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Portfolio insurance makes risk affordable

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Keywords: Accounting research, Dividends, Share prices, Modelling, USA This paper employs both a multi-index model and linear programming to create a short and long portfolio of securities that have identical ex-post risk levels. While the two portfolios have identical ex-post risk, the long portfolio is composed of stocks with high dividend yields and the short portfolio is composed of stocks with low dividend yields. By shorting the low dividend yield portfolio and purchasing the high dividend yield portfolio, we create a zero investment portfolio with identical risk patterns. We then examine whether investors can earn an ...
could lose $1 million on each policy totaling to $1 billion. It may be better to pass some potential risk to a reinsurance company ( reinsurer ) as this will minimize the insurer' s risk. There are two basic methods of reinsurance: Facultative Reinsurance is specific reinsurance covering a single risk. The reinsurer is reinsuring one insured on a specific policy. Each facultative risk is submitted by the insurer to the reinsurer . Treaty Reinsurance is a method of reinsurance requiring the insurer and the reinsurer to formulate and execute a reinsurance contract . The reinsurer then covers all the insurance policies coming ...
Struggling With Those 2008 Resolutions? DailyStrength's "Goals ...
Luxury Realty Group, based in Las Vegas, has launched another innovative marketing service for buyers and sellers of Las Vegas luxury condos. The new marketing service is called the VIP Hot Deal Buyer Program and gives both buyers and sellers of Las Vegas luxury condominiums new opportunities to transact real estate under the currently challenging market conditions. The VIP Hot Deal Buyer Program offers sellers who are going into foreclosure or cannot carry their mortgage very long after closing another marketing service to sell their Las Vegas luxury condo. It also offers an alternative solution to luxury condo buyers who may ... market research, surveys and trends
Detail on E & O insurance | Claims Adjusters Make Money
In a modern society, it is sad to have to protect yourself against litigation. You would always hope people would naturally become more forgiving of mistakes and accept modest compensation for the losses they have suffered. Sadly, the US is one of the most aggressively litigious societies in the world and, for a small business, even a small claim can be the difference between success and bankruptcy. It is not just the value of any award of damages. It is the costs payable to both your own attorney and the attorney on the other side if you lose the case. Although it is an extreme example of the problem, you may remember Pearson ... market research, surveys and trends


Job growth in this large industry will be limited by corporate downsizing, new technology, and increasing direct mail, telephone, and Internet sales, but numerous job openings will arise from the need to replace workers who leave or retire. Growing areas of the insurance industry are medical services and health insurance, and its expansion into other financial services, such as securities and mutual funds. Jobs in office and administrative occupations usually may be entered with a high school diploma, but employers prefer college graduates for sales, managerial, and professional jobs. Goods and services. The insurance industry ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
FRB: Speech, Bernanke--GSE Portfolios, Systemic Risk, and ...
The subject of my remarks today is the regulation and supervision of two large financial companies: the Federal National Mortgage Association (known familiarly as Fannie Mae) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (or Freddie Mac).  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were created by acts of the Congress and are thus known as government-sponsored enterprises, or GSEs.  The Congress chartered these two companies with the goal of expanding the amount of capital available to the residential mortgage market, thereby promoting homeownership, particularly among low- and middle-income households.  Although they retain ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
US MArkets 17-07-2010
The crisis affecting Europe is nothing new. It goes back three years and the beginning of the credit crisis, 60% of the subprime CDOs, collateralized debt obligations, had been sold to European institutions. These were the mortgage bonds, which contained a variety of toxic waste, which the rating agencies, S&P, Moody�s and Fitch, in collusion with banks and brokerage houses, had sold as AAA bonds, when in fact their ratings should have been considerably lower. The holders of these bonds in many instances became insolvent and had to be bailed out by capital injections from central banks, most of the funds were lent by the Federal ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Editor's report from the European embedded market
 If you watch TV and see accidentally an IBM advert you´ll realise that Big Blue wants to create the world a smarter planet. At a press conference in Munich managers of IBM Rational Software explained how the embedded software tools fit into the business software and therefore in the overall strategy of Big Blue and how this integrated solution will help to build a smarter planet. [read more...] June 30, 2010 When I wrote articles about oscilloscopes in the past I had only the big players Tektronix, Agilent, LeCroy and to some extend Yokogawa in mind. This situation has changed – as a surprise the German Test & Measure ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


SOA 2005 June Spring Meeting - Making Disability Insurance Affordable
Jun 15, 2005 ... How Expensive is Disability Insurance? ● The risk of having a disability lasting longer than 90 days .... Disability Product Portfolio. 3. Aetna at a glance. Overview ... process that makes health and disability ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
to make weather insurance more affordable for lower-income countries. INDEX INSURANCE FOR WEATHER RISK IN LOWER-INCOME COUNTRIES ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Any recommendations on affordable ebook writers? | LinkedIn ...
when recruiting writers for any project, it's crucial to have defined what affordable means. Restrictive budgets will not necessarily procure the best available expertise for the job at hand, neither will an open ended budget secure the highest quality craftsmanship. Much depends on the nature of the write, the lead in time, amount of research, technical expertise in the subject area: it is a general interest ot technical journal? The fact that the medium is an e-book, doesn't change the nature of the writing process: you're asking a writer to write a book and as such the very same parameters apply posted 2 months ago
What is the best long term investment? Stocks, real estate, or ...
Stocks have a down side. Real estate may also have a downside, along with liquidty. Investment grade life insurance has limits. NEVER and I mean NEVER "Invest" in life Insurance! Thats an order! Best long term real estate investments are REIT's, you want to find a fund that manages large office buildings and other commercial real estate that is rented or leased out because there is always demand for prime office space, check out Alpine realty fund or Ivey Real estate fund. Stocks, unless you have some inside info or know what your doing, day trading stocks is a losers way to get started in the stock market. Mutal funds ...