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Special Report on

Presbyterians Revise Israel Investing Policy

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MINNEAPOLIS � If all the documents to the "paperless" 219th General Assembly here were printed out, they'd rival Tolstoy�s War and Peace in length. By the time the Assembly concludes July 10, the 712 commissioners and roughly 200 advisory delegates will have acted on more than 300 items of business that would span about 1,400 printed pages. Nearly half the business of the Assembly comes as overtures from presbyteries and synods. Added to the reports of Assembly agencies and permanent and special committees, the range of concerns presented to commissioners and advisory delegates for their deliberation ...
In many ways this has been a result of the church's stance against policies of Israel. This policy has been controversial both within and outside of the denomination, even resulting in charges of anti-Semitism . The policy was revised in 2006 by another vote of the General Assembly 2 . Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
replacement theologofolly
Replacement theology continues to be the most troubling aspect of the developing apostasy –which I believe could well be the endtime “falling away” of 2 Thessalonians, chapter 2. I’ve given it --in my view-- the more appropriate designation, “replacement theologofolly,” because that is just what it is. It is religious folly at its egregious worst. It cuts to the heart of Satan’s war on God Almighty, and it is foolishness at the most profound level. The prophet John wrote the Lord’s description and condemnation of the final false religious system: “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and ... market research, surveys and trends
the brief version of what i have found about the causes of the ...
A small central government means to let the sum total of power and access to manipulate resources rest in the hands of a few key people who act as autocratic dictators for all. Their decisions become the final arbitrator of all decisions, policies and choices emanating from them, such that if there is an inherent flaw in their thinking, knowledge, skills or policies, they become enacted throughout the system. That is a crevasse that moves as an acid into the very heart and foundation of the system to crumble it wherever it touches (goes). Not only is that not a democracy, it undermines the very tenets of that democracy including ... market research, surveys and trends


The Berkley Blog
like Boeing and General Dynamics because of their major profits from military hardware. I don't think we'd have invested in Mustang Ranch in Nevada (a legal brothel), no matter what the returns. What keeps those decisions from violating prudent investor policies? Again, Bill had helpful answers: You have mentioned one of the thornier problems: When does socially responsible investing become inconsistent with the trustee's fiduciary responsibilities? In socially responsible investing, organizations deliberately constrain their investment managers from investing in the stock and bonds of certain kinds of companies. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Seraphic Secret: May 2006 Archives
Well, have no fear. I have not been idle. In spite of chronic laziness I have been working on the sequel to my award-winning first novel, and the new book is called, The Hebrew Kid and Wyatt Earp. Did you know that Wyatt Earp, the famous gunfighter and lawman, is buried in a Jewish cemetery in Colma California? Did you know that Earp's second wife, Josephine Marcus was from a prominent Jewish San Francisco family? Anyway, The Hebrew Kid and Wyatt Earp is a Chanukah story. Let me briefly set-up this excerpt. The Isaacson family have finally setled in Tombstone, Arizona. Papa has hung out a shingle as a bootmaker. Doc ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


The U.S. Presbyterian Church's Renewed Attack on Israel
Jun 1, 2010 ... crucial admission of wrongdoing did survive the revision in an altered form, ..... to complicity in the excesses of Israeli policy." ..... [4] The Mission Responsibility through Investment committee is the institution ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NOTE: On March 17, 2009, democratically elected President Marc Ravalomanana stepped down and purported to transfer his authority to a senior military figure, who in turn purported to confer the presidency on opposition leader Andry Rajoelina, who is currently heading the High Transitional Authority (HAT). The United States characterized the transfer of power as tantamount to a military coup d’état and does not recognize the HAT. References to de facto government officials in this text are factual only and do not reflect U.S. recognition of the HAT regime. Suffrage: Universal at 18. National holiday: June 26. Economy ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics Fallen Pillars: U.S. Policy towards Palestine ...
"[The] problems of Zionism involve certain matters primarily related to the interests of countries other than our own." -- Secretary of State Philander C. Knox, 1912 "Fellow Zionists...I am here as George Bush's vice president to underscore his commitment to Israel." -- Vice President J. Danforth Quayle, 1992 At the end of the Nineteenth Century, Palestine emerged as an issue engaging the attention of world Jewry and the State Department. The rising interest in this eastern Mediterranean province of the Ottoman Empire resulted from the official establishment of the new political creed of Zionism in 1897 ...
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Dear donda-ga: Thank you for your question. Most of the follow list comes from the Society of Interventional radiology's physician database. The database is available here: I am assuming you would like physicians specializing in the treatment of fibroid tumors through uterine artery/fibroid embolization, since as you probably know it appears to be the best treatment out there for fibroids as of now. I have also found two physicians in the New York area from 's physician reference list. All ...
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Hi lql-ga, and thanks for your question. You are fortunate to be in a major medical area. I will list some of the top choices for knee surgery in NYC. At some level, personal interaction and how comfortable you feel with the surgeon plays some role as well, but this is difficult to judge prior to meeting with him/her. Specific data for ACL repairs are not available. There is, however, some data regarding total knee replacements, which I will use as a surrogate for expertise in knee surgery. Dr. Ohannes Nercessian College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University ...