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Portfolio insurance

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Opponents of annuities often criticize annuity salespeople for supposedly claiming that indexed and variable annuities provide stock market returns without stock market risk, which, of course, isn't possible. Unfortunately, opponents of annuities have made headway with this and other arguments , as most articles about annuities in the general press seem to have a negative slant. Registered investment advisors tell me that they need to keep extra documentation of the alternatives considered when they put IRA money into an annuity in order to later justify that decision to regulators. Even the AARP has gotten into the act, ...
For example, say an investor has a $100 portfolio, a floor of $90 (price of the bond to guarantee his $100 at maturity) and a multiplier of 5 (ensuring protection against a drop of at most 20% before rebalancing the portfolio). Then on day 1, the writer will allocate (5 * ($100 – $90)) = $50 to the risky asset and the remaining $50 to the riskless asset (the bond). The exposure will be revised as the portfolio value changes, i.e. when the risky asset performs and with leverage multiplies by 5 the performance (or vice versa). Same with the bond. These rules are predefined and agreed once and for all during the life of the product.
An Easy Strategy to Protect Your Portfolio
It doesn’t take a genius to know that driving without insurance never leads to good things.  Even the best drivers find themselves in the face of the unexpected. A few years ago, on a dark and stormy night, I was driving down a road at a mere 25 mph because visibility was nil.  I approached an underpass that looked like a black hole in the darkness.  As I entered, a wave of water washed over the car -- fortunately my sunroof was closed, otherwise the entire inside of my car would have been flooded.  Now that my headlights were underwater, I could see that I had driven into about 2 ½ feet of water ... market research, surveys and trends
$1.2 Quadrillion Derivatives Market Dwarfs World GDP
One of the biggest risks to the world’s financial health is the $1.2 quadrillion derivatives market. It’s complex, it’s unregulated, and it ought to be of concern to world leaders that its notional value is 20 times the size of the world economy. But traders rule the roost — and as much as risk managers and regulators might want to limit that risk, they lack the power or knowledge to do so. A quadrillion is a big number: 1,000 times a trillion. Yet according to one of the world’s leading derivatives experts, Paul Wilmott, who holds a doctorate in applied mathematics from Oxford University (and whose speaking voice sounds eerily ... market research, surveys and trends


eLawForum Litigation Portfolio Insurance
Litigation Portfolio Insurance. To illustrate why Fortune 500 corpora- tions self-insure, let's review an ... percent to $25 million. The total cost of a ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Stocks, Bonds, Options, Futures, And Portfolio Insurance: A Rose ...
Trading volume and open interest in options and futures contracts on stock indices, equities, and interest rate instruments traded on world exchanges have experienced remarkable growth. From 1986 through 1991, the open interest in exchange-traded derivatives grew by 36 percent per year, reaching $3.5 billion at the end of 1991. The notional principal of financial derivatives traded in the even larger over-the-counter market (mostly on interest rates, in the form of swaps, forward agreements, and option-like caps, collars, and floors) grew at an annual rate of 40 percent.(1) This rapid growth has been accompanied by controversy ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The cost of portfolio insurance.
the S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures™ Index TR offers exposure to a daily rolling long position in the first and second month VIX futures contracts..... The index futures roll continuously throughout each month from the first month VIX futures contract into the second month VIX futures contract..... [ ] Sophisticated investors with a long-term view could use IPath S&P 500 Short-Term Futures ETN VXX to partially guard their portfolios against future downturns.... [ ] VXX is peddled as portfolio insurance to sophisticated investors with a long term view. Well, that rules me out. Your choice, do ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Gross Vows This Time Different as El-Erian Leads Equities Push
Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., speaking in Chicago. Photographer: Tim Boyle/Bloomberg The cover of the August 2010 issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine shows a photo of Bill Gross, co-chief investment officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., posing in New York, Jan. 8, 2007. Photograph by Brad Trent/Bloomberg Markets via Bloomberg Bill Gross , who runs the world’s biggest mutual fund , takes a seat in a conference room and makes a confession. Overlooking the ocean at the headquarters of Pacific Investment Management Co., Gross describes missteps that doomed his bond firm’s ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Portfolio “insurance” is based only on the principal of risk transfer. One person's protection is ... The cost of portfolio “insurance” is the mechanism to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
CPCFA California Capital Access Program
The California Capital Access Program (CalCAP) encourages banks and other financial institutions to make loans to small businesses that fall just outside of most banks' conventional underwriting standards. CalCAP is a form of loan portfolio insurance which may provide up to 100% coverage on certain loan defaults. By participating in CalCAP, lenders have available to them a proven financing mechanism to meet the financing needs of California's small businesses. CalCAP insures bank loans made to small businesses to assist them in growing their business. Loans can be used to finance the acquisition of land, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
This paper examines the effects of portfolio insurance on market and asset ... portfolio insurance. We must model the portfolio insurers in ways to assure ...
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Dynamic asset portfolio management, Constant proportion portfolio ...
the question aims to learn about market leading suppliers of platforms/websites suitable to sell web services for dynamic asset portfolio management and constant proportion portfolio insurance (CPPI) to customers: can you report success stories or advice url of vendors with solutions that you would advice? Thanks in advance to All of You! WKR, Aldo definitions: examples: (Italy) (France, MLFi-based) posted 22 days ago in Risk Management
What was the cause of Black Monday on Wall Street in 1987?
The most popular explanation for the 1987 crash was selling by program traders.[6] U.S. Congressman Edward J. Markey, who had been warning about the possibility of a crash, stated that "Program trading was the principal cause."[7] In program trading, computers perform rapid stock executions based on external inputs, such as the price of related securities. Common strategies implemented by program trading involve an attempt to engage in arbitrage and portfolio insurance strategies. The trader Paul Tudor Jones predicted and profited from the crash, attributing it to portfolio insurance derivatives which were "an ...