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Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation

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The �ISS-Reshetnev Company� (the former NPO PM) has created a new small satellite �Yubileiny� to date the 50th anniversary of the launch of the first Russian (URSS) artificial earth satellite. Among other missions the satellite will solve a wide range of educational, research and technological tasks. Background In December 2004, the Russian Federal Space Agency (FSA), Space Forces of Ministry of Defense and Army, Air Force and Navy assistance society (AAN AS) came to the decision to create a jubilee radio amateur satellite and launch it in 2007 as to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the space era. The aerospace vehicle ...
AMSAT organizations design, build, arrange launches for, and then operate (command) satellites carrying amateur radio payloads, including the OSCAR series of satellites. Other informally affiliated national organizations exist, such as AMSAT Germany (AMSAT-DL) and AMSAT Japan (JAMSAT).
ANS-150 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins
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Tales from Harvey's Basement: George M. Ewing WA8WTE
Not all techies were born and grew up in Chicago. (Okay, so I was born in Elgin, but we had sense enough to got the heck out when I was three, and moved to the Great White North.) Many GT 1 traditions have their roots up here in the GWN 2 , thanks to three institutions: Michigan Tech (especially the old Soo branch campus, now Lake Superior State), Sault High School, and Harvey's Basement. The old Sault High was a three-story brick monolith, two blocks square, a prime example of early State Prison Gothic Architecture. Amazingly, for techies in the Fifties and early Sixties, going to school there was a blast, even on the ... market research, surveys and trends


Tune In The Universe! excerpt: The Moon is a Harsh Mirror
Radio amateurs can take great pride in being at the cutting edge of telecommunications technology. That includes their early contributions to the field of satellite communications, a discipline born in 1945 with the publication in Wireless World of Arthur C. Clarke's pioneering article Extraterrestrial Relays (memorialized in this song ). But decades before Amsat (the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation) was founded, years before Project OSCAR (Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio) launched the world's first non-government orbital beacon, even before the birth of the space age, back in the hollow-state era, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Ham Radio Jargon, Abbreviations and Terminology
Unit of current measurement. Current is a measure of the electron flow through a circuit per unit of time.  6.24 x 10^18 electrons moving past a point in one second, equals one ampere. Abbreviated as amps. A Battery -- in early radio, batteries were the prime source of power - The A battery provided the filament voltage, the B-battery furnished the B+ or the Voltage to the plates of the tubes, and the C battery provided the grid-bias voltage for the tubes.  absorption - The reduction in a radio signal strength in the ionosphere. AC - Alternating Current access code -  (Repeater Term) A code to activate ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT. ®. ) is a scientific and educational corporation chartered in the District of Columbia in 1969 and certified ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
International Space Station Reference
When astronauts, cosmonauts and mission specialists from many nations fly on the international space station, they will have amateur, or ham, radio as a constant companion. Since its first flight in 1983, ham radio has flown on more than two-dozen space shuttle missions. Dozens of astronauts have used the Space Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment , or SAREX, to talk to thousands of kids in school and to their families on Earth while they were in orbit. They have pioneered space radio experimentation, including television and text messaging as well as voice communication. The Russians have had a ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cerritos College
AMSAT is a worldwide group of Amateur Radio Operators who share an active interest in building, launching and then communicating with each other through non-commercial, Amateur Radio satellites. By any measure, AMSAT's track record has been impressive. Since its founding, nearly 25 years ago, AMSAT has used predominantly volunteer labor and donated resources to design, construct and, with the added assistance of government and commercial space agencies, successfully launch, some thirty Amateur Radio communications satellites into Earth orbit. ...
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How are television and radio stations reaching out to "citizen journalists" -- i.e. either bloggers, or regular people with cameraphones who are in the right place at the right time? I am trying to make a case that there are new emerging groups of broadcast-media (radio and TV) consumers (citizen journalists being one), and that broadcasters need to "think outside the box" (sorry) to reach them more effectively. So -- I need you to find four case studies (from anywhere in the world) where radio and TV stations have tried to seek out citizen journalists... and a sense of how the results have been (i.e. what have they learned ...
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During disasters regular mode of communications, land phones, mobiles, are disrupted as the local infrastructure are destroyed. Ham radio can work on batteries or portable generators. Contacting the... How government use ham radio during disaster ? how government use ham radio during disaster How is ham radio useful during disaster ? During a natural disaster, it's possible that normal forms of communication with the 'outside world' may be interrupted. Land-line telephone facilities may be unusable because physical wires or... How do you use ham radio during disasters ? If a town were to lose power or a disaster ...