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Way back in 1978, in the third annual report of Vanguard Index Trust, the first index fund, I used a quotation from English lexicographer Samuel Johnson to make a point: "It was the triumph of hope over experience." With his inimitable wit, Dr. Johnson was speaking of a man who married for the second time; I was speaking of a poll of pension managers taken by Institutional Investor . Just 17 percent of these money management professionals, the magazine reported, had outpaced the Standard & Poor's 500 Index during the previous decade, but fully 95 percent expected to outpace the Index in the coming decade. In the ...
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BoxTone is trying to make it easier for businesses to manage its smartphones and the company has introduced a Mobile Service Management product to help companies deal with the onslaught on personal and corporate smartphones. Research In Motion’s BlackBerry has been a beast in the enterprise space because it offers a secure, easily-manageable platform but we’re seeing a massive influx of devices like the iPhone and Android-powered smartphones. Workers want to use the cool new smartphone and are often to willing to pay for the device and service, which is always appealing to businesses. BoxTone’s MSM product aims ... market research, surveys and trends
Five Lessons From Your '09 Tax Return
Your 2009 taxes are done. Congratulations! But you’re not done yet. (Sorry.) While you have all your 2009 tax forms and documents handy, this is the perfect time to analyze last year’s finances and use those insights to lower your taxes in 2010 and beyond. The sooner you get started, the more you can save. So, take a big breath and then take these five steps: 1. Avoid a Big Tax Refund You think you love getting a tax refund. What’s not to like about found money? But a refund is really just the return of a year-long, interest-free loan that you extended to your spendthrift Uncle Sam. You can do much smarter things with that ... market research, surveys and trends


Finance: Investing Guide » Mutual Funds
:  Companies that sell shares in the investments held in diversified securities portfolios acquired with the pooled money of shareholders. Investment companies are for those who prefer to relinquish responsibility for selection of securities and portfolio management to professional investment managers. The investor’s responsibility ceases after making initial selection and purchase of shares in a chosen investment company, until such time as the investor decides to redeem the shares at current market value or switch to another fund. The shares purchased may be in open- or closed-end investment companies. Mutual Funds/Open-End ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Disappointing Reality of Funds That Beat the Market - Mutual ...
Despite the serious lag of mutual fund returns during the great bull market, one out of every six managed equity funds succeeded in outpacing the market's return. Of the 258 general equity funds that survived that period (the industry was far smaller in 1982), 42 succeeded in outpacing the 18.9 percent return of the Wilshire 5000 Equity Index (a lower hurdle, to be sure, than the 19.8 percent return of the S&P 500 Index ). But only 12 of those 42 (one of every 21 survivors) did so by a margin of 1.5 percentage points. If we assume that the funds' annual tracking error, relative to the index, was a fairly modest 3 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bank bill talks center on bank trading limits
WASHINGTON — Congressional negotiators writing new Wall Street rules are trying to find acceptable limits on some of banks' most profitable ventures — speculative trading with their own money, managing hedge funds and private equity investing. The Obama administration says those new restrictions would reduce the kind of risky practices that could threaten the entire financial system. Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut, the chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee, is both trying to strengthen and weaken parts of the proposal to win votes from fellow senators for the final product. market trends, news research and surveys resources
More about credit rating reforms, bills
I have been on a rant about credit rating agencies (S&P, Moody, Fitch) and Wall Street having a conflict of interest when rating new issues. So many of the collateralized debt obligations at the center of the financial meltdown in 2008 were rated AAA by ratings agencies when in fact much of the mortgage debt in those CDO's was junk. There is clear evidence that the agencies did a shoddy job rating mortgage backed securities. They relied on outdated models of the mortgage market and obsolete data on mortgage delinquencies not to mention taking direction from the actual issuers when attempting to rate securities. In ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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igation menu brings up a secondary page, the Mutual Funds Center, with a scrolling ticker bar of SRI funds displayed below the navigation ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Consumer Action Handbook - Investing - General Tips
Investors today have a wide range of choices: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, Treasury securities (including savings bonds), options, commodities, commodity futures, real estate investment trusts (REITs), variable annuities and many more. You must investigate before you invest-and remember that every investment involves some degree of risk. These investments are not insured by the federal government if they lose money or fail, even if you purchase them through a bank or credit union that offers federally insured savings accounts. Make sure you have answers to all of these questions before you invest. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Live Seminar - Fundamentals of Mutual Funds 2010 - PLI New York ...
This program is designed to provide attendees with a solid foundation in the legal, regulatory and operational issues affecting the $12 trillion mutual fund industry.  Attendees will learn how Congress, regulators, markets and the courts have shaped the formation and structure of this industry.  Attendees will also learn about the impact of the financial crisis on the mutual fund industry and what is in store regarding future regulatory developments.  A distinguished faculty of practitioners and regulators, including current and former SEC officials, will offer insights into recent proposals that could result in ...
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what are the high risk Mutual Funds in India
What is the best way for one (without a ton of cash) to go about starting to invest in No-Load Mutual Funds. I would like to do this but don't have a monthly amount to commit. Looking to purchase a few times a year without a service fee/monthly fee or sizable tranaction fee. Is this possible? Besides looking them up at Morningstar or some other site, of course. I do my own evaluation of 8 factors, one of which is the Morningstar rating. All my funds are doing well, but I don't have the number one fund in any category for any period of time, so it looks like there is room for improvement in the way I pick them. The ...
what are some good stock-only mutual funds?
Many of their funds have very low expense ratios and fees. Once you decide on a sector, take a look at their fund family    by awarulz on Dec 27 2006 (42 months ago) Official Rating Fidelity Mid Cap Value FSMVX Mid-Cap Value 1.5668 13.29 14.50 17.53 13.54 13.83 Trade Fidelity Value FDVLX Mid-Cap Blend 1.5340 13.88 15.86 18.46 14.92 11.87 Trade Top-performing Fidelity and FundsNetwork funds (NTF only) Alpine Dynamic Dividend ADVDX Mid-Cap Blend 1.5638 19.91 20.51 19.45 21.57 Trade Fidelity Mid Cap Value FSMVX Mid-Cap Value 1.5668 13.29 ...