1 of 2. Originally Issued March 2003 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Understanding Transaction Limitations on Share Savings and Money ...
on Share Savings and Money Market Accounts updated 6/17/09. Federal requirements mandated under the Monetary Control Act and the Federal ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
DISCLOSURES Savings, IRA Savings, Checking and Money Market ...
The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield for Money Market accounts ... Money Market accounts that fall below the minimum balance of $1000 will earn the ...
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Google Answers: money market funds
Are you looking for the highest possible return over time, without regard to management fees, or highest total return over time, including all fees? Clarification of Question by granny6x-ga on 25 Jul 2002 07:55 PDT Definitely, including fees of all kinds. I want a net result. You are very thorough. I am very ...
What are money market accounts and how much do they earn? - Yahoo ...
A money market account is basically a savings account with check writing privileges. It typically earns 4%-5% rate of return. It's great to use as a emergency fund, but not great as a investment vehicle. I would recommend good, growth stock mutual funds as an investment. There are currently no comments ...
What about CD's and Money Market Accounts? - Yahoo! Answers