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Real Estate Investing Courses

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Well… it’s kinda funny timing but I already had a review of a short sale course set to come out this week… and the second short sale course thats in this post actually is relaunching this week… and they’re giving away their free 300+ page Short Sale Success Blueprint book (a real book… not an ebook) this week just for the cost of shipping and handling. I’ve gone through about 13 short sale courses in the past 6 months and have seen some really crappy and overpriced ones out there. But… The two I’m going to go over here stood above the rest as 2 of the probably 3 or 4 (of the ...
representing over 1.2 million members (as reported November 2008), including NAR's institutes, societies, and councils, involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries. NAR also functions as a self-regulatory organization for real estate brokerage. The President of NAR for 2010 is Vicki Cox Golder.
Real Estate Investing Courses
Entering the real estate market as an investor can be one of the most rewarding aspects of the realty business. The main aim of any realty investor on entering the market is to buy property at a low price and then sell at a much higher price. The investor, on buying a certain strip of property can choose to remodel and renovate that property to raise its market value. Once the re modeling and renovation has been taken care of, he can then sell the property at a much higher price than its original value. Keep in mind, realty investors do not just aimlessly buy and sell properties. They do not buy properties based on intuition. ... market research, surveys and trends
How to Choose a Real Estate Investing Course That is Right for You
Real estate investing course offers an easy way to earn more money within shorter period of time. Real estate provides more opportunities than any other type of investments. So, while thinking of investing in real estate the prospective investor should look for real estate brokers and agents who help buyers find the properties they are looking for. A real estate investing course is a better method to get more industry information and lessons to track real estate changes. There are different types of real estate investing courses available. Select the appropriate one according to the needs. There is also online real estate ... market research, surveys and trends


Casey Serin: The world's most hated blogger? - ZDNet
With scant income, assets, or business savvy, the would-be real-estate mogul managed to purchase eight homes in hopes of reselling them at a profit. Along the way, he's lost all of them, run up some $170,000 in credit card and credit line debt, and launched to share his woes with the world. ( Editor's note: Serin's site was intermittently reachable Monday .) Financial exhibitionism, coupled with a lack of penitence for stiffing his creditors, has transformed the 24-year-old resident of this sleepy Sacramento suburb into a celebrity among fellow bloggers. But unlike other online ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
La Mirada Real Estate
?  If you are, you should make sure to take the right precautions to hire the right La Mirada real estate agent. Hiring a good agent is not only imporant for writing contracts and making offers, but it is important to  have someone that you can trust, and find you the right house for you. Buying a house is the most important financial decision that you are your family is going to make, this is why trust is such a factor in choosing a good agent for your La Mirada real estate.  Its hard enough to find a house to buy, but you need to make sure that your first decision is choosing a good agent.  So what things should you look for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
International Home Investor - My US Holiday Home
Real estate investing does not need to be complicated or hard. In fact, experts claim that it is easy! Most of them say that everyone can do these things without being lucky or having a magic touch. Here, I will give you the top 5 myths of real estate investing and how you can steer away from them in order to build your cash cow empire! Myth # 1 – Some people are born with the gift of foresight For someone like us, it is easy for us to think that people successful in real estate investing can see or predict the future. What most of us do not know is that expert investors see opportunities and make the most out of them. To ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Real Estate Disaster Continues to Plague US Real Estate Investors
-- 07/14/2010 -- With bank owned real estate becoming an unnerving standard in the US economy, many investors have responded by trying to capitalize on obvious potential, but unfortunately running into unexpected obstacles either from a lack of real estate market knowledge or perhaps from being misinformed by the hundreds of questionable infomercials promising millions to new investors. Mark Bradley, professional commercial and residential real estate investor, begins his new ‘buy bulk REO properties’ campaign describing what events lead up to his discovery of the profit potential in bulk REO real estate, and how he can help ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


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Real estate investing courses. Hagerstown Community College Center for Continuing. Education will conduct a series of seminars for real estate ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents
Although gaining a job may be relatively easy, beginning workers face competition from well-established, more experienced agents and brokers. Employment is sensitive to swings in the economy, as well as interest rates; during periods of declining economic activity or rising interest rates, the volume of sales and the resulting demand for sales workers fall. One of the most complex and significant financial events in peoples' lives is the purchase or sale of a home or investment property. Because of the complexity and importance of this transaction, people typically seek the help of real estate brokers and sales agents when ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MIT Center for Real Estate
50% off all 25th Anniversary related events. Purchase the special 25th Anniversary all inclusive package and save even more! Look for the discount code in the Class Update email!   When investors pay extra for inflated properties, they cheat themselves out of a fair risk-adjusted investment return in order to win the bidding on those properties. Put differently, they deviate from established real estate finance principles. On the other hand, investors employing those principles are much less likely to "over-invest" because they are guided by established financial disciplines. Need discipline? MIT/CRE's Professor Tod ...
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How do I become a real estate investor ? - Yahoo! Answers
That is a very generic questions so I will answer the best way I can. I would recommend going on eBay first and finding a few used real estate investing courses. Start with Carlton, Sheets, Russ Whitney, or Ron Legrand. When you are reading through the courses realize that a lot of these courses are written by gentlemen who have been out of the game for a while. The information is generic but it will get you the ideas of the basics. Even though real estate investing seems like a pretty specific category it isn't. Buying and holding rentals, Fixing up and flipping them for profit, Short sales, lease options, seller ...
Can anyone explain how probate real estate investing works ...
I have been reading about some real estate courses where they say that probate real estaet investing work sbecause the heirs are motivated to sell to pay of any property debts and will sell quickly for huge discount. My question is why don't they just list it with an agent? If it's such a discount someone will buy it? Thanks aston While an executor or personal representative for an estate may need to sell an estate's assets, such as real estate to pay off the estate's debt, most already know an agent or 2. To target these as potential home sellers is pretty much the equivilent of ambulance ...