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Private equity secondary market

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Many university endowments, pension funds, and financial companies hold high-quality private equity that they now need to liquidate because distributions seem unlikely in the near future, given the current economy. Large investors holding private equity have suffered extraordinary losses over the last year, ...
Sellers of private equity investments sell not only the investments in the fund but also their remaining unfunded commitments to the funds. By its nature, the private equity asset class is illiquid, intended to be a long-term investment for buy-and-hold investors. For the vast majority of private equity ...
Private Equity Secondary Market - Executives -
   little-known Dallas investment adviser, Cogent Partners, has emerged as a key behind-the-scenes player in the financial crisis, helping colleges, foundations, rich families, and even the state of New Mexico unload their private equity holdings. Cogent is profiting from the economic vise that is ... market research, surveys and trends
Private Equity Secondary Market | What is the Private Equity ...
Generally, the secondary market for private equity is a market for the buying and selling of capital commitments to private equity funds by limited partners. The secondaries market has seen a large boom recently as many private equity investors are selling their investment commitments at considerably lower prices ... market research, surveys and trends
Private equity IPO - Hedge Fund
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Institutions areprimary buyers in secondary market | Banking ...
Institutional investors are becoming the dominant buyers on the private equity secondary market as prices of private equity limited partnership interests are continuing to drop, according to a new study by Cogent Partners, a Dallas-based firm that helps investors sell interests on the secondary market. The study ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The growth of the private equity secondary market ..... revealed, 51 percent of the respondents consider themselves buyers of secondary interests. .... in size from $30 million to $3 billion. The firm's recent track record includes ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Q&A - Illinois Venture Capital Association
CHICAGO � Secondary market activities, which have grown from a relatively small fund in the 1980s to $6 billion in annual transaction volume, has Adams Street Partners as one of its primary movers. Partner Jeffrey Akers is an expert in secondary markets and explains the appeal in an interview with the IVCA. IVCA: ...
Are small IPOs dying a slow death in India?
Published on Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 17:02   |  Updated at Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 17:26  |  Source : CNBC-TV18 Recently consultancy firm Grant Thornton put out a report, which spoke of a trend over the last decade of investors favouring large initial public offerings (IPOs). As a result of which, small and medium sized companies are apparently losing out on adequate access to capital via the equity markets. According to the report, recent trends observed in the US show small IPOs being left out of the big boys market and India slowly seems to be leaning towards this development. In an interview on ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
4 seeking Pa.'s final casino license
Four applicants are vying for Pennsylvania's final and highly coveted casino license: a group that wants to convert a Holiday Inn near Harrisburg into "RV World," one proposing to build near Gettysburg's historic battlefield, and the backers of a pair of megaresorts in the Poconos and southwestern Pennsylvania boasting everything from golf to a private airstrip. Much is at stake. Gambling revenue in the state already has exceeded expectations, topping $2 billion over six years, and the potential for more is considered great. All four applicants claim that a casino with up to 600 slot machines and 50 table games would ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


43% of Private Equity Investors Consider Buying Funds on Secondary ...
“The downturn in the global economy has led to a huge growth in interest and activity in the private equity secondary market, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
PE Report Fall 2009_Layout 1
State of the Private Equity Secondary Market. GUEST COLUMN. The private equity secondary market has received much attention over the past ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Secondary Market
The Private Equity Secondary Market: A Third Exit Option. In sum, today's sophisticated and challenging investment landscape creates an advantage for ...
2.10.700 - Welcome to WSIB
the secondary market. 7 Emphasize professional and timely handling of private equity investment proposals in order to present the WSIB as a sophisticated, ...
Private Equity Secondary Funds: Are They Players or Opportunistic ...
Over the last 10 years, the private equity secondaries industry has grown from a few investors looking to acquire existing stakes in private equity funds from other fund investors to becoming a full-fledged asset class. Proven returns and a flood of potential buying opportunities have driven much of this trend. As ...
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WikiAnswers - What are the Advantages of secondary market research
It is generally less expensive than primary reasearch. This is because a business does not have to pay to collect the data; because it has already been collected. Another advantage of secondary research is that it saves time. This is because the business does not have to go and ask the public to fill out surveys or ...
WikiAnswers - What is the advantages of secondary market research
· Secondary data is the most easily accessible data and saves the researcher the trouble of going through the tiresome process of collecting data personally. · Secondary data is readily available at cheap rates and is usually quite inexpensive. · Collecting secondary data and analysing it saves time and effort. ...
Question: Private placements - market info
Hi, I am interested in understanding the US private placement market. A private placement is a direct private offering of securities to a limited number of sophisticated investors. It is the opposite of a public offering. I would like to find out more about the private placement market for debt (fixed-income ...