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Special Report on

Oil Carry Trade

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The oil carry trade has been a big driver of the crude market in the last three years. Once in a while, that carry trade can influence the whole market, without regard for anything else -- and I believe we're entering that moment. That means that the rally in oil, as much as it looks like it needs to be sold, will probably show some incredible and unexpected strength, and the related stocks will be a good place to be. Commodities are not like stocks, I am so fond of saying, and oil is an even more peculiar commodity than most. All commodities price based on the futures markets, different from other asset markets. In the ...
Oil tankers are often classified by their size as well as their occupation. The size classes range from inland or coastal tankers of a few thousand metric tons of deadweight (DWT) to the mammoth ultra large crude carriers ( ULCCs ) of . Tankers move approximately of oil every year. 2 3 Second only to pipelines in terms of efficiency, 3 the average cost of oil transport by tanker amounts to only two or three United States cents per . 3 Some specialized types of oil tankers have evolved. One of these is the naval replenishment oiler , a tanker which can fuel a moving vessel . Combination ore-bulk-oil carriers and permanently moored
Daily Baltic Dry Index Volatility | The Big Picture
Those are in the right industry but they don’t seem to want to be following the index too closely. I understand there is a lot of cargo space being added to the world fleet so I assume these are a bit risky right now? I don’t know where I heard or read about tonnage being added. It probably was on this blog somewhere but it stuck in my brain. That index looks great though from a trader’s perspective. That is probably why it swings so wild is because no one can trade it leftback Says: August 25th, 2009 at 12:10 pm The two shippers mentioned obviously trade with the NAZZ, and benefit from the “flight to ... market research, surveys and trends
Ruble Extends Longest Rally Since 2007 on Oil, Carry-Trade Lure
The ruble climbed to a four-month high against the dollar, headed for its longest run of weekly gains in almost two years, as surging oil prices and higher interest rates lured investors to Russia. The ruble jumped to as strong as 31.0887 per dollar today, the most since Jan. 12, and gained 3.2 percent in the week, its sixth weekly advance and the longest rally since September 2007. The central bank bought the most foreign currency on the market in almost a year this week as it sought to control the advance, said Mikhail Galkin, head of fixed-income and credit research at Moscow’s MDM Bank. “Oil at $60 is just very good news for ... market research, surveys and trends


The Oil Drum | DrumBeat: February 20, 2009
How much oil does the United States import each year? How costly would a cap on carbon dioxide emissions be? How quickly did gasoline demand fall in 2008? These questions lie at the heart of the country's urgent debates over alternative energy, and the answers are being shaped by statistics that come almost exclusively from the Energy Information Administration. Long considered "the gold standard" of energy information, the numbers from EIA, which is run by the Department of Energy, are regularly cited by the media and politicians alike. Pumping gasoline. And yet today, with energy at the top of the Obama ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Stocks Rise But Fall As Currency Carry Trades Sell Off As China De ...
show ”competitive currency” losses which began April 26, 2010. Rising concern globally over contagion from the risk of sovereign debt default, and risk aversion to investing for growth, brought a great unwinding of yen carry trade investment in stocks on April 26, 2010. But then, as the EFSF Monetary was announced by the EU Finance Leaders, the Euro, FXE, rose from an oversold condition on June 7, 2010. Today the Euro, FXE, traded higher at opening; but then fell lower than yesterday’s price of 123.36, to close at 122.78 down 0.50%  The asian ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Dirt on Stress Tests
A stronger than expected German Ifo confidence survey this morning (106.8 vs. 101.5) is supporting the EUR ahead of the Bank Stress Test releases. Along for the ride is Sterling aided by its 2nd Q GDP print (+1.1% vs. +0.3%). Market sentiment has been on a high since the release of improved economic data out of the Euro-zone and US yesterday. A string of strong earnings is boosting the hope of a global recovery. But, will the Stress Tests be transparent and stringent enough to appease the markets appetite for wanting to apply more risk? The results are available at noon. Different scenarios will be considered, a base case and an ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Enbridge Credit Risk Falls as U.S. Pipeline Boosts Cashflow: Canada Credit
Credit-default swaps on Enbridge Inc. and TransCanada Pipeline Ltd., Canada’s biggest pipeline companies, were among the country’s largest decliners over the last month, as new pipeline links to the U.S. boost cash flow. The cost to protect Enbridge’s bonds from default fell 15.9 basis points over the last 30 days, the fourth-biggest drop among the 30 Canadian companies tracked by Bloomberg. Swaps on TransCanada Pipeline fell 13.3 basis points. Credit-default swaps decline as investor confidence improves. Both companies recently completed pipeline systems that will carry crude oil and tar-like bitumen to refineries in the U.S. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Evidence of carry trade activity - BIS Quarterly Review, part 3 ...
This has focused market attention on the role of currency carry trade ..... Oil. Other. UK. US. UK to US: Carib FC to US: JP to Carib FC: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
BERA: Issue 5/6 The Oil & Gas Industry: Transportation & Storage ...
As a result, transportation and storage represent a labyrinth of sophisticated processes that include rigorous inspections, stringent standards of compliance, regulations generated from industry initiatives and government mandates for the design, construction and maintenance of tanker fleets and pipelines, and the selection of qualified crew and personnel. Moreover, safety, efficiency, tanker hull strength and pipeline integrity are critical concerns, particularly as they relate to environmental issues such as fires, oil spills, and oil leaks. According to Hoovers Oil and Gas Transportation and Storage overview, some of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Mysterious Profit - 'Peso events' drive returns to the carry trade
Economic theory has been predicting the collapse of the carry trade for some time now, but the widespread currency-based strategy continues to pad balance sheets with profit. The carry trade works by borrowing money in low interest rate currencies and then lending it in high interest rate ones. Investors pocket the difference in interest rates as profit. Economic theory says the two exchange rates should adjust as more people exploit the interest rate differential, eliminating the profit potential. But this is not the case and the carry trade remains a successful staple for hedge funds and other investors. It sounds like a ...
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Could The Dollar Carry Trade End Abruptly And In Tears? | LinkedIn ...
The dollar carry trade remains in vogue for as long as the dollar keeps depreciating in value and interest rates remain low. What happens when the dollar appreciates? Recently, as the US Dollar Index has improved, money has swiftly come out of the risk trade safe havens -- gold and commodities -- to which it ran to protect against a further dollar decline. As an example, gold fell more than 5%, when the dollar index improved by 1.5% on a single day! Given the dollar's inverse correlation with nearly all asset classes, there are many triggers for the demise of the dollar carry trade. For example, a sustained pullback in ...
In 2010: Short China? Short gold? Short oil? Long USD? | LinkedIn ...
Lions do not feast upon the biggest, baddest, most dangerous wildebeast ... they feast upon the weak ... because they are easier to catch, there is less risk of injury and they taste the same anyway :) posted 7 months ago Interim CEO, Strategy Consultant, Keynotes, Seminars. Ex-Banker + Futurist = Bank-on-it Future-Proof Results see all my answers Short gold, Short oil Short US stocks Long US $ Bullish China posted 7 months ago Maintenance and Reliability Professional see all my answers Long gold Long silver Long oil Long grains Bullish China, India, Russia, Brazil Long NZ dollar Long AU Dollar Long Swiss Franc Short anything ...