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Retirement Investing Strategy

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For generations, investment advice for retirees has remained unchanged: Invest for the safety of principal and generation of income as opposed to capital gains. But in recent years, investment professionals have increasingly touted the opposite message: Retirees should invest more aggressively, aiming for asset growth. The logic now is that retirement age typically spans 25 or 35 years—or even longer—and needs and opportunities are different. Inflation can cause expenses to increase enormously during retirement, creating the need for income to increase as well. Additionally, today’s retirees have a longer investment ...
» Is Your Retirement Investing Strategy Tax Efficient?
When it comes to retirement, I feel that even though I’ve saved quite a bit into 401k’s and Roth IRAs, I generally don’t have a clear sense of how I should be using these accounts and how much I will need in retirement. My personality is such that I generally try to focus on one area of my personal finances and try to put the others on autopilot until I can give them their due time and concentration. Retirement autopilot consisted of putting away as much as I could into my 401K and contributing the maximum to my Roth IRA, then selecting a nice mix of high growth funds and stocks in both. I thought I was being ... market research, surveys and trends
Realistic Expectations For Making Money Through Blogging
When I started Consumerism Commentary in 2003, after about eight years of writing on the internet in a smaller, more personal capacity, I only had two goals: to track my finances while working to improve my money situation and to learn more about personal finance by finding articles, sharing links, and adding occasional thoughts of my own. Over a year later, I added advertising to Consumerism Commentary, and within another year, the website became more than just a way for me to track my financial improvement, it became an essential part of that progression. For the last three or so years, I’ve been earning more from ... market research, surveys and trends


Retirement Investing Today: Bulls, bears and the 200 day moving ...
I’m a mid 30’s Average Joe who became disillusioned with the Financial Sector in 2007 and instead with no financial training decided to go it alone. This blog shows how my retirement planning is progressing plus also allows me to share my personal thoughts on the economy. Financial freedom is important to me so I have decided to live frugally now and have put together a strategy which with a fair wind will let me retire (which I define as work becoming optional) in only 7 years. As I am not a Financial Planner I have made mistakes on the way and I’m sure I will make further mistakes in the future as the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Rethinking for Retirement
A City of Palm Springs employee for almost 17 years, Phil Kaplan walked out of City Hall in September deciding the time was right to retire. He owned a classic Alexander house in Vista Las Palmas and had a healthy amount saved for retirement between personal retirement investments and work-related deferred compensation investments. A nice monthly pension check added to his security. Kaplan is one of the lucky ones. According to, the global financial markets lost $30.1 trillion in value in 2008. “In July, I decided to adjust my retirement investing strategy because I just didn’t want the risk,” ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Living on Retirement Savings? How to Prevent Panicking in a Crash
Retirees who rely on their retirement savings for income are challenged when the stock market crashes, as we’ve seen with the recent crash. Many panicked and sold their retirement assets at a low, later regretting this decision when the stock market bounced back. But is it possible for you to invest your retirement savings to prevent panicking in a crash? You bet. Let me show you one way to do this. I’ve seen a number of articles about a disciplined retirement investment strategy that helps you decide how much risk you can take in your retirement years and still ride out a stock market crash. These strategies go by ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Feeling Gloomy? Maybe It's Time to Buy
BEFORE a market sell-off can reverse course, investor sentiment must plummet — not soar. That may sound counterintuitive, but the accepted wisdom on Wall Street is that it’s only after investors give up on stocks that prices can start to climb again. The question is, have investors reached that point? After a market peak on April 23, the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index slumped as much as 16 percent, a slide classified as a correction but not a bear market, which is typically defined as a decline of 20 percent or more. After last week’s gains, the index was 9 percent below its April peak. Yet market ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Are You Prepared For Retirement?
n Learn the basics of investing and get information that could help you in determining your retirement investing strategy through the education toolbox. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Beginners' Guide to Asset Allocation, Diversification, and Rebalancing
Even if you are new to investing, you may already know some of the most fundamental principles of sound investing. How did you learn them? Through ordinary, real-life experiences that have nothing to do with the stock market. For example, have you ever noticed that street vendors often sell seemingly unrelated products - such as umbrellas and sunglasses? Initially, that may seem odd. After all, when would a person buy both items at the same time? Probably never - and that's the point. Street vendors know that when it's raining, it's easier to sell umbrellas but harder to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Retirement Investment Funds - University of California | Office of ...
In general, you should start investing for retirement early in your career and begin by utilizing a high growth strategy. Over time, as you move toward ...
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Retirement Success Stories - Financially Related
Most often we are flooded with information about "how to plan for retirement" but we hardly ever hear whether or not a specific strategy really worked well (or not). So, I started this thread to get some ideas from people that have "first hand experience" with retirement (e.g., those who have actually retired). Some of the things (I think) people would be most interested in hearing about are: At what age did you retire? How long have you been retired? Did you opt to go with a financial planner/advisor? Did you opt to manage your retirement dollars yourself? How/where did you (or your financial planner) invest your retirement ...
What is your current investing strategy? How do you feel about the ...
Interest rates are great for savings accounts right now, the housing market looks like it could be in for trouble in the near future, the stock market has been volatile this week, but lots of companies are announcing earnings and many of them look good. The Dow has hit 14,000, and some say it could get to 15,000 by the end of the year. How do you like the various investments available today? How would you split your money up? Are you investing for retirement, short term gain, additional income, or trying to get rich quick? I will focus on my approach for IRAs here. I also own rental properties to hedge against a weak dollar and ...