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Pros and Cons of Investing

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Ruban Selvanayagam is a full-time property investor / developer / trader with business interests in the UK and Brazil. Ruban has kindly provided us with this article for our blog. He has been involved in UK property since 2005 and has built a residential buy-to-let portfolio located in the East Midlands and London as well as co-developing PS Investor Services and its associated information sites (see the organisations’ regularly updated blog here: ). Since 2008 – with a strong desire to travel and diversify his business objectives – he has been making regular trips to Brazil to explore ...
(MLCD) is also referred to as an equity-linked CD, market-indexed CD or simply an indexed CD as well. It is a specific type of certificate of deposit that is linked to the performance of one or more securities or market indexes, like the S&P 500 . Additionally, the term length is usually much longer, with periods ranging over many years rather than several months. Not all investors are as familiar with this type of certificate of deposit as compared to conventional CDs and similar deposit accounts because market-linked CDs aren't as common. New York Times writer, Leonard Sloane, explains, "only a few financial ...
Pros and Cons of Investing in Penny Stocks | Penny Stocks Pick
the major stock exchanges normally come to mind. Such as the the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ), or the American Stock Exchange (AMEX). What exactly is a penny stock? A Penny stock is a low priced security for a small company with a market capitalization of under $500 million and usually traded in very low volumes and amounts. Penny stocks also trade on other OTC or  “other the counter” exchanges, like the OTCBB and Pink Sheets. Due to the low trading volumes, penny stocks are a profitable investment option that comes with a sizeable amount ... market research, surveys and trends
Commodities and Real Estate: Pros and Cons | Balance Junkie
We continue our look at the prospects for various asset classes in the current market environment today with a survey of the commodities and real estate landscape. Both of these are usually considered hard assets. As Dennis Gartman always says, “if you drop them on your foot, they hurt”. Generally speaking, hard assets like commodities and real estate tend to appreciate during inflationary times and depreciate during deflationary climates. So your view on whether to allocate money to these two may hinge on your position in the inflation vs. deflation debate. I tend to be in the camp that says we are currently in a ... market research, surveys and trends

FEMI OKE, CNN ANCHOR: Hello, I'm Femi Oke. This is INSIDE AFRICA, your weekly look at life and issues on the continent. Today, our focus is on business and investment. Did you know that compared to the rest of the world, Africa offers some of the highest return on investment anywhere? It shouldn't really come as a surprise. The continent is rich in natural resources and opportunities. Take Angola, for example, rich in oil and diamonds. The country is not short of investments, but although the economy is booming, half the population still live in poverty. The challenge is to get the country's wealth to the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Patent Statistics and Economic Development: Pros and Cons
Patent attorney Stephen Nipper and fellow blogger Chris Blanchard make some interesting comments on the use and misuse of patent statistics as measures of economic development and technological innovation. Both point to the case of Idaho, which in recent years has been ranked #1 in patents per capita thanks to the presence of Micron and HP, two patent powerhouses, in Boise.I agree that patent statistics, like most statistical measures, can be misleading. In Canada, for example, tiny Yukon, pop. read more To access this complete feed in the blog feed reader login or register for free . Full post as published by The Patent ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Highclere Thoroughbred Racing
Editor's note: This publication is running a series of articles looking at the pros and cons of investing in bloodstock. The sport of kings, as it is known in the UK, has for a long time attracted large sums of gambling money, but there are more measured investment returns to be won as well. Back in June as part of the newly elected UK government�s emergency budget, fiscal penalties cast a shadow; namely capital gains tax, which rose from 18 per cent to 28 per cent for top-bracket earners.  However, there is at least one way to avoid this: bloodstock. Horses and horseracing is currently beyond the reach of UK finance ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
West And Central Africa Telecommunications Report Q3 2010 - New Market Report ...
The Q310 West and Central Africa Telecommunications report contains market data analysis updates for seven of the largest mobile markets in this region. It also includes overviews of the fixed-line and internet markets, although in general limited data is available about these, and the markets remain very small and slow to develop on the internet side, and declining in general on the fixed-line side. We have also updated out forecasts for this region, which provide five year projections for the number of mobile, fixed-line and broadband subscribers in a country, as well as the number of internet users. Regional company profiles ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Colorado Springs - Hedge Fund Investing for Life Insurance Companies
Different ways of investing in a principally protected fund of hedge funds. • Some pros and cons of investing in principally protected fund of hedge funds ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
OnGuard Online
The internet gives you access to information, entertainment, financial offers – frankly, countless products and services. At the same time, it can leave you open to online scammers, identity thieves, and more. Learn experts' top tips for computer security. Read about Computer Security Broadband refers to high-speed Internet access available through services like digital subscriber line (DSL), cable, fiber optic, wireless, or satellite. Learn about the types of services that are available, and the questions to ask to get the best deal for your needs – whether you ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Inefficient Market Argument for Passive Investing
Index fund proponents often argue in favor of passive investing because they believe that the modern U.S. equity market is informationally efficient. Market efficiency is the assertion that stock prices already reflect the best possible estimate of fair value, so there is no reason to actively buy and sell individual securities. However, for most investors, the assumption that the stock market is not efficient makes the argument for indexing even stronger. Even if prices routinely deviate from fair value, about two thirds of all active investors will underperform index funds every year. Further, if market prices are not ...
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WikiAnswers - What are the pros and cons of investing in a stock ...
Pro's: You can own a business and earn money as much as you please. The government isn't corrupt as it used to be. The country ca trade freely with other countries Con's: Some people are'nt... What is stock market investing ? Stock Market investing refers to the action wherein an investor buys shares, mutual funds and other equity/stock market products using his money. It could be through a direct trading account or... How can you learn about stock market investing ? To Learn about stock market investing you should have some of your basics about the stock market clear. To begin with you can learn what is ...
What are some Pros and Cons of investing in ETF's? - Yahoo! Answers
There are two different classes of ETF's, Index funds and closed end funds. They each have different pros and cons. Pros of both: you can buy or sell them at a moment's notice. Pros of index funds: very low expense ratios, tax advantage because they do not churn their porfolios so there is little realized capital gains. They darn near index anything one could imagine and there are hundres to choose from Cons of index funds: not all but many are indexed to a market cap index which means that the index may be 25% weighted to 3 or 4 stocks. Very bad for investment diversification. Others are indexed to an ...