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Special Report on

PIIGS Debt Coming Due

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Fiscal Deficit Impact Not To Be Underestimated; The introduction of government price erosion mechanisms will accelerate across Europe, driven by the need for fiscal austerity and presaged by the actions of numerous governments over the past six months. With government deficit levels of 22 of the 27 EU member states exceeding the bloc threshold in 2009 and many other European countries facing budget troubles, we believe that further action against pharmaceutical prices is likely. While negative for the industry as a whole, the greatest impact on earnings will be experienced by companies with heavy reliance on European markets.
across the globe together with a wave of downgrading of European Government debt has created alarm in financial markets. The debt crisis has been mostly centred on recent events in Greece, where there is concern about the rising cost of financing government debt. On 2 May 2010, the Eurozone countries and the International Monetary Fund agreed to a loan for Greece, conditional on the implementation of harsh Greek austerity measures. On 9 May 2010, Europe's Finance Ministers approved a comprehensive rescue package worth almost a trillion dollars aimed at ensuring financial stability across Europe. 3 Cite error: There are
The EMU and the PIGS or PIIGS to the slaughter
See Search Box lower down this column for searches of Finfacts news pages. Where there may be the odd special character missing from an older page, it's a problem that developed when Interactive Tools upgraded to a new content management system. Georgios Papaconstantinou, Greek Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance, chatting with Elena Salgado Méndez, Spanish Second Vice-President of the Government, Minister of Economy and Finance, before the ECOFIN meeting of EU finance ministers, Feb 16, 2010. Policymakers in the leading member countries of the EMU (European Monetary System) continue to work on a possible ... market research, surveys and trends
FOREX, COMMODITIES, STOCKS OUTLOOK June 8th: News, Analysis Trades ...
Prior day: Asia, Europe, US down. Today: Asia up, Europe down. Stocks plunged again in the US, rallied in Asia, and an attempted follow-through European rally is failing for lack of justification, reinforcing the bearish indicators we pointed out last week in our special report: Three Powerful Bearish Signs: S+P 500 Heading To Around 830, Short Risk Assets . Most major indices are forming or have formed bearish ‘death crosses (50 day MA crosses below 200 day MA) signaling a longer term downtrend. - US Bonds: Up falling stocks sent investors fleeing into bonds. Yields on the benchmark 10-year Note fell slightly from 3.20% Friday ... market research, surveys and trends


The PIIGS are dying: Spain following Greece | The Coming Economic ...
These days we’re seeing a great pressure on the European Union, the European Council, the European Commission and European Central Bank and countries within this union like the countries of Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, to impose policies austerity, reducing deficits and debt, and lowering wages in order to leave the Great Recession that the eurozone is suffering. The great error of this strategy is that it is wrong to assume that the problem is with the Eurozone countries and the supposed idea that they created their own wastefulness and lack of fiscal discipline, but these so called facts are simply not true. Nor ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Euro Gold Near Record Highs Due to PIIGS Contagion Risk :: The ...
Gold dipped to $1,132/oz in New York before recovering to close with a loss of 0.49%. It has range traded from $1,137.50/oz to $1,143/oz in Asian and European trading this morning. Gold is currently trading at $1,140/oz and in euro and GBP terms, at €859/oz and £741/oz respectively. Gold is being supported as the slow motion train wreck that is the Greek debt crisis rumbles on. The increasing likelihood of a Greek default with wider ramifications for the eurozone and the euro saw gold rise to close to its recent record (nominal) high at €865 per ounce. Greece's deficit crisis is pushing its bond yields ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
New week, same woes
NEW YORK ( -- Worries about the global economy have pushed the Dow Jones industrial average to a nearly four-month low -- and there's little in the week ahead to stop it from creeping even lower. Only a handful of economic reports are due early in the week, with the bulk of the news coming Thursday and Friday. On those two days, expect reports on jobs, the trade gap, consumer confidence and retail sales. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke also speaks several times during the week, including testifying in Washington at a hearing on the economy. A weaker-than-expected U.S. jobs report and renewed concerns ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Forget PIIGS, US Debt Is Out of Control
Barone currently serves on AAA’s Finance and Investment Committee, which oversees $5 billion of investable assets. This column was originally posted on AncoraWest's Market Insights . The markets are in turmoil because of worry about the so-called PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain) debts. In Fiscal Crises: The Next Shoe , I opined that Greece is just the canary in the coal mine and that when we look homeward, we have our own huge debt issues, which aren't significantly different from those of the PIIGS countries. I believe that the only reason the European contagion hasn't yet spread to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Delta Global Partners Research: The Cutting edge 1 In recent times ...
Feb 22, 2010 ... Chart II: Why the PIIGS are known PIIGS and is India a DUCK? .... debt due to events such as global risk aversion and the ensuing interest rate ... But India does remain a little vulnerable in coming years to the rising ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Economic Analysis of Looming Debt Crisis - THE COMMITTEE ON THE BUDGET
May 27, 2010 ... With €8.5 billion in debt payments coming due in mid-May, ..... levels of debt and deficits to some of the so-called “PIIGS” countries ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Is the Euro Bailout a Splendid Idea or a Greek Tragedy ...
The global stock markets yo-yoed in early May, first plunging on the news that Greece, the European Union’s perennial spendthrift, might default on its debt and trigger a tsunami of other national bankruptcies that could include Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Spain, only to quickly rebound after fast action by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund in the form of a nearly trillion-dollar bailout that reminded many of the Troubled Asset Relief Program that saved U.S. banks. But even as stock markets enjoyed a comeback and interest rates on Greek bonds staged a rally, some experts, including Jeff Rosensweig , an ...
Chill Wind Blows Through Europe... | Ask MetaFilter
However, besides confidence, the fundamental indicators emanating from Europe—the falling Euro, ECB actions, debt auctions and fiscal reform—indicate growing strength and an increased likelihood that this crisis will be resolved without major fundamental damage. More importantly for me as an investor, once fickle moods change and investors see that the fundamentals are not nearly as bad as they currently seem, stock prices should come roaring back. I'm betting no. Heres one argument thats not getting much play, yet. The latest round of trauma from europe is based on the austerity measures the ECB is requiring in order to ...
With the current 'Greek Crisis' and the example of Argentina ...
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