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After a lifetime of work, most middle class Americans could retire at a reasonable age with a modest income that would last until death. But times have changed. It’s tougher to retire – and impossible for some. Restoring retirement readiness won’t be easy. But we must find cost-efficient approaches that meet the needs of workers and employers – building on what works, fixing what doesn’t, and creating a sensible 21st century retirement system that is available to all American workers. NIRS Research focuses on informing the public policy debate around important retirement security issues. By ...
Pensions in the Public Sector (Pension Research Council ...
Some 13 million public-sector workers in the United States-including teachers, police and firefighters, state and municipal employees, judges, and legislators-and another six million federal and military employees participate in government pension plans. These pension systems are extraordinarily diverse in design, investment policy, and governance, and they face substantial challenges as the government-sector workforce ages and governments are asked to take on new and different tasks. Public employee pensions are in deep trouble in many countries, undermining economic policy and threatening retiree well being. What can be done ... market research, surveys and trends
Financial illiteracy prevails, especially for over-55s ...
While what teens don't know about money gets the most attention, financial literacy is a problem across age groups. There is some momentum building to increase the teaching of personal finance in K-12 schools. That may help younger Americans, but what about those soon-to-be or already retired? A huge amount of wealth and well-being is at stake. Spectrem Group calculates that U.S. retirement assets increased in 2009 to $9.3 trillion from $7.9 trillion the previous year. But I'll tell you right now that getting smarter about investing had little to do with it. The rising markets of 2009 lifted the rust bucket we call our ... market research, surveys and trends


Pension Research Council: Newsday: "The vanishing pension: If your ...
future. No new defined-benefit plans are being started. Taking their place in many companies are 401(k) plans, where the risk is shifted from the company to the individual. In a defined-benefit plan, the company must, by law, ensure that the plan has enough money to pay promised benefits. This means that if the plan makes bad investments and loses money, the company is responsible for making up the difference, even if it means diverting revenue. In a 401(k), it's up to the individual to make investment decisions. Make a bad choice? That money is gone. Just ask those who bet their 401(k) money heavily on Enron or tech stocks ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Older Workers: Employment and Retirement Trends
Pension Research Council Working Papers are intended to make research findings .... 2035, this number will increase by almost 33 percent to 255 million. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
States eye MN pension lawsuit
When a Minnesota lawsuit – the first of three in the nation challenging state legislation changing current public pension benefits – hits court Sept. 15, every other state will be watching. The outcome could lead others to follow or stop a movement in its tracks.  A legal battle in Minnesota next month will test the ability of states to change benefits of current retirees. The outcome could prompt other cash-strapped states to follow suit or grind a fleeting movement to a sharp halt.    “I think a lot of people will be closely following what happens in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gay Marriage: The Tide is Turning And There's No Going Back
Major court decisions on controversial social issues are sometimes ahead of their times. That was certainly the case with judicial rulings decades ago that struck down laws banning interracial marriage. But despite conservative claims that U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling Wednesday to overturn California's Proposition 8 ban on same-sex marriage is outside the mainstream, the reality is that his decision is in sync with public sentiment. The gay rights movement has won Americans' hearts and minds. The tide has turned. Opponents can try, but they can't push it back. Although nobody believes ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Pension Research Council
Pension Research Council. Reorienting Retirement Risk Management was the topic of the May 2009 Pension Research Council. Symposium co-sponsored with the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
May 3, 2010 The Honorable Phyllis Borzi Assistant Secretary ...
As the Director of the Pension Research Council and Boettner Center at the Wharton. School of the University of Pennsylvania, the oldest pension research ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Insurance and Pensions Research - India Knowledge@Wharton
India's insurers have been taking one of two routes. They either fulfill their legal requirements by simply pushing the same stable of products in rural India that they do in the more lucrative urban markets, without expecting to turn much of a profit or build substantial market share. Or, they do what Max New York Life is striving to achieve: Design a robust, profitable rural business model around new, tailored products and services for customers in the hinterland. But in trying to make the latter approach work, MNYL faces a wide range of challenges, including figuring out how to help their rural businesses operate ...
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When I retire I will receive a pension from my employer. Will that ...
In January or early February you should receive a 1099-R from the pension administrator that lists the taxable amount of your income and any federal or state taxes that you elect to have withheld. If you don't have taxes withheld you may be responsible for making quarterly estimated tax payments to the government with Form 1040-ES. The amount of tax you owe will depend on your other sources of income as well as your deductions.  by happytobeme on Sep 26 2007 (32 months ago) received from an employer's defined benefit pension plan, in the form of an annuity (monthy payments) is ...
Comments on Why is the RNC failing to keep pace with the amount of ...
Washington (CNN) - It appears March was a very good month for the Democratic National Committee. The DNC reported Tuesday that it raised $13.5 million last month and nearly $30 million in the first quarter of the year. The DNC said it has $14.7 million... 20/dnc-reports-march-haul/  Discuss this question (8 comments) why can't I answer? 1 party is in the majority at the time is perceived as being "most popular," and getting the most support. I do also know that there has been a movement on the right to NOT donate to the RNC, with some support from pretty visible ...