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Special Report on

Municipal Bond Investing

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revealed a moderation in managers' sentiment regarding global economic conditions. The majority of managers now expect global growth to remain the same or decelerate over the next six months, a strong shift compared to the first quarter where the majority expected global growth to accelerate over the next six months. Although growth expectations have moderated, managers still appear confident that the market has upside. In fact, in the second quarter an overwhelming majority of survey participants stated that they believe the U.S. equity market is undervalued, implying increased upside potential. 2010 Investment Strategy ...
Nuveen’s institutional investment strategies are designed to serve the investment needs of more than 350 corporate and public pension funds, endowments , foundations , Taft-Hartley plans, financial institutions and private clients. Nuveen’s retail investment strategies include separately managed accounts, retail mutual funds and close-end funds . As of June 30, 2008, Nuveen Investments had $152 billion in assets under management. Nuveen Investments is structured around a multi-boutique model of independent affiliate money managers including: HydePark—Enhanced Equity Strategies; NWQ—Value Equities; Nuveen Asset Management—Fixed ...
Annuities-The Perfect Storm -
When it comes to income, guarantees are not a luxury; they are a necessity. Social Security is an important source of guaranteed lifetime income.  Guaranteed income needs demand guaranteed income products.  A Fixed Indexed Annuity is a principal-protected contract with a minimum guarantee. In fact, “not a single indexed annuity purchaser has lost a penny as a result of the market declines, bank failures, or general weakening of the economy.” When bubbles burst like the real estate market and stock markets did in 2007, they don’t re-inflate to their previous levels for a long period of time — typically 20 ... market research, surveys and trends
Municipal Bond Funds
Investing in municipal bond funds can help you save on taxes and keep more of what you earn. You may have heard people refer to these as "muni funds" or "munibond funds." Munibond funds are one of many tax-free investment strategies. High-income individuals and professional investors use municipal bonds to pay less in taxes, and you can too. Municipal bond funds can save you money and earn you great after-tax returns regardless of your tax rate. Let's talk about some of the risks and benefits of municipal bond funds. Once we're done, you should be able to decide if they are right for you. market research, surveys and trends


Federal Taxes & Municipal Bonds
With income tax increases seemingly around the corner given the budget deficit and a potentially very expensive federal health care plan, the spotlight has returned to municipal bonds and the power of tax-free income. Individual investors have poured money into municipal bond funds at record rates – $57.6 billion through September 2009 1 . However, many budget crises at State and Local governments around the country have investors worried and perhaps, rightly so. The number of municipal bonds that experienced ratings downgrades in the first six months of 2009 was already 77% greater than all of 2008 2 . Thus, the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How Are Municipal Bonds Priced? |
The pricing of municipal bonds is difficult because there are more than 50,000 outstanding issues involving more than 1 million different maturities. Not every bond trades every day or even every year. In addition there is no uniform coupon and many bonds may be priced to multiple call features. There is a wide disparity of credit ratings and even issuers may secure each issue differently. Plainly, it is difficult to understand the pricing of municipal bonds. Bonds are priced by municipal bond services that use trading results from a large number of municipal bond brokers. Municipal bonds trade in various lot sizes. People may ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Tax-sensitive bond funds are costly and risky
BOSTON (MarketWatch) -- On paper, at least, so-called tax-aware bond funds look ideal for any working person's investment portfolio. These specialized portfolios -- which have been described as a synthetic municipal-bond/Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities fund -- offer a "twofer" in ways that other funds can't and don't. You get mostly tax-free income -- a plus given that income tax rates are likely to rise, and protection from inflation, which, though tame at the moment, is widely predicted to rear its ugly head down the road. How to use ETFs to stay ahead of the market's gyrations. And ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Savers dismayed over low returns
RALEIGH, N.C. -- Jules Coco is a 58-year-old software programmer who takes a conservative approach to saving and investing. He fondly remembers the not-too-distant past when he and his wife could earn more than 5% interest on their certificates of deposit. "We were more than satisfied with our little paltry 5.5%" Coco said. "I don't want to defy the laws of economics. I always believe in proportionate risk, proportionate return." But these days, Coco is dismayed by two-year CDs with rates ranging from 1% to 2%, with even lower rates for shorter-term CDs -- not enough to keep up with inflation. Ultra-low ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


TAKING ADVANTAGE OF AN. INEFFICIENT MUNICIPAL MARKET. Actively managed muni funds may offer benefits in changing markets ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Bond Funds
or other types of debt securities. Depending on its investment objectives and policies, a bond fund may concentrate its investments in a particular type of bond or debt security�such as government bonds , municipal bonds , corporate bonds , convertible bonds , mortgage-backed securities , zero-coupon bonds �or a mixture of types. The securities that bond funds hold will vary in terms of risk, return, duration, volatility and other features. Yes. A common misconception among some investors is that bonds and bond funds have little or no risk. Like any investment, bond funds are subject to a number of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Investing in Bonds, MM-0005-01
Generally, "savers" and "investors" have different objectives for their money. "Savers" plan to use their money in the next 3-5 years, while "investors" won't need their money for five years or longer. Many "savers" want liquidity or quick access to their money without penalty. Bonds provide a desirable saving or investment vehicle for many reasons. Bonds tend to be safer than stocks because if you hold bonds until the maturity date, you don't risk the principal. Plus, bonds can provide a regular, steady source of income (typically, interest payments are received every 6 months). For the long ...
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What is a state municipal bond fund? How does it work? And who is ...
I am married with a little baby and looking for other ways to save besides what my husbands job offers.. I heard about this somewhere in life and now am wondering what exactly it is and how it works. 2 months ago (Tiebreaker) Well, we have a mutual fund. But it is actually called a State Municipal Bond fund.. and apparently it is a way of investing like a regular bond you purchase at the bank but there are certain stipulations on it.. I am really confused what it is and unfortunately when I look it up I have to have Adobe to read it.. their is an actual website about it but I don't have the proper reader on my computer ...
Is there a NY municipal bond fund that outperforms FNYTX (which ...
Everyone tells me not to pay a load, but no one can show me a muni bond fund that is no-load that gives a 4.50% dividend, and that is as stable as FNYTX. Member since: April 19, 2007 Total points: 10650 (Level 6) Badge Image: Contributing In: Personal Finance Investing You're asking lots of questions, just not the right questions. If you want an independent view on mutual funds, look at morningstar. It rates VNYTX 4 stars and FNYTX 3 stars. Current yield is not the sole metric to use in evaluating a muni bond fund. It is what a Franklin-connected sales person would emphasize since it favors their fund, and increases ...